opens up a greater vision and wisdom to spiraling and exploding an alchemical process within both from an atomic cellular level outward and from our Source connection to the Soul.


Vermillion. The energy from these cosmic meridians flow into the physical meridians of your own body and the life of your nervous system. Being more in touch with your nervous system will, therefore, assist your senses to be more actively attuned to the Cosmic Conscience.


The Ray of the Awakened Alchemist


energy is:


•Alchemically • Methods and Motives of Creation

• Dragons


Working with VERMILLION and the Dragon Realm in a focused and committed way will help you.


burn the chaos, contradiction, confusion and criticism that your self-conscious state has projects onto others in order to dome your vulnerability as a sensitive in a physical world;

free your spirit from the constriction of mere physical perception and physical consciousness so it can coexist within the Cosmic Collectiveness of all Souls and allow you to extend your energy into the matter of the Universe;

express your sensitivity with courage and conviction to co-create according to the Cosmic Joint Conscience;

infuse your etheric pattern with vitality and freshness;

clarify what really matters in your life so you can receive the ability to conceive and actualize an Energy;

create space for the new to enter and be manifested in your life instead of filling your space with the old or unnecessary;

be aware of creating only that which is born of Pure Love.