17th ray attunement™


The higher octave of monad-cosmic energy

Works as a filter of earth and cosmic energy to receive the grid, lattice energy through channels in contact with etheric body. It realigns and reconciling the light with matter energy, unblocks the uncorrected movements of energy and dissolves the false believes in liquid crystal orange-gold-white light.


This light coming from the source is the new light to manage in the imminent years up to 2065 a.d.

Use it before anything else

Energy work, meditation, healing…

With 17th ray everything in you and around is going to change a lot.

Do not miss this new gift from the source.

It is a good complement to work with violet flame.

This energy goes to your 8th chakra and balance the quantity and quality of energy that you receive. When you emit this radiation, is like the inner sun of the earth and the star sun are shinning with your immortal nature. Ultraviolet, photon and cosmic rays energy are into oneness.