Kamasutra Empowerment Attunement - From Maria Sereno- Brigitt - Material Prosperity, Liberation, Sensuality, Sex Power, Eroticism, Attract Love


By Maria Sereno 

The Kama Sutra (also spelled Kamasutram or Kamasutra)  is an ancient Indian Hindu text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature written by Vātsyāyana.


There are 4 levels to this attunement. The energy of each level is extremely powerful;

1. Dharma: Virtuous living.

2. Artha: Material prosperity.

3. Kama: Aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

4. Moksha: Liberation.

Kamasutra Empowerment will help you with:

Virtuous living

Material prosperity

Aesthetic and erotic pleasure




Sex power


Healing fears about sex

Healing sexual dysfunctions

Be a good lover

Healthy sex life

Increase your lover skills

Increase pleasure

Attracting others to one's self

Attracting love to your life

Open and balance your chakras

Increase your magnetic field


Sexual Imprint Flush Attunement by Mariah removes imprints other people leave on the etheric matrix of physical and emotional body


Sexual Imprint Flush™ removes the imprints other people have left upon the

etheric matrix of your physical and emotional body. When we’ve engaged

sexually with a person, whether simply a kiss or something more involved,

their unique energy signature leaves an imprint upon us. Each person’s touch

is literally an energetic print, like a finger print. If a person wanted to control

you or keep you as theirs when you wanted your freedom, this imprint could

be very long lasting and cloud the way you feel about sex in the future.


Your Sexual Imprint Flush™ attunement also provides you access to the

Sexual Spectrum Ray™ to bring you the full spectrum of your sexuality!


Sexual Imprint Flush™channeled and manual written by:

Mariah Windsong Couture



g spot empowerment

You must be 18 or over to purchase this attunement.

Expressing who you are as a sensual and sexual woman is your divine right as a woman. The G Spot is one of the most pleasurable places on a woman's body, and it is also the most sacred spot for a woman.. Many believe that the G spot does not exist. HOWEVER, it does exist-within YOU. The power is within you to experience your Goddess treasure and to embrace it. Your Goddess Treasure is your G Spot.


By embracing the Sacred Feminine within you, you are acknowledging your divine right to express your sensuality and sexuality. This attunement will help you to connect with your G Spot (sacred spot). Sexual pleasure and fulfillment is our divine right as a woman and a Goddess. ?Sexy? is a feeling inside of you. Through this attunement, you will be able to connect with your own inner sexy divine spirit and to capture ?feeling sexy?. Goddess Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty, passion and sexual pleasure, and to magnify the power of this attunement, you can ask Goddess Aphrodite to assist you, AND SHE WILL : - ).


This attunement and the powerful affirmations in this 13 page manual are especially beneficial for pre menopausal and post menopausal woman to return to the Juicy Goddess that we are meant to be by divine right.


Childhood issues keep us from expressing our divine sexual and sensual self and from connecting with that special G Spot Energy. This attunement is also helpful for women who have experienced sexual trauma, guilt, fear, etc.

by linda kaye

Sex Magic Power Energy 1 - 3, powerful healing energy, sexual healing, increased currents of energy, open/balance chakras, awakening kundalini


Founded by Brigitt

There is a prerequisite for receiving this system. One must be a Reiki Master. You will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate

Sex magic is a term for various types of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits. One practice of sex magic is using the energy of sexual arousal or orgasm with visualization of a desired result. A premise of sex magic is the concept that sexual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed to transcend one's normally perceived reality.


Sex Magic Power Energy will help you with:


     Powerful healing energy

     Sexual healing

     Increase currents of energy

     Nourishing on all levels

     Aligning energy

     Open & Balance chakras

     Awakening & strengthen the kundalini 

     To release suppressions and open the flow of your vital life force

     Spiritual enlightenment 

     Astral projection

     Body rejuvenation 

     Erotic Power

     Energetic awareness

     Creative inspiration

     Reach your goals

     Transmuting sexual energy into  huge creative energy

     Manifest new realities for your life (success, prosperity…


Wild Sexy Spirit of Adonis by Linda Kaye - Erotic Pleasure, Playfulness, Feel Sexy, Sensuality, Charisma, Timeless Love, Erotic Pleasure, Passion,


The Wild Sexy Spirit Of Adonis Reiki Attunement is for both men and women

Adonis is a breathtakingly handsome spirit. Heis fun, gorgeous and a divine lover in every sense of the phrase. He is a diety of pleasure.


Enhance your sex lif

He serves as a great Aphrodisiac

Enhance your love life

To invoke playful energy within you


For women to feel beautiful and sexy

For men to feel handsome and sexy

To bring out the passion in yo


Become less robotic & more uninhibited in bed.

To discover erotic pleasure

For men to feel andBE irristible to women

For women to feel and BE irresistible to m


Freedom from sexual guilt and shame

To bring out the playful side in you


Enjoy Sex




Become more orgasmic

Enjoy Foreplay


To Become a better kisser


For men to maintain erections





New beginnings

Joyful expression


Timeless love

To improve your sexual body image.


You will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate. 




Self Sensuality Enhancement by Maha - Works on Deepest Root of SExuality Problem, Dissolves blocks/old baggage in energetic body/sacral chakra


Sensuality is a key ingredient for richer sexual expression. However, while sensuality seems an essential part of good sex, sexuality is not the only arena for sensual expression.Sensuality is something much broader. Beginning with awareness, sensuality encompasses the exploration and experiencing of all our senses.

Self Sensuality Enhancement is a strong and warm energy tool to works into the deepest root of sexuality problem, at the center of energy which is responsible. The energy wasdirect connected into the center energy of our Mother Earth to dissolve the blockage and old baggage within our energetic body, especially at sacral chakra, thus our sexual energy could be free flowing and then be enhances it to its excellent health state.

You will receive distant attuement, certificate and manual.



Into Me You See - Emotional, Sexual Intimacy, Greater Love, Joy and Intimacy, Heart Opening, Sexual/Emotional Euphoria, Forgiveness, more


Into Me You See by Linda Kaye

You will receive the distant attunement, certificate and manual 

This is a very special attunement for surrendering ourselves to emotional and sexual intimacy. 




Bathe in the warm beautiful energy of intimacy


Ability to Experience Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Let go of childhood emotional and sexual issues

Let go of past adult emotional and sexual issues

Experience greater love, joy and intimacy in your relationship


Free yourself of Sexual Shame and Guilt

Heart Opening


Experience Sexual and Emotional Euphoria

AbilityTo Commit

More Sexual Aliveness


More Passion

Feel more

Ability to Fall in Love

Ability to Experience Orgasms

Attrac t Love

Attract A Sexual Partner

Enjoy Sex

Enjoy Intercourse

Enjoy Oral Sex

Allow Yourself To Be More Vulnerable

Experience Your Sensuality

Feel more sexy

Discover Your Sexual Spiritual Self


Increase Self Worth

More Confidence

Experience Body Confidence

Heal, love and nurture your inner child


And so much more…




The Sacred Garden Of The Golden Apples Of Love, Joy, Sexual Pleasures & Erotic Deights Reiki Attunement by Linda Kaye - True Love/Soul Mate/Marriage



Great Happiness & Joy

True Love

Find Soul Mate


Feel Sexy

Sexual Pleasures


Sexual Confidence

Erotic Delights


Feel Younger



Self Discovery



Less Frigidity

Become more uninhibited


Becoming more emotionally available.

Becoming more sexually available 




The Goddess Of Hesperides are most famously known as the Nympths who tend to a fragrant paradise garden where they guard Hera’s apple tree that bears the golden apples of joy. (Hera was Queen Of Greece and mistress of Zeus). 


These  beautiful snake Goddesses of the sunset, preside over romance and conjugal pleasures, erotic delights - especially the honeymoon night. They would like you to invoke their help in matters of seduction, true love and lasting romantic happiness.They are ready for you. Are you ready for them?

They are entrusted to be the keepers of the sacred, priceless treasures belonging to the Olympian spirits.

There may be three Goddesses of the Hesperides or as many as nine. Depending on the source,the spirits named as Hesperides include Aegle, Arethusa, Asterope,Chrysothemis, Ezythea, Hespera, Hesperia, Hesperethusa and Lipara. 



The name “Hesperites” is derived from a root wordindicating “west” the direction of the sunset and the location of theirparadise grove. Some perceive the Garden of Hesperities to be a spirit rhelm .Others, however, identify  it as beingearthly and located in what is now southern Spain or Morocco.


You will receive the distant attunement, manual and certificate.



Tantric Twin Quartz Essence - harmonize and balance the energies of two people in a relationship - draw and attract soul mate, bond two people


Founder : Argandini Titisari


Tantra Twin Quartz are crystals who share a common base but who have two separate and distinct points. They are literally two heads on one body. Twins are also called Japanese Twins and are exact mirror images of one another.

The word ‘tantra’ itself is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning union. Your most important union is always first with your True Self and the ultimate union is when your Soul becomes one with you Original Source, however you personally see that – as the Life Force, All That Is, the Tao, or God.

Tantra Twin Quartz assists one connect with and bring into balance ones life purpose with ones soul purpose.

Tantra Twins are extraordinarily effective when working with the bonding of two individuals who are already intimately connected, and a Tantra Twin is one of the best choices for two people who are already deeply united and wish to explore and strengthen that bond even further. Tantric Twin Quartz assists to harmonise and balance the energies of two people involved in a relationship. When the two Tantric Twin Quartz crystals are of equal size, they act to attract one soul partner, if they are un-equal in size, they act to build unconditional love and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Help draw and attract a soul mate into your lifeHelp to bond two people in an intimate relationshipCreates balance with the higher and lower consciousness of oneselfAn excellent energy shieldAids in achieving union with your Higher SelfStimulates and magnifies your natural sensuality on all levelsGood meditation stone for lovers


You will receive the manual, lineage and distant attunement.





This attunement:



Help draw and attract a soul mate into your life

Help to bond two people in an intimate relationship

Creates balance with the higher and lower consciousness of oneself

An excellent energy shield

Aids in achieving union with your Higher Self

Stimulates and magnifies your natural sensuality on all levels




Microsoft Word Document 17.1 KB

Awaken the Tantric God and Goddess Within


Awaken the Tantric God and Goddess Within - From Rosemary & Linda Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means expansion of consciousness and liberation of energy.  

By opening up to our sensual spirituality, we discover parts of ourselves that have been repressed. True Tantra allows you to explore the connection between your own inner sexuality and your spiritual self.  Tantra transforms your sexaul and turns it into the spiritual.  Sexual ecstasy is a tasteof the divine.  True Tantra assists you in finding bliss in all areasof your life. You will receive remote attunement - manual and certificate sent via email



Casanova Love Empowerment - good fortune, protection in love/sex, sex appeal, charm, attract love/sex, sensitivity, protection against scandals, more



Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt (April 2, 1725 – June 4, 1798) was a Venetian adventurer and author. His main book Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), part autobiography and part memoir, is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century.

He was so famous as a womanizer that his name remains synonymous with the art of seduction.



Benefits of the System

Good fortune

Protection in love & sex

Protection against scandals

Cleverness and astuteness


Sex-appeal and charisma

Sensuality and charm

Attract love & sex


Arouse passions

Open your heart to love

Increase self-confidence

Success with opposite sex

Mastery of the art of seduction

Social charm Diplomacy

Appetite for knowledge

Inquisitive mind

Vitality Healing

Heal sexual dysfunctions

Ability to scape

Adventurous spirit

Taste for the arts and literature




With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate with lineage.

Founded by Brigitt


Diamond Magical Eyes by Jalu - Desire, Courage, Self Confidence, Makes eyes bright, shiny and emit strong appeal, self esteem, affection


The eyes are one of the sensual attractions and eye contact is needed in flirting or attract the attention. From the eyes, desire, courage, self-confidence, personality a person can be known. The Diamond Magical Eyes makes our eyes become very bright and shiny and emit strong appeal vibrations for couples or opposite sex. This attunement gives strength in our eyes for radiating confidence, self esteem and affection. It's really helped us in communicate fluently.

You will receive distant attunement, manual and certificate.



The Sacred Beauty Flush Empowerment


The Sacred Beauty Flush Empowerment

The Sacred Beauty Flush has been given unto us from Spirit to enable us to reclaim our divine beauty and perfection, our true feminine nature, so that we can access the softness within us, the gentle and nurturing side of ourselves that needs to be cultivated and honored always. As defenses are stripped away this will permit our authentic self to rise from within so that we can again trust and be open to love, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.  The ability to be vulnerable with others will return. Our masks will peel away and our guard will come down so that we are living and acting as our highest expression and divine presence. This powerful energy will awaken the love, beauty and strength that lives and acts within us when we are free from the blocks of false truths, misconceptions and wounds ofthe past.  This energy will aid us in discovering not only the sacred beauty within us but within All. At last we will embrace the beauty and truth of who we are in all our divine beauty and perfection, which lives within but radiates without.





Kiss Energetic by Jalu - improvement of Health, Wealth, and Happiness - Increase Calmness, peace, strength, courage, and self worth


Kiss is a most sensual and sensitive action, that most all people know as an expression of love, care, compassion, affection and connection. Kiss, in whatever form, is actually a basic instinctiveness which show the feelings of oneness, respectful, grateful, togetherness and a big family of universal creatures. Kiss is not always a sensual behavior can also be a sensitivity of feelings of oneness among us. Kiss is an action representing a deeper sensation of "I am You" and " You are me" or "You are not alone" or "We are the same".

Depending on the culture and context, a kiss can express sentiments of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, and good luck, among many others. In some situations a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect or greeting, as in the case of a bride and groom kissing at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony or national leaders kissing each other in greeting, and in many other situations.

Kiss Energetic Healing is a tenderly energetic healing which stimulates a great healing power from our self to be further used as an improvement of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Basically, it's an energetic system for promoting self-healing ability in better level because its high energy vibration has properties to increase our chakras in their highest possible function. As they function well, it allow us to held a better connection with the Source of Universe. Therefore, it used to improve our spiritual path.

Kiss Energetic Healing uplifts our energy flow into Heart and Sacral Chakra. Thus it promotes a better connection as well as relationship and love without condition within ourselves and another person. It also increase calmness, peace, strength, courage and self-worth as we have feel we are not alone. It helps us to dismiss sadness, sorrows, pains, losses, loneliness and suffering.

For people who had a "broken heart" feelings which often brings a negative effect of "losing", it aids them to recover their wounded heart and give a strength and courage to standing still to facing up the pain, so they can transmute it into pure love. They may have a deep understanding that "Love is beyond everything and Love isn't recognize the loss because Everything is Love."

Kiss Energetic Healing increases a vitality power and raises a magical transformation within ourselves. This system also beautifully stimulates our sensuality and raises our sexual pleasure as well. Thus it will remove the traumas related with sexual violence, sexual embarrassment and sexual harassment/abuse. It will return us to our basic need of sexuality in their genuine form - to retain the power of life in intimate relationships, strengthen the bonds with a lover, finding a right person for life partner and more are the properties of this system. It is also has great healing properties to reduce a stress level, specially in marital and cohabiting relationship.


Increases fertility

Good for complementary treatment for prostate cancer, urinary problem, premature ejaculation and frigidity.

promotes the adrenal glands to release epinephrine and norepinephrine (adrenaline and noradrenaline) into the blood, thereby causing an adrenaline rush, which has a beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system because the heart pumps faster

promotes healthiness of reproductive system as well as our sexual organs, increases the circulation of blood, improves the detoxification within our body and lowering cholesterol levels.


Romantica Energetic Fire by Maha - Sensual Romantic, Sexual Energy/Appeal, Manifest Desires, Arouse/Attract Partner, Improves Relationship, More


Maha Kamaleksana, Founder

With your purchase you will receive the distant attunement, manual and a certificate.


Romantica Energetic Fire increases our relationship, especially for a couple to have a sense of sensual romantic. It improves our sexual energy as well as our love to our own couple. This energetic system also powerful to present a strong energy that has beneficial to help us to manifest our desires.


This is a warm energetic system that allows us to have a good sexual appeal which can attract our sexual partner to arouse her/ him sexual desire with the basic of love.Thus this energetic system can not be used with inappropriate intention like an affair, sexual abuse, etc.

This system wonderfully improves our relationship with our partner and also can be heal thebroken one. For a single person, it can help he/ she to find him/ her couples accordingly him/ her heart desire.

For physical, ithelps us to overcome sexual dysfunctions and fertility. It also strengthensour  kidneys, heart and circulatorysystem as well.

RomanticaEnergetic Fire is including 5 step:Arousing the FireClimb the FirePeakGarden of FireHoney of FirePoint of Fire


Yoni Healing & Rejuvenation Attunement Enhanced Sensitivity, Sexual Creativity, Awakening Sacred Spiritual Sexuality, Grounding, Sexual Imprint Remova



Yoni Healing and Rejuvenation Attunement as 2 levels. Both levels have to be a week apart.

This attunement will help you with:


Shakti Power

Sexual Essence Enhancement

Yin-Yang Balancing

Chakra - Nadi Balancing

Heightened G-Spot Response

Becoming In Sync with your Body

Becoming In Sync with your Partner

Enhanced Sensitivity

Development of Stronger and more Lasting Yoni Orgasm

Sexual Creativity

Awakening Inherent Sacred Spiritual Sexuality

Heightened States of Consciousness In Orgasm

Grounding & Centering

Healthy Reproductive System

Reduction of Painful Intercourse  & Other Yoni Physical Symptoms

Sexual Imprint Removal

Yoni Trauma Removal

Emotional, Physical & Ancestrial Healing


You will receive distant attunement, manual, and a certificate.


Woman's body only opens fully to a man who is fully and actively present and in his total integrity.

Her sacred feminine does not allow her little girl's need for attention, love or emotional upliftment via sex to over-ride her heart 

and body's truth. She honors her temple like the most sacred instrument of Life that it is.

She doesn't need to swap sex for love. She IS LOVE and she knows it and feels it. And only another of the same loving vibration naturally enters fully into her...meeting love with love and making love upon love upon love.

WOMEN - if you have not stepped foot into your sacred feminine decide today that now is the moment to embrace the fullness of the divine woman that you were born to BE. Let her live you, let her make honouring decisions for you, let her speak through you and let her move you into action.

MEN - if you have not embraced the feminine body's innate feedback decide to honour this from today. Remember that if she is closed in her body to you it is not because there is something wrong with you but because she is calling you to be ALL of you and share THAT with her, and nothing less.

Soul Mate Retrieval System by Linda Kay


From the Founder, Linda Kaye...

This Attunement System is a very special system for both men and women. There are actually 3 Attunements  to in the Soul Mate Retrieval Attunement System.


The Soul Mate Retrieval Attunement consists of 3 levels:


 – all done in the same session. They must be

done in the exact order listed below. After your attunement

session, you can call in the energies anytime you want –

together or separately and in any order.



1. One Soul Shower Cleansing & Healing Treatment - This

is a soul cleansing of all negative emotional debri and

negative karma that keeps you from connecting with your

next soul mate. It will help you release a past soul mate

relationship, so that someone new can come in. If your

currently in a soul mate relationship and there are a lot

of problems, it could improve the relationship.



2. Inner Child Heart Cleanse Treatment – Healing your inner child’s

heart will open your adult heart to love.



3. Soul Mate Retrieval Attunement



If you are looking for a soul mate relationship and find that very special connection, this is the perfect Attunement System for you.  on a very special soul journey to connect with a past, present or future soul mate of yours. This will not only help you to bring closer to the past, but it could help you decide if your present soul mate relationship is the right one for you. You have never been on a journey like this one. All that is required is that you have an open heart and an open and clear mind, and allow yourself to be taken on this wonderful journey.



You will receive a 23 page manual, which includes Chapter 1 of my published book "Sexy Love Affirmations" called COOKING UP YOUR SOUL MATE. My book is written like a cookbook. This chapter gives you step by step instructions on creating a soul mate relationship.




You will receive the distant attunements, manual and certificate by request.



Yab Yum Attunement Sexual Healing, Foreplay, Ecstasy, Wholeness, Sex Magic, Control Sexual Energy and more


Founder, Brigitt 

Pre-Requisite – Reiki Master

You will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate. 


Yab-yum (Tibetan literally, "father-mother") is a common symbol in the Buddhist art of India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet representing the male deity in sexual union with his female consort. Often the male deity is sitting in lotus position while his consort is sitting in his lap.


The symbolism is associated with Anuttarayoga tantra and, while there are various interpretations of the symbolism in the twilight language, the male figure is usually linked to compassion (karunā and skillful means (upāya-kauśalya), while the female partner to 'insight' (prajñā;).

The symbolism of union and sexual polarity is a central teaching in Tantric Buddhism, especially in Tibet. The union is realised by the practitioner as a mystical experience within one's own body.

Yab-Yum Reiki will help you with of consciousness and energy

   Sexual healing and foreplay

   Union of consciousness and energy

   Active force

   Sexual ecstasy

   Sexual wholeness

   Mystical experiences

   Wisdom and pure awareness


   Fuses the masculine and feminine qualities within himself

   Releases inner blocks and tensions

   Control sexual energy

   Higher, deeper, longer and rejuvenating orgarms

   Well-being and joy

   Sex magic

    Manifest new realities…





Ayzen Myo Love, Passion & Lust Reiki by Gabriela Szafman - romantic sexual love, love and lust, sexual desire and passion, good luck, happy marriages


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

You will receive the manual by author and founder, Gabriela Szafman, the distant attunement and a certificate.

Aizen Myo is a Mahayana Buddhist deity from the Esoteric and Vajrayna Tradition.

He is especially venerated in the Japanese Buddhist schools of Shingon and Tendai, and the general Chinese Esoteric schools of Tángmì and Mìzōng.

Aizen Myo is known to transform worldly lust into spiritual awakening.

Originally a Hindu deity, he was adapted into Mahayana Buddhism.

When scriptures related to him reached China during the tang Dynasty, his Sanskrit name was translated into Àirǎn Míngwáng (literally "Lustful Tinted Wisdom King").

God of Love and Lust among Japan’s Esoteric sects.

King of Sexual Passion, converts earthly desires (love/lust) into spiritual awakening; saves people from the pain that comes with love.

He will turn your desires towards enlightenment.

Aizen is celebrated in Japanese rites to achieve harmony and friendship, to succeed in one's romantic endeavors, to gain the love and respect of others, and to reach a clear understanding of the Dharma (Buddhist law).

Myo is the Japanese term for Sanskrit "Vidyaraja," a group of warlike and wrathful deities known in English as the Mantra Kings, the Wisdom Kings, or the Knowledge Kings.

Aizen Myo love, Passion & Lust Reiki Will Help You With:

• Success in Romantic Relations

• Sexual Desire & Passion

• Romantic Sexual Love

• Love & Lust

• Spiritual Awakening

• Good Luck

• Happy Marriages

• Eliminates Conflicts in Any Relationship

• Turns Desire into Enlightment

• Frees You from Sufferings and Afflictions

• Be Irresistible & Admired for Both Man and Women

• Assistance with Physical & Emotional Frustrations of Suppressed Love

• Self Love

• To Gain Love & Respect from Others

• Protection Destroying Evil



Goddess Baalat Goddess of Love, Fertility and Protection by Gabriela Szafman


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman Baalat, or Ba'alat, is not properly a name but a title, meaning "Mistress", "Lady", or "Queen".

She is the main Deity of the city of Gubla or Byblos, the modern Jebeil in Lebanon, a few miles north of Beirut.

She is associated with Ba'al-Shaman, "Lord of the Heavens" as His consort and cult-partner.

She is most likely a form of Ashtart, the Phoenician Goddess of Love, Fertility and the planet Venus, whose cult is known to have been centered in Gubla.

As the main Goddess of Gubla, Ba'alat watched over and protected the city and its royal family.

The Greeks knew Her by epithets of Aphrodite: Kypris, meaning "of the island of Cyprus", and Kythereia, "of the island of Kythera", both places heavily associated with Aphrodite; as well as Aphrodite Aphacitis, "Aphrodite of Aphaca".

Goddess Baalat Will Empower You With:

• Love

• Fertility

• Protection





New From Rosemary Noel:

W hat is a Pheromone? In a nutshell, it is the sexual scent of attraction.

 It is scientifically proven that people who produce higher than average

human pheromones are highly individualized and have more success

 with the opposite sex. As a result, this can cause an increase in hugging, kissing and sexual contact. If you are looking for the man or woman of your dreams, pheromones in your body scent are going to play a huge role in attracting a mate.  When used with a partner these energies will create the desire within you and and your partner to stimulate and satisfy and to experience sensations mutually and experience loving ecstasy together. You will receive remote attunement, manual & certificate sent via save a tree method.


Virility Care by Mariah - gain or regain your masculine edge and confidence,emanate an air of leadership and sure footed stamina


Virility Care may assist you in these ways, but is not limited to:

Gain or re-gain your masculine "edge" and confidence.


Emanate an air of leadership and sure footed stamina.


Increase the health and virility of your sperm.


Cause a suitable mate to notice and be sexually attracted to you.


Overcome stress by re-igniting your sexual appetite and ability to perform.


Experience a re-emergence of sexual energy for lovemaking.


Reverse Erectile Dysfunction that was due to stress or nervousness.


Gain sexual energy to please your love even if there are medical reasons why your body isn't able to engage in intercourse with your mate.


Know the pleasures of virility which extend past the bedroom to an inner hum that fuels your productive thinking all through the day.


Attract a woman and keep her happy despite having a small penis.


Enjoy the respect of others as you skillfully do your work and are a leader in your social or spiritual community.


Enjoy the feeling of your spouse being proud of you.


Be healed of past failures and step forward into the future

Virility Care brings males the influx of energy and CARE for their masculinity. Virility Care increases your leadership ability. This infusion of energy and very individualized CARE from the CARE Team of Light Beings increases your ability to father children.


Virility Care causes you to emanate masculine sensual energy in such a way that is attractive to the person you want to mate with. Energy practices are included to assist your body to be aroused by your loved one. Stress and a predominance of porn watching can reduce a man's ability to be physically aroused by romantic foreplay with their mate.


Virility Care helps your body to respond in conjunction with your heart and mind so that you can achieve the sexual union you desire.


Please note that Virility Care is designed for loving encounters, not casual sex and will not increase the chances of casual sex occurring. This energy works in synergy with your heart, mind, and genitals. Only Reiki Masters may pass this energy system along to others. Anyone may accept attunement into this energy system and use it.



Sensual Reiki by Founder Rosemary Noel - Sensual Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste


Sensual Reiki - From Rosemary Noel


Sensuality is not to be confused with sexuality or sex. Sensuality can arouse sexual desire, sexual desire can lead to sex and heighten a sexual experience, however; sensuality means to be aroused by that which is beautiful, that which is

refined and to love life with all your senses.

Sensual Reiki encompasses the 5 Senses:


* Sensual Sight

* Sensual Hearing

* Sensual Touch

* Sensual Taste

* Sensual Smell


Wake up your senses and sensuality with Sensual Reiki


You will receive a 18 page manual, 1 distance attunement and 1 certificate with all systems received at one time.


Womb Care Attunement from Mariah (Men receive to activate for the woman in your life)



Womb Care from Mariah (Men receive to activate for the woman in your life)



If you are a man, you may want to be attuned so that you can activate these energies for a woman in your life who wants more healing on all levels. An attunement is a dose of energy frequencies that ‘match’ the energy of this energy system in general, and each function or attunement specifically.


Once you have received that dose of energy, your body and spirit will recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream from Eternal Sacred Source that IS the energy stream of this particular energy system.


Womb Care™ is a comprehensive energy system that brings you the CARE of all responsive eternal beings whose specialty it is to attend to the healing and wholeness of your body’s reproductive system - it attends to all the organs and body parts that make up your reproductive system below your belly button . Womb Care™ includes the energies of Cramp Pain Release for your monthly ease and comfort.


W omb Care™ also assists to bring your womb’s energy into wholeness. There are women who have had miscarriages, or simply feel the emptiness of having never carried a baby in their womb. Others have had their uterus and or ovaries removed by surgery. It is vitally important to bring the ethereal energy of your womb into wholeness by reclaiming the spiritual energy of your womb.


You will receive 1 pdf manual emailed to you and 1 distant attunement.Certificate and lineage upon request.



Chakra Tantra Reiki - Yin and Yang


Chakra Tantra Reiki is a form of Spiritual healing that balances the yin and yang-male and female energies within the chakras. Chakra Tantra helps to fully awaken the Kundalini energy. In Hindu philosophy these two polar opposites represent Shiva and Shakti.

Chakra Tantra Reiki is a combination of chakra balancing thought integration of polar energies, and ourselves working on our creative energies to manifest our wishes. It is also helpful in re-invigorating our creative and sexual energies, dealing with the sacral chakra area. It can help to alleviate back pain due to energy blocks, improve fertility, and personal power.

Chakra Tantra Reiki combined with visualization exercises, aromatherapy and massage is great at removing energy blockages and releasing deeply held belief and behavior patterns.


The manual contains:

How to give and in person Chakra Tantra Reiki massage

What aroma oils to use

Grounding Massage

The Balancing Symbol

Energy Healing & Guided Meditation Massage on back spine

Energy Healing Work on Chakras

Drawing the Chakra Attunement Symbols

Corresponding Crystals

Awakening and Re-Invigorating Sexual energies

Sending Long Distance Symbols

Attunement Process


Sexual Flush Empowerment System Levels 1-4, founder Rosemary Noel


Sexual Flush Empowerment System - Levels 1-4 -


Founder Rosemary Noel The Sexual Flush Empowerment system energy is a very special frequency that is designed for mature adults.  This energy requires a need for an open mind and an open heart. 


In assisting clients with sexual issues over the years, i have discovered that many people are conservative when it comes to this subject, but at the same time struggle with the frustration and desire to feel sexier, achieve sexual freedom and higher levels of sexual satisfaction. 


Even if you do not have any sexual issues, the Sexual Flush Empowerment System works to clear out spiritual, physical, emotional and mental blockages that prevent you from experiencing the ulitmate sexual union on all levels in the here and now. 


The purpose of the Sexual Flush Empowerment System is to allow the life force energy to flow freely and to allow you to have more depth and intimacy in your sexual experience.  The Sexual Flush Empowerment System will release blocks, Trapped emotions and will activate, then stabilize your sexual bio-generator.


Levels 1-3 is a personal use system only.  Level 4 is master teacher level.


These are fixed fee systems.  You will receive distance attunement by chi ball only, pdf manual and certificate sent by email.


The Sexual Flush Empowerment System Level 4 - Founder Rosemary Noel Pre-Requisite:  Levels 1-3 . It is alsorequired that you be a Reiki Master to pass to others.  To purchaseLevel 4 I will need your lineage for levels 1-3.

TheSexual Flush Empowerment Level 4 will free you from the pain of beinghurt in the past.  This flush will allow you to once again beemotionally safe and trusting. Without trust in your intimaterelationships, you can expect to find anxiety, fear and disappointment.If you desire healthy sex, trust is essential.

Level 4 is also a master teacher level so you will now be able to share this system with others.

This system is a fixed fee system. You will receive pdf manual and certificate sent by email and one chi ball attunement.



Love and Romance Elixir - beauty, attractiveness, passion, youthfulness, love, faithfulness, happiness, completeness, enhances libido, marriage, more



Love & Romance Elixir Attunement benefits both woman and men and those who are single, divorced, widowed or married. In otherwards, Love & Romance Elixer Attunement is for EVERYONE. Its energies are for anyone who desires love or to rekindle the love spark in relationships.



Love & Romance Elixir™ will increase your confidence, remove old emotional wounds, increase self love and attract kindred spirits and soul connections with like beliefs, like values, wants and needs.




Love & Romance Elixir Attunement will resore those areas in your relationship which need repair. If this is the case, this attunement will infuse you and your relationship with happiness energy, forgiveness energy and the rekindling of sexual passion energies to renew and spice up a stale or non-existent love life.




Benefits of Love & Romance Elixir™:

Beauty & Attractiveness







Enhances Libido

Suitable Perfect Matches

Marriage Connections



You will receive the distant attunement, manual and certificate.


Founder: Rosemary


Sexual empowerments 1 and 2 - 2 Manuals, Attunements, Systems


Sexual empowerments 1 and 2


T he Energy of the Sexual Empowerments is a fire type of Reiki or energy in that it comes from the earth rather than from above like Reiki. Sexual empowerment energy enters the healer from the earth and passes from the bottom chakra and travels up and out of the hands as does Reiki, Thus it is involved with the Kundalini.

Working with this energy one will find it is a warm loving energy with a lot of passion in it. It is not uncommon for the healer and the one being healed to become aroused. This is nothing to worry about and does not happen all the time.

The body, mind and spirit need to be balanced in order for sex to work the way it should which is a loving and almost spiritual act and the sexual empowerment helps a lot to affect this balance.

This system also deals with those that have been abused with sex and other problems dealing with a sexual nature. It can be used to help with problems of fertility and that not only in humans but animals as well.


Adobe Acrobat Document 802.8 KB




 Si das con aquel espacio infinito más sensible de la mujer,

que la dicha te lleve con la mano y los labios a la fragancia de su cuerpo, su contorno impensado;


entonces notarás cómo sus ojos despiden una luz temblorosa,

entrando en la corriente de un arroyo, catarata y lago cristalino bajo los rayos del sol perdurable,  

como si fueras con ella hacia un solo ser.


Y vendrán los estremecimientos… los silenciosos suspiros… los tiernos


gemidos… los sabores salinos… las meladas perpetuas en su vaivén gratificante


para en un susurro de cadencias, llegar juntos al oasis de los ensueños.

Y en la marea de los sentidos, en las olas más altas, bañándose los goces que se recrean en éxtasis.


Cuando los dos enamorados caen rendidos al mismo tiempo en las profundidades antes insospechadas y ahora insondables y el universo desaparece alrededor y la incertidumbre no apresura la comunicación placentera que se prolonga.


Y desde el seno con su aliento te anhela y te ama y es ella que te tienta


y acaricia con la entrega sin límites en un inolvidable encuentro,


donde sacio mi sed con el pico de mis pájaros
y vuelan en círculos mis manos ansiando tocarte y aún más te añoro.


                                                Si fuera un peregrino                                                      


perdería mi noche bajo las palmeras de oro


y con la brisa de tus sueños de aroma salado,


bebería tus aires de gotas


estrellas para iluminar mi camino


en una playa libre de palabras.



Y abrazado de arena en sombras


sin encuentro


sin ropa en la espuma


con olas latidas


quiero regresar al momento sagrado que hay en ti.



Y ella me revela…


El ángulo de mis labios se revienta con el roce de tu ola dócil


emisaria de lluvias y de rocíos resbalosos,


visos que inflaman mi vientre...


anhelos que irrumpen al asumirte,


y un desierto se apodera de mi cuerpo,


se agrieta mi vínculo,


traspasando el aura, consumida.


Y cuando me penetras


impregnas cada melodía,


cada eco,


y me enlazo en infusión en el cielo


para filtrar cada gota de sonido,


y calar mi savia de diosa


sobre tu raíz,


y acariciar mi cámara seducida contra tus bosques,


con la misma libación con la que hechizas mis arcanos,


enigmas de aguamieles, guardados entre mis piernas...


  Ramón Martínez López






Ved en sombras el cuarto,
y en el lecho desnudos,
sonrosados, rozagantes,
el nudo vivo de los dos amantes...
boca con boca, lengua a lengua...
y pecho contra pecho,
se hace más apretado....
el nudo estrecho entre nuestros cuerpos,
bailotean los dedos delirantes,
suspenderse el aliento...
unos instantes y he aquí....
el nudo sexual completo,
un desorden de sábanas y almohadas,
dos sonrojadas cabezas despeinadas,
una suelta palabra indiferente...
un poco de hambre.....
un poco de agotamiento,
un infantil deseo de pureza....
y un vago olor cualquiera en el ambiente,
¡¡Eres buen amante!!


Secreto de dos amantes

Solo tú y yo sabemos lo que ignora la gente
al cambiar un saludo ceremonioso y frío,
porque nadie sospecha que es falso tu desvío,
ni cuánto amor esconde mi gesto indiferente.

Solo tú y yo sabemos porqué mi boca miente,
relatando la historia de un fugaz amorío;
y tú apenas me escuchas y yo no te sonrío...
y aún nos arde en los labios algún beso reciente.

Solo tú y yo sabemos que existe una simiente
germinando en la sombra de este surco vacío,
porque su flor profunda no se ve, ni se siente.

Y así, las dos orillas, tu corazón y el mío,
pues, aunque las separa la corriente de un río,
por debajo del río se unen secretamente.


Balancing chakras, kundalini energy, Shiva-Shakti attunement and massage technics. Good for healing male-female issues.

You will receive the manual for each of these systems as well as the distant attunements and certificate.
















 PAYPAL  http://www11.jimdo.com/app/saed7e91c7a81c2ec/p87856aa1e6c7bc62/


Polyamory and Sexual Healing

by Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D.

Virtually everyone who has been raised in a sex negative culture such as ours is sexually wounded. For some, this wounding is simply a matter of barely conscious sexual guilt, shame, and inhibition. It manifests in subtle—or sometimes not so subtle—discomfort about social nudity, public displays of affection, or erotic art. It manifests in an inability to freely enjoy sexual pleasure, in ejaculating too soon (for men) or not at all (for women), or in difficulty reaching orgasm. It manifests as a lack of sexual confidence, an inability to truly let go sexually, or an obsession with sexual privacy.

In addition to this general malaise, many of us have experienced personal traumas as well: one out of three or four girls and one out of seven or eight boys in our society are sexually molested as children. Rape, abortion, insensitive medical exams, circumcision, unskilled or uncaring lovers, and guilt over masturbation also take their toll.

I discovered very early in life that polyamory has a way of bringing sexual wounds to the surface. It was post Summer of Love time (the late '60's for the culturally illiterate) and I was a freshman at Barnard College in New York. A few of my friends had taken LSD together and were sprawled half naked on someone's living room rug taking in the sounds of the Moody Blues on the stereo. Alice was one of my closest friends. A dark-eyed, long legged beauty with flowing waist length black hair and a deep hatred of anything bourgeois, she had a lovely soprano voice and played a classy Martin guitar. Her musician boyfriend Jason had grown up in Greenwich Village and was very hip—and sexy. The three of us began to slither over and around each others bodies, grooving on the sensual electricity between us. But Alice became uncomfortable. Jason and I didn't pay much attention to her withdrawal at first, we were magnetized by the powerful erotic force between us. We probably would have gone on to make love right then and there had not Alice exploded with jealous rage. Jason and I were bewildered—we all loved each other, did we not? Surely Alice knew we had no wish to hurt or exclude her. We all rejected the sexual mores of our middle class families, did we not? We had all agreed to explore group sexual energy, had we not? What was the problem? Well, the problem, it turned out, was that Alice was overcome by sexual guilt and shame and felt totally inadequate and over-shadowed by her high libido buddies. None of us, including Alice herself, had any idea she was so hung up.

After replaying minor variations on this scene countless times over the next twenty-five years, I finally caught on. It's not possible to enjoy sharing your sweetheart if you're sexually wounded. It's not possible to enjoy having multiple partners if you're sexually insecure. And you may not realize you're anything less than fully functional until you're intimately exposed to people who are relatively free of sexual inhibitions at which time you may be more prone to running and ducking than seeking liberation.

I don't mean to imply that everyone who chooses sexual exclusivity is dysfunctional. Fear is not the only motivation for chosing serial monogamy, but it's far more common than is usually acknowledged.

Many people give up on polyamory, or at least retreat into the safety of intellectualizing or fantasizing about its glories, once they realize the amount of sometimes painful healing and deconditioning which may be involved. Very unfortunate! For it is precisely the driving necessity to make the leap to higher consciousness which gives polyamory its evolutionary value. Those who see polyamory primarily as a means to greater personal fulfillment or family security and bemoan its challenges fail to appreciate polyamory as a spiritual path. And the first step on this path, in my opinion, is to shed the sex negative belief systems which keep us alienated from our bodies, from each other, and from Nature herself.

Compulsory monogamy is the brain child of a sex negative philosophy which holds sexuality to be sinful, disgusting, and evil. In keeping with their eagerness to denigrate the Feminine, the early Church fathers viewed celibacy as the most spiritual option, but realizing that it would be impractical, if not impossible, to make celibacy the norm, they opted for the next best thing. Their teaching was to have as little sex as possible with as little pleasure as possible and only with your lawful mate. In contrast, a sex positive belief system would recognize sexuality as a form of worship, in which women's and men's bodies, pleasure, fertility, and life itself are celebrated. Sex would be recognized as a means of of entering higher states of consciousness and directly experiencing the Divine. Erotic ritual would be valued as an expression of love and a powerful means of bonding the entire tribe or community. In a sex positive culture, polyamory would be seen as a contribution to society rather than an immoral act.

The fact is that even the more conservative forms of polyamory, such as polyfidelity or Robert Rimmer-style closed group marriage in which all the sex is one on one, will always be anathema in a sex negative culture. The fact is that individuals who have been raised in a sex negative culture and internalized it's values will find it exceedingly difficult to practice polyamory without first finding a way to heal sexually. The fact is that couples who are not sexually satisfied with each other will probably find it difficult to feel comfortable taking on other lovers.

Over the last several years, I've discovered that for me and perhaps for most people, a combination of sexual healing work, erotic ritual, and polyamorous concepts provide a solid base from which to make the shift to new paradigm relating. Polyamorous ideas alone tend to lead to intellectual sterility at best. Without the deep emotional clearing and releasing of genital armouring which the sexual healing work offers, polyamorous relating must often be kept superficial or else degenerate into melodrama. Sexual healing harnesses the enormous power of our sexual energy and channels it for transformation. It paves the way for tantric or sacred sexual practices and is wonderful for opening the heart and getting the creative juices flowing. But without a polyamorous framework and understanding of new paradigm relating, erotic ritual can open a Pandora's box. Together, these three components combine to create a synergistic whole. And that's what the Love Without Limits work is all about.

Publish with permission

© Deborah Taj Anapol





Tantric Sexual Healing and the Tantric Empowerment Process

 By  Sir Clifford N. Alford, Th.D, D.D, RBT


Priestess Sarah Hines, KRMT


Sir Clifford Speaks:

Chapter 1: Introduction --

Red Tantra is one of the oldest forms of Goddess worship on the earth today, and dates back to the worship of Amara-Omni in the ancient Regency of MU. It was first introduced by the Kumara, who were also known as the 32 Suns of God, and were here among us one-hundred and four thousand years ago. The purpose of Red Tantra is the use of human sexuality for the purpose of healing and greater spiritual enlightenment.


This course of study will cover the processes for both women and men, and is based upon the training I have received from the Church and School of Wicca, various seminars I have taken, and the advice and training given to my second wife and myself by a Tantra Master named Dr. Alan Saxon. Whenever Alan was teaching in Tulsa, OK he would stay in our home, participate in our rituals, and share his vast knowledge with us in both instruction and practical exercises. Many examples will be given throughout this process based upon my actual clinical work as a sex therapist and educator during the past seventeen years, but that work would have been much less successful had it not been for knowing Alan.


In the following pages, we will give detailed coverage of three separate processes. The first will be the process of Tantric Sexual Healing which frees both women and men from the bondage that has been placed upon them by the patriarchal culture that has ruled most of the earth for the past six-thousand years, and will be given for both gay and heterosexual couples, and both women and men. This process involves the use of mudras, breath-work and sexual stimulation and manipulation without intercourse. It is labor intensive for the therapist, and very stimulating and pleasurable for the client. And, it heals the negative traits associated with each of the Chakras. As we go through life, and experience various traumas, we may say that we forgive those who may have been involved in the incidents, but every reminder carries an emotional charge with it. This process will not erase your memories, but it will erase the negative emotional charge associated with it bringing healing thereby.


The second process will cover the first of two tantric empowerment processes which again uses the mudras, breath-work and sexual stimulation process except that this time we will be working to empower the positive qualities of the chakras while following the paths known in “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” as the “Path of the Sages” and the “Path of the Mother”. This process brings the recipient into a condition of complete spiritual and sexual empowerment. And, for women, frees their ability to have an unlimited number of powerful orgasms which lead to even greater personal power and enlightenment.


The third process uses two ancient spiritual tools known as the Phurba and the Dorje to empower the client to enter into the most powerful form of sexual healing that has ever been known on the earth. This tradition was originally taught in ancient Sumeria and then spread throughout the Middle East and Asia before finally arriving in Tibet and Nepal 60,000 years ago. The end result brings into being sexual healing practitioners who, through the medium of sexual intercourse can bring healing that is spiritual, mental/emotional and physical all at the same time. All true healing takes place within the person who is suffering the disease condition. The healer is simply a channel for the extra healing energies that are needed, and in this case, provides the greatest gift possible in any healing process. This gift is known as “The Service of the Heart”, and it not only works for the person receiving the energies directly, but also for up to one-hundred and ten-thousand other souls indirectly. All of this will be explained in detail including the use of the ritual dagger (Phurba) and the spiritual thunderbolt (Dorje).


An additional part of this training will be on the use of herbs, acupressure and other therapies to combat sexually transmittable diseases and prevent pregnancy. To begin with this process, eat at least two handfuls of green grapes daily as they are the single best defense against all sexually transmittable diseases. Other more specific remedies will be covered for each of the known STDs. For the purpose of contraception (avoiding unwanted pregnancies) women should drink a cup of pennyroyal tea prior to any sexual activity, and then have another afterward as well as douche with some prior to bathing. Both American and European Pennyroyal prevents the fertilization of eggs in the uterus, and makes it very highly unlikely that a fertilized egg can adhere to the wall of the uterus. It also helps to abort current pregnancies so be careful how you use it!


While it is much more preferable for a person to go through the training and empowerment directly, that is not always possible due to the great distance the practitioner may be from the client. Therefore, we will also provide a detailed list of resources concerning tantric training in the appendix. Some of these, with one missing variation, cover the Tantric Healing Process in their training. By applying what you learn here with their materials you will be well upon the way to becoming able to provide this service to both your loved ones and to others who are in need. As there are currently only three people in the United States who are qualified to empower “The Service of the Heart” you can contact me for that work, and we will find a way to make it happen for you.


The women of power who were systematically hunted down and murdered by the Roman Catholic Church’s un-Holy Office of the Inquisition were these women who were able to heal in so many wonderful ways, and the ones they feared the most were those who engaged in sexual forms of healing that led the recipient into true empowerment and spiritual freedom. There were relatively few men engaged openly in this work so less is known of their fate, but many of them were tortured and burned at the stake as well.


Many of these people were Priestesses of Isis, Druids, the Priests of Poseidon, and the various cults of Temple Prostitutes. Until the evil brought forth by fundamentalist religion, being a Temple Prostitute was an honored profession. While a whore simply provided sex for money, a Temple Prostitute engaged in sex for spiritual enlightenment and healing. Either she, or he, was given a donation afterwards for the care of the temple and the livelihood of those who served therein. It was both the Catholic Church and Islam who changed the belief, by force and terror, that a prostitute is a whore. The day is soon coming when this position of honor will be restored, and the evil of fundamentalist religion will be no more.


This manual is a part of that restoration process. Simply put, I do the activities that I am writing about, and so can you. The healing and empowerment that I see in people is reason enough to do this work in spite of any names that other people may care to call me. The change in people’s lives will get you more business than you can handle, and it will get you more friends than you will ever know what to do with.


Chapter 2: The Tantric Healing Process –


There is no way around the fact that this process is hard work for the therapist. Good aerobic exercise, and some weight training for your arms and shoulders, is a must for the therapist. There are some products that help with this process, and if you are interested in making this easier, then call me at 918-706-8171. I’ll share this with you. Once you have an exercise program in process then get on with the rest of this information as it will get easier as you go.


The next step is to understand how this process works, and why it does. As people go through life they experience many forms of trauma. In the culture of the United States of America, much of that stress and trauma is sexual. Sex is treated as being dirty and evil, and yet sex is used to sell everything including interest in the very churches that condemn it. Patriarchy has damaged so many people, both male and female, and everyone needs some degree of healing. Men are steeped in fear, and women are treated as objects of pleasure rather than as people with feelings, hopes and dreams. Since most of the damage has been done by men to women, we are going to cover the Tantric Healing Process for women first, and the men who provide this healing will get much of their own in the process. And, since spiritual law works the way it does, the ten-thousand women closest to the woman receiving it will receive some great measure of healing as well. This is an important part of the process for you to remember later on.


Here are the basic mechanics of a tantric massage, and how it affects a woman. Essentially, this is a form of sexual foreplay that is intended to both set your partner at ease and excite her sexually. Foreplay has the ability to make her feel loved and pampered. Unfortunately, most men don’t know how to do it well so we will put it in writing here, and demonstrate it on the series of DVDs that you have received with this book. Please do not watch the DVDs first, but read the book, and then watch each DVD as you are instructed to do. This will make the process easier for you to learn.


The first part of the tantric massage has to do with the setting in which it is happening. Soft lights, candles, incense and a clean space are a good start. Bathing before hand is also good, and bathing the lady receiving your attentions can be a very sensual experience for her as well. Add bath oils and pleasant scents to the water, allow her to soak awhile, and then gently wash her body and her hair for her. Dry her tenderly afterwards, and then leave her to finish while you make your final preparations and turn on some sensual music for the massage portion of this process.


When your lady comes out, then give her a few ounces of some pleasant non-alcoholic drink, such as Damiana Tea, and then sit Indian style on the floor, and help her sit face to face with you with her legs around your body. Place your right hand on the small of her back and your left hand over her heart, and ask her to place her hands in the same positions on your body. Her pubic mound should be over your penis, but there absolutely must not be any penetration. Ask the Chohan of the Second Ray, Master Kuthumi, to give both of you the Kundalini Fire Meditation. (This will cause a band of heat energy to start at the sacrum, at the base of the spine, and it will slowly work up the body and out the top of the head. This process usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes, and it cleanses and empowers the Chakras of the body. You should continue this initial part of the process while this is going on.)Then, while looking into her eyes, pledge yourself to do all that you can to treat her with love, tenderness and respect, and to help her lovingly through this healing process. Then, she makes a similar pledge to receive this gift that you are giving her, and to share that healing with you and anyone else capable of receiving it. This brings into play a universal spiritual law known as the Law of Correspondence.


Having made your pledges, begin by lightly kissing each other. Explore the lips by kissing, nibbling and sucking on them with the understanding that there are eight specific areas which have their own distinct flavor and sensation. Be careful to note any place that pleasures her the most, and also make note of the most pleasurable places on her body that you touch and kiss later on. These are her erogenous zones. By bending her head forward and to the side, you should be able to reach the area just behind her ears and below them with your lips. By kissing and lightly sucking on these areas, it is almost guaranteed that she will moan or purr with pleasure, and she may even have her first small orgasm. Other such general areas will be covered as we go.


Next, while continuing to kiss her, begin lightly touching and stroking her body. Do NOT begin by grabbing and squeezing her breasts! In fact, touch every part of her that you can before you even begin to venture close to her breasts, and leave her vaginal area alone. Then, when you do approach the breasts, do so indirectly. Lightly brush the sides of the breasts with your hands and finger tips. Then begin lightly tracing circles, spirals and figure eights around them, beginning as far away from the nipples as possible, and working your way in – slowly – until you are lightly brushing against the edges of the aureoles while not actually touching the nipples. This is guaranteed to drive her just a little bit crazy with desire, and it often results in some more orgasms. If it doesn’t then be patient as it will happen soon enough.


A possible problem for the breast work is if she has had breast enlargement surgery as this often results in the severing of the nerves connecting the breasts with the clitoris. If this is the case then you will either see or feel scarring underneath her breasts. The lack of sensation may become irritating to her as she was likely not told this would happen and remembers what sexual stimulation felt like prior to the surgery that was very likely pressed upon her by some calloused and insensitive man. If this happens, then return to caressing her body and kissing her until the irritation has passed.


The next step in this process is determined by either of two events: either she has become sufficiently aroused that she is obviously ready to move on to other activities, or you have become sufficiently aroused that you must separate from her so as not to ejaculate. When either one or both has happened, then either help her onto a massage table, or lay her down on a pallet on the floor or a bed, whichever you have been on. This is when the actual massage process will begin.


Chapter 3: Preparing The Massage Area –

Before the woman receiving the healing comes out from her bath, prepare the pallet, bed or massage table space in some creative ways. Lighting candles, essential oil diffusers and incense is always good, but not with types that are irritating. You can avoid this by spending some time talking about this process with her beforehand. If she does not know what scents please her the most then light some with her, and see how you both react. Even though you want scents that please her, it is also not good to be burning something that you are allergic to as you will not have the luxury of stopping to blow your nose along the way, and you must be able to breathe freely to do what is needed during the main part of the session. Give her some Damiana tea to drink at every opportunity while in the planning stages, and consider giving some to her for the few ounces of drink immediately prior to each session. She should also drink it daily between sessions. Damiana is a very pleasant aphrodisiac herbal tea. The man should be drinking Horny Goat Weed Tea as it does exactly what its name implies.


Here are some other herbal aphrodisiacs for your consideration. Some of them are good in food and drinks as well as in the other mediums of delivery we have covered before. We will cover this list in a way that will share the essence and value of each one, briefly, but let’s begin with a lost part of the equation so often seen in western culture – the proposal of marriage. Here is how it often goes: The man brings the woman red roses, and lets her enjoy the scent and beauty in this expression of love. Then, he shows her a diamond ring, and he asks her to marry him.


Understanding the chemical response here is of vital importance: The scent of rose enhances mental clarity in non-social settings, but heightens sexual lust in the presence of the preferred sex for romantic involvement. The color red stands for both love and passion and the diamond heightens the dominant emotions the person is feeling. This will often result in a favorable response in the heat of the moment that may or may not carry over later on. What is now seen as tradition was originally seen as a means of a man gaining, as it were, an unfair advantage over the woman due to this understanding of how this aphrodisiac combination works. And, whether it is done with or without this knowledge, it still works today.


So, here is my favorite list of aphrodisiacs: and you already know why my first, and most favorite, is the scent and sight of roses with its slightly heady scent of sweetness and cloves. Lay your lady down in a bed of rose petals and she will never forget you. Vanilla works the same as roses, but has a heavier scent and energy. And, while rose works best for women, vanilla works best for men. Whether used in food or drinks, candles, oils, incense or as a cologne, the results are usually pleasing.  Passion Fruit flower stimulates the senses, increases the libido and cleanses the aura of negative energy. Benzoin is warming to the body, and smells much like vanilla. Cardamom is spicy with a fragrance suggestive of the deep woods in springtime. Cinnamon is dry, musky, sharp and sweet, and helps the body to properly use both insulin and glucose in the blood. Jasmine has sweet and musky scents and makes a very pleasant tea, and Sandalwood is warming to both the body and soul, purges negative energy from the aura and brings in positive energy, protects and yet excites the sexual senses.


Still other aphrodisiacs are such herbs as roasted Maca Root which stimulates the endocrine system in general, Quince is used by an Aztec medicine woman I know, and her husband is a very happy man. Both Muira Puama and Yohimbe help increase libido, sexual arousal and overcome erectile dysfunction in men. The same is true for Ambergris which is a substance produced in the lower intestines of the sperm whale. European Mandrake Root and Fruits lowers inhibitions and so should be used for those who fear sex, and by all sexual healers. The same is true of Spanish Fly. Oysters increase the amount of testosterone available to men and is often a favorite aphrodisiac for bi-sexual women.


Other aphrodisiacs are such herbs as Clary Sage, Myrrh, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, Melissa, Neroli, Nutmeg, Poppy seed, Palmarosa, Sweet Almond Oil, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Wolfberry and Ylang Ylang. Experiment with them all, and find the ones that work for you and your partner.


As many massage oils have a sweet almond oil base, there are many massage therapists who wind up in sexual activities with their clients and wondering why it happened. Some of them may get a clue from this book. Either they can change carrier oils to something like grape seed oil, olive oil or sesame oil, or they can choose to live on the edge and continue using sweet almond oil. Considering the work that I do, I always use a base oil containing sweet almond.


Having determined a few items of interest in your setting, lets move on to the actual massage. Be certain to have several ounces of massage oil on hand of a scent or combination of scents that appeal to your lady. Either you can buy some that are premixed, or you can make your own by adding up to eight drops of any combination of essential oils per ounce of sweet almond oil.


Begin this first massage process in a slightly different way than is normally done. Lay her face down on the pallet or bed and, beginning at her head, kiss every part of her that you can covering her face, hair and neck, her arms and hands, her back, buttocks legs, and feet. Then, help her turn over, and repeat the process until you get to the legs. Here you will cover one leg on the way down, and then the other leg on the way up with your head and body between her legs. When you approach the pubic area then ask for her permission to enter her Sacred Space. When she gives you her permission then do so by lightly kissing and licking the vaginal area, and gently sucking on the clitoris which will become slightly engorged with blood and easy to locate near the forward portion of the vaginal cleft. Rather than working directly on the clitoris, either heavily or for long periods, spend more time slowly and gently licking around the edges of it as then will drive her wild with pleasure!


You will know when it is time to move on when, once again, either of two things will happen. Either she will be ready for something else and say so in some way, or – due to a lack of exercise in this way with your tongue – it will begin to become painful for you to continue, and you will think it is likely to fall off and flop around screaming in pain on the bed. When either of these happens then it is time to move on.


Move to her right side, and take some oil into your hands. Rub your hands together to warm it, and then gently caress her body as you spread it over her shoulders and breasts using circular motions. Then spread it over her abdomen, both across it and in circular patterns, kneading the muscles a bit more firmly. Follow this by generously oiling the pelvic and vaginal area, spending some time gently stroking the vaginal cleft and working around the clitoris.


This completes the first session’s massage process. We will cover the massage process for the remaining sessions before moving on. After this coverage, it will be time for you to watch the first video. However, I have no doubt that your Lover will be most happy to have you “practice’ this first session regularly and often!


Each of the subsequent massage sessions will start with a general relaxing sensual massage. Begin at the head with a scalp massage.