Just received great feedback after attuning a client with diabetes to Insuline attunements: "it works......... all values are back to normal!! great!! I am overjoyed!!!!!!!!!" Manuela Marx 


The karma remover prayer and lightbody mantra kept on building up a very strong energy...it kept rising and rising for many hours. I did chant the mantra many times and the more I chanted it, the better it felt. I had to charge my painting (with jesus) with this prayer as well to send out this energy to whoever looks at it and is open to receive the energy. I really love it!! Thank you! Manuela marx


Ramon, your systems are unique and amazing and I wish more people would know about them because then more people would be enlightened and expanded beings. It is truly a wonderful experience working with your channeled energies and fast track to God realization. Thank you so much! L.


Using Ramon's systems I have found to be much more connected spiritually and can feel that actual change is taking place. I feel much clearer and more purified and my psychic gifts are more awakened when working with his energy systems. Above all Ramon's systems give me hope that anything is possible and that whatever you seek to heal or achieve is within reach. I feel that his systems are easily the most powerful I have worked with and would recommend them to anyone serious about Spirit, Growth and Healing. With my immense gratitude and the highest blessings, L.


Dear Ramon, the attunement to Insulin Attunements was very soft and very subtle and relaxing. The attunement to Fonon Essence was interesting. I noticed a pattern emerging from the universe which was integrated into my daughter's energy system - a golden circle with symbols on it...it looked like an electric circuit that was supporting my daughter. She was laying next to me when I received the attunement. I felt the energy working with me all night long. Very pleasant and powerful!! Blessings, Manuela

I received the Angelic Diksha Empowerments, today and in Reading the manual, I already felt a tingling within my body. The tingling sensation was present during the attunement as well. First, my heart Chakra opened up, then I felt my hand chakras opening, my crown, my feet chakras and noticed light patterns Emerging in my Aura. The tingling lasted for a Long Time at least 1 hour. Wonderful Energy! manuela marx


Ultra Pink Diamonds Kalachakra Empowerment is REALLY transformative. I had many extreme transformations since taking the 5 attunements! Wow. Manuela marx. multimaster teacher.



I love the energies! They are fantastic! My favorite so far has been Mystic Rose and Egyptian Tantric. :) I love them. :) I had a friend ask me about them today and I told him the energies are amazing. :) :) I also like Golden Dragon pearl. Oh, honestly I love all of them. :) Honestly the energies are fabulous.


I love this one! Very awesome. Great work. Thank you for sharing. 0rgasmic touch SYSTEM

Hi Ramon! Good day! Thank you so much. I love these! Great work! :) :) I really like Being an Angel. The energy is fantastic! :)


The energies of the Light Diamond Series is AMAZING, very POWERFUL!


Anthakarana misteries.

Wonderful. Thank you so much. I love this one and the last one. I will call this one in tonight. The last one had such a strong energy and has left me feeling renewed and full of energy and life. I was so tired this morning and kind of down because it was Monday and time to get back to work and routine. LOL! :) Now, I feel a sense of direction, purpose, energy and I have gotten some new ideas for my work. :) Thank you ever so much. :)



Querido Ramon cada meditación con usted me descubro a mí mismo y cosas interiores que llevo que ni sabia que tenia, gracias por su ayuda, por su guia que me da fortaleza para cumplir mi misión en esta vida y alcanzar todas aquellas cosas que mejoran mi camino deseo tanto que muchas personas puedan tener ese encuentro espiritual que usted me ha regalado, tanto a mi familia como a todas las personas que me rodean......Mil gracias por todo



Hoy he tenido mucha sed, la boca seca, te cuento que anoche tuve un orgasmo increíble, y mi esposo dice que ahora ve a todas las mujeres con deseo, yo lo vacilé... aprovecho para darte las gracias de corazón.



Bueno cada dia me siento mas conectada conmigo misma, siento más energía y llena de amor...Estoy en proceso de cambio de los defectos que tengo eso quiere decir que estoy sanando por dentro.



hola ramón:

te escribo aquí como me sentí el día después de haber dormido como una reina. estaba feliz, mi felicidad era extrema. sentía un calor en mi pecho maravilloso, era como algo que estallaba por dentro. no quería que nadie me tocara porque me daba miedo que se fuera con la persona que me tocaba. sentía una gran luz y quería que esa gran luz le llegara a todo el mundo. no quería que el día se terminara. estaba gozosa. todo me alegraba, quería vivir, quería comer, el cielo me parecía maravilloso. me sentía niña y grande a la vez. con mucha esperanza, me sentía sana. todo brillaba a mi alrededor...¡qué día tan maravilloso! fue una bendición.