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The first step is what we call in Sahaja realization. In conducting our energy Kundalini ascends through the central channel, sushumna nadi, and through all the chakras out on top of the head, connecting with the energy of the source. In this first stage we become collectively conscious, we feel the state of our chakras, we started to witness our ego, superego, etc ... But nevertheless, at this level of consciousness we are still identifying ourselves with our blocks, and weaknesses.


The second step is the establishment of Nirvichara Samadhi, the state in which we reach thoughtless awareness. This condition occurs primarily during meditation, and if we set it properly is also manifested in our daily lives and can experience it at any time we need it. But even in this state we keep blocking us, and falling into our old tendencies.


The third state is the establishment of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. This state is a quantum leap in our evolution. Once we started to enter the state of Samadhi Nirvikalpa our meditation reaches levels much greater depth. Each meditation becomes a wonderful experience. Every day is a spiritual adventure. In this state the spiritual experiences are increased in an exponential fashion, acquiring our ascent, a much higher speed. In this state back to not fall into our old tendencies or weaknesses, on the contrary we will steadily strengthening our true spiritual and divine essence. This state is the beginning of a new process of ascent, where our pure desire to reach the spirit reaches its peak.


Kundalini palladium Shakti

Kalachackra attunement

Rainbow palladium angel-dragon initiation


 “Palladium can be used extensively in healing and in the facilitation of total wellness. It furthers ones affinity with the outer ethers, providing for a joining of efforts or interests between the self and the infinite energies available. Continual use of palladium provides for a permanent synthesis of energies, bringing an essential oneness to the awareness and the actualization of individual creativity.”

“The energy contained within palladium has been derived from the distant ancestral form of wisdom; it, therefore, tends to as a catalyst for all ‘light-based’ activities. It furthers the initiation of, and the continuity in, astral travel and channeling strengthening the attachment and allowing for consciousness during these activities. It also promotes withdrawal from these states.”