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If you want to try something new and not found elsewhere and speed your light of creation, this is for you.


As one of the first and most important deities, Horus had great powers, many of them inherited from his mother, the goddess Isis. The myth goes that the evocation of it can be used to combat the evil eye.


In the same way, he is the protector of the families and souls of deceased people. He has the attribute of being able to attract health and well-being to the person in the home or any role he plays.


He has the power to foster prosperity and rebirth. He puts an end to evil spells sent by enemies, as well as diseases that were caused by negative feelings.


The spear

Dispels the light from stars, sun and other galaxies, cutting through darkness in the sky and earth. Even inner darkness.

It reflects like a specal to others showing themselves their dark sides and evil sides to be transformed into the light.

Special spear brings back memories, imagines that can not be fixed with the actual being you or others are.

SPECAL is like gathering a tangram of different pieces which fit together to form the completed enigma of yourself.

Horus is a myth to consider to what you see, imagine and interpretate as reality and how it can affect you and others, how can you be your real be in the light.

Genes and DNA do not determent the creation of organic life and a living soul as a morphogenic Horus activation does.




Morphogenic Horus activation


Horus soul calling empowerment