Peach energy is:

• Conducting ethereal energy to your Psyche and turn into bliss.

• for Positive, Fruitful Creativity.

• Maintaining the Life of Your soul’s drive.


Peach is the energetic color of your Soul’s purpose into incarnation. And Peach sets the flow of Ethereal energy in motion.


Peach helps you embrace life “no matter what”. Peach is able to show you the total richness of your situation’s potential, overwhelming any confusion and showing you that you do not have to make difficult choices if you accept your situation as it is and allow it to unfold before you. Peach, therefore, represents the fullest potential for positive creativity that lies within your present situation.



The Peach Ray may be invoked to increase an awakening into their own divinity and the truth of the Creator God. This Ray may be invoked to awaken an individual to their soul contract and purpose.


Golden peach ray is the tantric ray, the ray of continuum of creation, of intimacy, body, sexual, creative, soul connection, melting all in oneness through intimacy.