Ascended Master RA-MON Attunements and Empowerment by Ramon Martinez- Heal the Soul-Heart-DNA Frequencies of Light-Love

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate.

Ascended Master Ra-mon (Ra-Mo) is the Master of initiations and attunements. In our ascension we pass through many personal initiations and he is here to help us through these. He is a good Master for all Reiki practioners to work with, especially when giving or receiving attunements.


Aloha, Elohim of the 6th ray – the purple, gold and ruby ray. She and her twin flame Peace are working to spread the Christ consciousness around the world.

Their aura colors are gold with a purple luster. They are working with the Ascended Master Ra-mon at this time.

Ra-mon is the first kumara send to earth by divine council of SANAT KUMARA and work with Multi-interdimensional light for healing the soul-heart-dna frequencies of light- love.

It remakes your bodies; physical, mental, emotional, karmic and celestial. Your heart chakra strengthen and unfolds 1000 times. More energy flow than other previous Reiki systems.

LINGQI- 靈氣- means the spiritual energy of the mountains. It is Consistent, solid energy and everlasting and indestructible, Door of immortality, Forever lasting existence. It shows how to transform negative energy and release blocks and patterns.

Also means cosmic vital energy.

These are the original kanjis of reiki base upon.

Elohin here means “bring us the joy of creation”

With Ra-mon and elohim you are attuned the following characteristics:


7th ray it brings spirituality into the physical plane

6th ray brings faith into the physical real, to surrender to higher forces of light and clears the subconscious mind of obsolete paterms. Renew your emotional body. And it brings joy to your cells.