This is one of the strongest energy light that you can absorb from the cosmos.

 An energy grid of the water crystal and a matrix for transmutation of both etheric and physical bodies through the fluid flow of nature due to absorbing star light energy. The icosa geometry is one of the major grid formations of the earth's energy-wave crystals. It's free-movement synthesis with the tides of life that permeate every living form of source-bonding. It is the realm of unknown connection and response to the basis of its origin. Origin of life. It is to perpetuate its original source- it is very mutable with source-based flow, and in this way, develops its fluid and conductive states of perpetuation of eternity.


This star diamond makes equal energy of your soul, your blissful soul. It is the ever changing and perpetuation of the infinitive energy and ever shining soul star to absorb star light.

This is the interchanging of soul and body energy pattern. It is always moving forward to new realities and dimensions of the spirit. From earth star base to the cosmic star.

Here you have an ultimate attunement to the spirit so to speak. It is ever expanding and sustaining by the life forces.