The practice begins by visualizing the body's energy channels, winds, drops, and chakras. Inner heat, generated through specific breath-holding exercises, helps vital winds enter the central channel, leading to blissful experiences. The practice also involves focusing on seed syllables at the chakras and combining them with meditation on emptiness. Over time, practitioners meaning to master this process, achieving heightened states of clarity, inner heat, and bliss.

Scientific studies have explored the effects of tummo, demonstrating prominent increases in body temperature, metabolism, and thermal power production among expert meditators.


Through TUMMO REIKI, a brand-new understanding emerges. A unique way of being emerges. This dynamic shift allows one to co-create with others in many unlimited diverse and positive ways in service of one’s true nature connected with ones Dharma, purpose.


These powerful energies transmute the human limitations and dysfunctions in one’s life and the society at large. TUMMO REIKI creates a new human, whom I also call the ‘RAINBOW TUMMO’. It defines one’s roles in life. And from this definition, one gets to serve humanity in its highest and best way.


Uses and benefits like REIKI and TUMMO


Some of the notable effects of this practice include:


Improved Circulation: Improves blood flow, helping the efficient distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Stress reduction: The practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

Improved immune function: The increase in body temperature can stimulate the immune system and enhance its defense mechanisms.

Mind-body connection: Encourages a deep connection between mind and body, enhancing mindfulness and self-awareness.

Practicing TUMMO REIKI requires dedication and perseverance, but the process is simple. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:


Find a quiet space: Choose a calm, quiet environment for your practice, free of distractions.

Sit comfortably: Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed, spine straight, and shoulders relaxed.

Deep breathing: Inhale deeply through your nose, expanding your abdomen as you fill your lungs.

Visualization: As you slowly exhale, visualize a warm, radiant light or flames spreading throughout your body.

Concentration and repetition: Maintain concentration on the visualization as you continue the breathing cycle for several minutes.

Gradual Progression: Over time, gradually increase the duration of the practice and the intensity of the visualization.




After the attunements and empowerments

intention is all you need to activate the energies.

Practice is to be upgrading.