The Healing Grid by Daniela Hills

This powerful system is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend to All! :) Daniela Hills is a wonderful teacher, healer and lightworker and has founded other wonderful healing systems like White Light Self Empowerment.

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From the Founder, Daniela Hills....

This energy grid has probably been around forever (in terms of time calculations), and was either not yet discovered or forgotten about. It is an energy light grid that can help us on our spiritual journey. Until now the experience has shown that people that have had an Alignment or have had a Connection with the grid have experienced many positive changes in their lives. They have learned to observe themselves, to recognize negative thoughts and emotions, to transform them and let go of them.


What is really happening during a Grid-Connection is hard to describe, but what it can do for you, if you really let it do its work, will be explained here:



It Aligns Your Own Light-Grid

Just like the earth is wrapped in an energy-grid, so too are we people wrapped in our own energy-grid. Daniela speaks to this: “In the meantime I know that their are different energy grids, because I have been graced with the perception of actually seeing and experiencing them.”


Most of us are not conscious of the fact that we all have a Light-Grid. This grid is often blocked from our perceptions through emotional or mental hindrances. This affects us in different parts of our lives. But with the help of the Healing-Grid our own Light-Grid can be adjusted and repaired, and through this we can, when we really let it, grow quickly in our spiritual development. A true inner readiness for this is definitely needed.


It Works On A Mental And Emotional Level

Through the Alignment and Connection to the grid, we discover, bit by bit, that we create our world through our thoughts and addictions to our emotions, and through the Grid-Connection we can change it.


Our Outer World Is The Mirror Of Our Inner World


It Puts Us In The Consciousness Of noticing Synchronicities

It makes us aware of synchronicities, which means we become aware of certain things that happen to us, which seem to fit, and could be a useful hint or clue to bigger and better things.


It Connects Us To The Flow Of Life

To be in the flow of life means to be connected, to enjoy the game of life with all of ones joy.


It Makes Us More Conscious Of The Law Of Attraction

It attracts those things to us which for this moment are important to us. This could be a seminar that has a theme of something important, which occupies your thoughts, or could be the right treatment for the process of letting go of old patterns, or we might meet someone who reminds us of our inner world. Through this we can discover the masks we wear, to let them go, bringing us a little closer to our true core, our true being.


It Works On All Levels Of Being


This means that it works at the cellular level, and goes beyond the visible and invisible levels of our being, from microcosm to macrocosm.


It Brings All The Aspects Of Our Being Back To Us

We are often not whole. Lots of aspects of our beings have been lost through different reasons, stuck, in a manner of speaking, in other worlds, hanging on past lives or memories, or are suppressed by us. Consequently we feel tired, none concentrated and confused.


It Brings Us Back To Our Essence Of The Soul - To Our True Being

When we let it happen, and we are really ready, we will learn, bit by bit, about the masks we carry from one incarnation to the next. We will recognize them and let them go. When we have done this we will recognize and understand our godliness and thus understand that we are immortal.


It Brings Us Together As One

It lets us become conscious that we are not all separate beings, but connected energetically with one another. A beautiful example of this is the connection between mother and child.


Everyone has their own personality, but in our true center we are all the same, everyone of us is a pure being of consciousness, and thus we are all one.


Through this understanding and through us pulling off our masks, not only do we influence changes in ourselves, but we influence that which is around us as well influencing the people in our lives -- it is a cascade effect.



We believe that the more people who work with the Healing-Grid the deeper the healing will be in everyone of our personal Light-Grids as well as for all of us as one.


The Levels of Grid Connection

1. The Alignment


This Alignment is for your spiritual growth and also the requirement for the Connection with the Healing-Grid. Here you will get three sessions. In this session your own Light-Grid will be aligned again. This Alignment can also be called a healing session, because where ever your own Light-Grid does not really work properly, or is actually damaged, here you will experience healing.


For the Alignment three sessions are needed. Before you decide on having the Alignment test yourself first to see how much you are really ready to do this. This is an important point, because if you think: “Yes, I am ready!” It could be that your subconscious says: “No, I am not ready.” There could be many reasons for this, for example fear of change, or lack of belief.


Here are some suggestions, how you could test yourself.


Imagine a scale from 1-100, or draw one.

Put to your subconscious, your higher self, the highest instance of your subconscious, this question: “At what percent am I ready to receive this Alignment?”

Pay attention to the first number that pops into your head

If it is 100% then it is good.

When it is only 70% then you have to increase it to 100%.

Ask yourself why you want to do the Alignment, then ask yourself the question for example: “I want the Alignment to propel my spiritual development.”

Then test again if the percentage has increased.

When this is not the case find more motivation until you have reached 100%, or wait until you are really ready for this.


The Guardians will also help you, and test for you.


After the Alignment you can decide if you want to go further. The next step would be the Connection to the Healing-Grid. That means, you will learn how to work with this Grid.


The Alignment - Distance Attunement

Three sessions


Here you will get three sessions. In this session your own Light-Grid will be aligned again. This Alignment can also be called a healing session, because where ever your own Light-Grid does not really work properly, or is actually damaged, here you will experience healing.





2. The Connection


During this work (one session) you will experience a direct connection a to the Healing-Grid, or you could call it a networking. The Connection happens over your own Light-Grid, that through the work with the Healing-Gird will get you on the network.


Through the Connection and help through the Healing-Grid, for example when you are not in your center, you can consciously let yourself be aligned.


You will have the abilities, with the energy of the Healing-Grid, to undertake easy, and effective healing sessions.


You will learn...:

how to test your own harmony

how to align your own Light-Grid

how to align your own Light-Grid for certain themes

how to create a Protection-Grid - The Grid-Dome

different healing-session methods


activation of the Energy-Points on the Grid-meridians.


Before you can receive the Connection to the Healing-Grid it is necessary to have the Alignment included in the three sessions.


Therefore it is again important to test your inner readiness for this. You could do this on your own, like I just described with the scale from 1-100, as well as the Guardians will help you with this.


If you get the Connection to the Healing-Grid from a distance, you should already have experiences with Energy-work!


You will receive more information about the Connection when you decide to do it.


The Connection - Distance Attunement

One session


You will have the abilities to work with the energy of the Healing-Grid, to undertake easy, and effective healing sessions for yourself and others.


$ 111


3. The Guardian


The initiation to become a Guardian (one session) is for people who will work responsibly with the Healing-Grid, and those who will care to spread the Healing-Grid. They are the Guardians of the Healing-Grid so that it will be anchored for people on earth.


For this the Alignment (three times) and the Connection are required. Furthermore the Guardians will be testing you as to how far your inner readiness is, that means, at the subconscious level they will test whether blockages are there, and they will help you with preparing for this.


During the Guardian initiation you will be connected to your own inner wisdom, with the wisdom of all the Guardians at all levels, and with the wisdom of your spiritual teachers.


As a Guardian you are empowered to work with the complete system and to initiate other Guardians.


You will learn…:

how to test, if you believe in your own ability to work with the Healig-Grid

how to test, if the students are ready for the Healing-Grid.

the Alignment-Technique

the Connection-Technique

the Guardian-Initiation

and other Techniques, like:

working with locations and situations

Light-Grid-Alignment for other people with a certain theme

Protection-Grid (Grid-Dome) for people


The Guardian - Distance Attunement

One session


As a Guardian you are empowered to work with the complete system and to initiate other Guardians.


$ 111

Golden Eye Grid Course and Attunement


The Ultimate Workshop & 38 page manual From Founder of White Light Self Empowerments


By Daniela Hills 

Golden Eye Grid - The Ultimate Workshop & 38 page manual From Founder of White Light Self Empowerments

This purchase may not be combined with any other offer and is not eligible for any buy and get free offers

This system is worth its weight in gold. Daniela gives instruction that is very useful. There are instruction for seeing in the spiritual realms and receiving applicable information for your life and the lives of others. This is more than just an attunement, there is a lot of instruction, like a workshop, included for you.


What is the Golden Eye in the Grid?


It is the eye of the inner knowledge, inner realization. It looks deep into our SELF. It stands for the awakening of the mind and is the symbol of perception.


What will the Golden Eye attunement do for you?


The Golden Eye brings calmness of thought, thus creating space for information about receiving or sending.

It helps to connect you to information and therefore to become a channel for it.

The Golden Eye in the grid will consciously help you to connect with everything and observe, what IS.

It brings you into the state of the observer.

Through the attunement of The Golden Eye Grid, your spirit will be awakened. You will realize that everything in life is a kind of game, and that you decide how you will play the game.

You realize that you are connected to everything that IS, and that there is no coincidences anymore.

The Golden Eye of Inner Realization will help you to observe situations from "above" in order to truly understand what is happening in these situations.

It opens your intuition and connects you with your inner wisdom.

It also helps you to look through the eyes of other people so you might understand them better.

With the help of this eye and grid you can be with this consciousness at many places at once.

The attunement will help you towards self-mastery.

You learn how to detect your conscious and unconscious belief patterns and through this realization you transform them.

It is possible to detect the root causes of problems, not only in this life, but also in past lives.


What requirements will you need in order to work with the Golden Eye?

The understanding that you have created everything in your life with the power of your thoughts, consciously or unconsciously. The understanding that we are all energetically connected with each other, and thus our thoughts and actions affect ourselves and others. The knowledge that you have the ability to change everything in your life.

The ability to easily relax and let go.


You will receive 1 distant attunement, 1 pdf manual.


Orange Grid Light Attunement by Manuela Marx


Quotes from Founder, Manuela Marx

What is a grid?

The energies (= information) of grids bring us in contact with the unity of BEING, with whatever you

might call God or unconditional love that flows through everything and connects everything. Many

different grids exist and they are all interconnected. It is the “fabric” connecting everything and

through this fabric, everything is manifested. Some scientists call this fabric the zero point field or

the divine matrix.

Healing color orange:

* to strengthen the power of the soul

* to develop a feeling of self-worth

* to strengthen the capacity of reaction

* for more liveliness

* to assist the desire to learn

* dissolves gases and flatulence

* harmonizes stomach function

* eases cramps and spasms

* eases shock and grief

* balances the sacral chakra

Overabundance of orange (can be harmonized with this energy as well – calling in a complementary blue):

* overreaching desire for food and sexual activity

* possible confusion and aimlessness

* overreaching desires for possessions

Physical use:

Muscles, eliminatory systems, psychosomatic disease patterns. Orange influences the spleen chakra.

It is the color of joy, wisdom and creativity, stimulates feelings of social connectedness and

influences our emotional health. Too much orange can overly aggravate our nervous system and

should be balanced with hues of blue or green. Therapeutically, this color can be used for problems

in the areas of spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines, adrenal glands, food intake and depression.

This color is very good for people who feel emotionally paralyzed. The colors peach and apricot

strengthen the aura and act as an additional emotional cushion during the recovery process. Like all

other orange hues, it can be used to invigorate the body. After recovery from an illness, it affects the

eliminatory organs positively in toning them.

Orange can give support in these areas:

Allergies, asthma, low blood pressure, intestines, kidneys, pain (muscles), strengthening the immune system.

You will receive the manual and attunement by chi ball call in method.

Lineage and or certificate avail upon request. 

Bajan Grid by Lisa Mara Okic - Trauma, Vows, Promises, Renunciations, Unresolved Karmic Connections, Mental Wounds and more


Founder: Lisa Mara Okic

With your purchase you will receive the distant attunement, manual and a certificate with lineage. 

Quote From the Founder, Lisa Mara Okic 

"The grid itself is lit in a bright green-yellow light. It is not rigid, it will always keep to the facts and you can do it for days to keep around you. It will carry you, and give you the strength you need. 

• It helps you to process trauma and to transform. Especially when it comes to a trauma, which you will have long employed with, against which you have already fought so many times and you even thought: "I´ve done it!!!" and then ... then it picks you up again. With the Bajan Grid you can now finish a chapter for good. There you can even reveal a way, as it can go on now.

• It is also suitable to fetch themes to light. Maybe you have a topic that subliminally repeatedly blocked and slows you, but you can´t see what it exactly is. If you are in treatment with the Bajan Grid, ask for it now that it is clear to you, that you now want to take a look at it, then you will now be granted this request. And do not worry, I've rarely seen a energy, that allowed me to process it smooth and integrate it. I do not say that you will perform dances of joy when you become aware of a trauma. But you have the necessary inner distance and protection of the grid, so that you won´t need to go through the emotional depths of trauma again.

• Mental wounds caused by trauma, may heal with the Bajan grid finite.

• vows, promises and renunciations that you have expressed, or was demanded of you, in previous lives, can use the Grid Bajan to be withdrawn. I say consciously withdrawn, because some people tried to solve a vow, however, most souls already ensured that it is not so easy. But space and time exist only in our minds, and so by the Bajan grid, such a contract in place will be withdrawn. Maybe you do not know, when and why you have made such a vow, then you can now ask for this information. In a meditation with the power grid you can get exactly these informations then. And this will happen again with the necessary inner distance!

• If there is a person with whom you had been quarrels in a previous life, so called karmic connections, that are still unresolved, then you can also ask for clarification and reconciliation. Again, the issue is solved directly at source, karmic bands are resolved, so it is good for everyone. Am don´t be afraid of such a clarification without the consent of the other person to ask. It will always happen to you both as well!"