These amazing energies updating kundalini energies. New earth kundalini energies. Really outstanding.


If you are a kundalini practitioner of any kind this easy workshop is a must.


You will feel it from the first time. Transcendental blissful.


This energy moves up through our system, igniting and spinning each chakra as it goes. Activating our Kundalini energy is said to shift us forward in life and get us moving along our spiritual path - it allows us to work from our spiritual center, rather than the egoic mind.

Moving like the winds of Pegasus Algenib star like caduceus.

Activating your new frequencies of DNA.


These amazing energies updating kundalini energies, help us to instill a sense of "magic", and are made of universal awareness, these possess an ability to instill a sense of wonder in the world around us. Helping us see old situations with new eyes.

The sides of the winds are also representing the five elements, earth, fire, water, air, and vital essence. These are amongst the gentlest yet powerful kundalini that you can use for healing, as they have a beautiful, sweet nurturing energy.

Palladium produces wide spectrum of color, white light of healing and perfection being dispersed into the individual rays of the grayest energies; this dispersion facilitates the use of the palladium on all chakras and cellular level. Palladium crystals

affects the ability to transfer energy from one subtle body to another. Algenib can significantly speed up healing by directly stimulating imaginative conception as well as other forms of therapy.