Though the tenth star of Pleiades don´t seem visible, its energy goes to Galactic awareness, an expansion of consciousness and your soul awareness, all your love experiences throughout your entire existence. If the Pleiades spectrum goes into white and blue light, the tenth goes into purple gold light spectrum.

The tenth star represents your soul, mind, manifesting crystal star as a whole knowledge.

It is extent your Third Eye Chakra visions. If you have difficulty setting up your personal boundaries, it will be helpful. It will make your interactions with others much less emotional for you. It can help you gain prosperity. This crystal star dream can connect you to the people of the Pleiades. It also connects you to the energy of the Pleiades to help you understand how the Universe works. You will find yourself much better able to understand the "I Am". This crystal dream star can help you grasp the sciences better; understand them better. It helps dispel sadness and/or the loss of another.

It helps you see what your desires are and help you attain them. If your world looks dark, it can bring some light to the darkness so that you can get into your soul destiny. It is very good for detachment, and integration of the self.

Some of the attuenement

Iolinsha attunement Shakti

Iolinsha manifesting Shakti

Iolinsha crystal auric Shakti

Iolinsha pyramid Shakti



It manifest your desires in the cosmic time

It accomplish soul integration in physical existence

Electromagnetic balance of your body and earth body

It realigns planet love energy with stars energy as one

Balance male and female energy

Balance the elements, fire, water, earth and air


Protects your origin soul galactic journey

It corresponds to your belly area

Were your soul genetic codes resides

Were you are not negative influence by your parents cord and earth cord.

Pleiadian Orionian crystal skull attunement

Awareness holder

Ego diffuser

Cosmic collectivity consciousness

The skull, singly and collectively change us precisely there where we are most resistant to change due to fear, misunderstanding, and even purported life trajectories.