In ancient Egypt

Empathic magic is the set of practices based on metaphysical beliefs related to:

1. The similar produces the similar, that is, the effects are similar to their causes;

2. Those things that have been in contact continue to exert mutual influence once separated.


The first type of belief refers to the so-called imitative magic, while the second is called contagious magic. Imitative magic is the basis of practices such as chiromancy (divination of the future observing the lines of the hand) and the insertion of needles into dolls in order to harm the people represented by them, while contagious magic is the foundation of psychometrics (divination of personal data or current location of a person by means of an object that has belonged to him).



Most of the problems, imbalances come from blockages on root chakra, personal space, stability, physical integrity, material connection, ancestors, linage… physical connection to persons and places…