Very easy, very powerful, very loving, very transcendental.


The realization that you have come from the Great Fire and all that which is embodied in that Great Fire is contained within you and that the Creator and you are One. It is not intellectual knowledge but the soul realization of this Oneness.


These energies open the tenth door or the Tenth Chakra. So when the soul comes out it goes away to its Creation. It can go to different levels of Heaven. If it has more power, then it can travel up to the higher and higher dimensions.”


Here you go into the Sub Conscious Mind then you will go beyond the limited mind and you will go beyond the limited bodily relations or blood relations as well. You are part of the process of Creation. So much energy comes into the soul or the Heart-Mind like one.


Raising the Kundalini and the state of Samadhi moves you to Sidhi and Shudhi which means spiritual powers and spiritual purity.


It takes 3 years of weekly practice to fully integrate all these energies.


For advanced adepts and serious practitioners


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