Pranyons are the life force energy compose of photon, phonon and orgon energy and goes to the primordial source of energy or the fohat.

You can make devices by intention and set the characteristics you want to run.

Rods of Ra incorporate the ancient geometrical equation of the "Golden Section" or "Golden Mean". This sacred geometric ratio seems to have a beneficial effect on living organisms, which is not surprising given the fact that all growth in nature seems to follow this amazing and beautiful pattern of regeneration. The resulting number, 1.6180339... is incorporated into the Rods of Ra.


With this empowerment you can activate any object like orgonite but more powerful and effective in time and healing.

More powerful results give the impression to be attained by using the Rods of Ra for ten or fifteen minutes in a standing position, with the left foot forward, bare feet in contact with the earth, facing the sun at both sunrise and sunset. The positive effect seems to be amplified when the body is properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Also, the benefits seem to be enhanced by adding a small amount of Himalayan salt to the drinking water which appears to increase the electrical conductivity of the body.


Here you activate the pranyons energy in your dna, for healing, repairing, channeling, meditation, you activate your body like an antenna of light force energy.


It amplifies and concentrates the energy life force easily. You can imagine being inside an etheric pyramid or anyone else for regeneration as long as you want. You can have a pyramid object and energize it with this

You can make elixir with these empowerments, like flower therapy and more, just set the intention with the energies you want to set.

You can charge the fire, water, earth, wind and aether elements with these properties. Pranyons have amazing and wonderful properties.

It is a manual for very advanced energy Practitioners

There is No master level


I hope you find it useful

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Ramón Martínez López