Our existence can be divided into two parts: visible and invisible. The visible part consists of everything that we can name, live through, see, and touch; and, while the invisible part covers most of our lives, to access it requires some effort from man. It can be said that mystics, poets or artists in general are on the side of the invisible, yet they transfer their ideas through artistic tools into the visible world but still keep their enigma.

If we consider ‘silence: as a phenomenon of space’ and invisible and being in relation to which will unfold itself, however, whatever direction we take, the essential truth appears that everything is energy, frequency, vibration and man’s role to learn to manipulate this energy and expand his consciousness for a better life.

In order to move further, it will be significant for our work to examine also a notion of dimension. The notion of dimension has a deep connection to time and space and timespace, and also with being and relation to that will unfold itself throughout our work. Einstein proposed that spacetime has dimensions: ‘height’, ‘length’, ‘breadth’, and ‘time,’ and, further, physicists Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein proposed the idea that spacetime might have a 5th dimension that becomes Kaluza-Klein Theory. Just consider that beyond timespace in ancient east mystic traditions it is called Kalachakra.

5th dimensions and others, exist only in the reality where spacetime exists; however, from a holographic universe view, there are also many dimensions that exist at the same time because the notion of space and time is not a valid quantity for the holographic universe, thus everything is happening at the present moment.

“The essence of life is not ‘a feeling of being, of consciousness,’ but a feeling of participation in a flowing onward, necessarily expressed in terms of time, and secondarily expressed in terms of space” emphasizing the importance of experience for a being in the present moment which is framed through a time and space reality.

Different stages of being and consciousness:

The stages according to the Samkhya tradition, are, first of all, an infinite consciousness called by various names: Brahman, Purusha, the Absolute Substance, and so on. Then it posited a potential for objective manifestation, which in the language of the Samkhya is known as prakriti, the universal matrix-grids of pure objectivity.

So, the first is infinite consciousness, by whatever name it is called. Then, there is prakriti, the potential for externalization. Then, there is a very mysterious, unthinkable reflection, as it were, of this Universal through the potential known as prakriti, taking the name of Cosmic Consciousness; it is called Mahattattva in the language of the Samkhya. That is to say, in order that one may be omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent, there must be a sort of potential externality, like space. Unless there is something to know other than one's own self, there is no question of omniscience; unless there is something other than oneself, over which one has to exercise power, omnipotence has no meaning; and, unless there is a spatial concept, omnipresence also cannot be explained.

The Ultimate Being cannot be called omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. It is beyond these grand concepts of religion, because there is no space and time there. 

In a similar manner is the experience that one has to pass through. What one has experienced, every other person also experiences because all are the same, as far as the individual constitution is concerned. There is no higher or lower; all are equal. So, all persons will have the same experiences. When we attempt to face the whole physical universe as our object of meditation and attempt to unite ourselves with it, a kind of lower samadhi ensues. This is known as savitarka samadhi.

Now, when you contemplate the whole universe as if it is in space and time, it is the lowest samadhi – savitarka. When you are struggling to obviate the interference of space and time and attack the universe as it is in itself, without any kind of association of space and time, that is nirvitarka samadhi, a higher state.

Now you are in a state of concentration when you have given up the erstwhile feeling that the physical universe is made up of the sun, moon, stars, mountains, trees, rivers, etc. It is not. These are all outer manifestations of pure energy. But the old habit persists and makes you feel that this all-pervading energy is inside space. This kind of union is known as savichara samadhi.

The whole bodily structure is made of pure energy. Therefore, this energy, which is you, is not meditating on the energy that is all-pervading. This energy that is the so-called ‘you' has gone, melted into the energy that is really there – energy as it is in itself, which does not require to be called spatial or temporal. Minus the association of space and time, if you can identify yourself with the universal energy, abandoning the feeling that you are existing separately, you are in a samadhi called nirvichara samadhi.


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