One of the essential love exercises is to be in emptiness-

This is to empty your mind-body-spirit of false believes. Illusory perception of limited existence. As beings of eternal light, compassion, there is no limit in the expression in this earthly human existence.

Health and joy are some of the benefits.

Intimacy is to connect; it is not an aloof desire. Intimacy is not a distance is looking for peace, satisfaction, happiness. Should human being open the energetic heart and expand the desire of happiness and celebration for other human beings. Freedom to act, being present for others, listening, helping, advice, willingness to participate in benefit to others. Dedication is a key to connect to the light and the light of eternal beings which share with us cosmic consciousness. It brings to us value to our life and others in this physical world.


These are the keys to LIQUID CRYSTAL SAMADHI.


This is a practice for advance spiritual development, avoid to take if you are not in it.


Discounts can be applied.


Much lightning love to you.