Yab-Yum jammo empowerments


Yab-yum (Tibetan literally, "father-mother") is a common symbol in the Buddhist art of India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet representing the male deity in sexual union with his female consort. Often the male deity is sitting in lotus position while his consort is sitting in his lap.

The male figure is usually linked to compassion (karuṇā) and skillful means (upāya-kauśalya), while the female partner to "insight" (prajñā).

The symbolism of union and sexual polarity is a central teaching in Tantric Buddhism, especially in Tibet. The union is realised by the practitioner as a mystical experience within one's own body.

Yab-yum is generally understood to represent the primordial (or mystical) union of wisdom and compassion. In Buddhism the masculine form is active, representing the compassion and skillful means, that have to be developed in order to reach enlightenment. The feminine form is passive and represents wisdom (prajna), which is also necessary to enlightenment. United, the figures symbolize the union necessary to overcome the veils of Maya, the false duality of object and subject.

Yab-yum may also be represented through the aniconicsignification of yantra and mandala.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the same ideas are to be found concerning the bell and the dorje, which, like the yab-yum, symbolize the dualism that must be exceeded. The sacred Tantric practice leads to rapid development of mind by using the experience of bliss, non-duality, and ecstasy while in communion with one's consort.

In Hinduism the yab-yum has a slightly different meaning. There, the embraced posture represents the divine strength of creation. The Hindu concept is the one of a passive masculine deity embracing his spouse called shakti, which represents his activity or power.


As a tantric practice, Yab-yum is akin to the Kamamudrā or "loveseal" (sometimes Kamamudrā or "actionseal") (T:las kyi phyag rgya). This is the tantric yoga involving a physical partner. However, the aim of the practice is to control one's sexual energy, and the most advanced forms of yab-yum practice are done mentally, without using a physical partner. Like all other yogas, it cannot be practiced without the basis of the inner heat yoga, tummo, of which kāmamudrā is an extension.

Kamamudrā (Sanskrit; "action seal," erroneously: kāmamudrā or "desire seal," Tib. las-kyi phyag-rgya) is a vajrayana buddhist technique of sexual practice with a physical or visualized consort. When the consort is a visualised one they are known as the jnanamudra.

There are traditionally three ways to realise the nature of passion in the yogic tradition of Tantra. First in creation-phase practice one can visualise the yidams as yab-yum in sexual union... Second one can practice tummo (caṇḍalī) or the generation of internal heat through the subtle body practices of the vital breath moving into the central channel. Third, one can practice so-called sexual yoga (karmamudra, lekyi chagya) with a consort. Realizing the true nature of passion in all of these forms transforms ordinary passion into the basis for the experience of great bliss (mahasukha), which greatly accelerates the removal of emotional and mental obscurations in one's practice.

The first syllable jam means “all-encompassing love for all living-beings,” HUM means “compassion, All narrow thoughts disappear; all indecisive minds disappear; all obsessed minds disappear. HUM is the non-dual wisdom of all the light beings.” BAM means “joy,” and HO signifies “impartiality or equality of all living beings. Stay aligned with the light”. Every image in the visualization can certainly help a practitioner increase wholesome and beneficial qualities of his or her own mind.

This energies works in

Higher levels of consciousness:



Intuitional, Spiritual Union, Love aspect of the soul. It is here that there are tremendous shifts in




Spiritual Will, aware of God's will



Spiritual Identity - a sense of who I am. If God is fire, and we are sparks, then the sparks are Monadic;

Sparks exist but fire is what generated it. The Monadic pulls the Golden Cord out at death for the next





Divine Plane, Profound sense of being. Lose sense of self. Plane of God Awareness

Side Note: In Reiki you are attuned only to Physical, Buddhic and Monadic level only



 the formula of yab yum concerns us, principally because each of us represents the pentagram or microcosm; and our equilibration must therefore be with the hexagram or macrocosm.