Some of the atlantean crystal power ray


You are empowered to:


Power was the eternal plan


Be open to the unknown, explore like a child the mysteries of life and crystalize the moments of power.


Open to receive new information, recording of power of creation in the universe and earth.


Sacred power


Open to new expressions of power


Power in a physical manifestation


Materialize and dematerialize power of the universe


Power as an expression of service to the light and divine plan


Power is an expression of trust


Spirit and soul are the power of divine manifestation


Power to know who you really are beyond illusions


Retake your spiritual power back


Atlantaean shamans knew the power to heal the missing parts of your soul


Be empowered by the light of your soul


The power of consciousness


The liberating power of your kundalini awakening


Atlantean kundalini, very unique empowerment