When you are channeling high frequencies of light-love-wisdom energy, you have direct contact with the source. This source is in a specific frequency of quantity and quality of energy. The way you transmit is unique and it is determent by your DNA activation of cosmic-earthy light. When you feel guided to send a transmission of channeled energy to others the energy has an amount and characteristics of manifestation in this physical plane. So if you decided to give it for free of charge or charge a quantity of money, your channeled energy has a value that makes variations. It makes deviations if you allow to long transmission of linages, it changes if you set a lesser value, lesser cost of money, lesser time of transmission, lesser time of practice and so on. I know that sometimes it is difficult to give material value to spiritual energies, but when you do it you allow it to manifest them in physical plane, if you don´t the energy goes like a cloud. Always focus on your heart intention and for the highest good and the spiritual and healing energy will do the best in giving and receiving. Though consider the energy be accessible to anyone interested and in need. Otherwise the value of energy it will turned futile. Your time dedicated on earth to the practice and channeling it has not value in spiritual plane, but on earth is unique and priceless. Value your light work and others. Set and sustain a monetary or physical approach of it. You can make the difference with your spiritual work for the uppermost worthy.