Jesus Learns Art Of Sangoma



It has been said Jesus was not educated though he was strikingly sharp, wise, and knowledgeable. The truth is, Jesus underwent both formal and informal education. He did formal education at Qumran and not in a formal rabbinical school of the day.

The Essenes had a virtual continuous education process that ran practically all the way to age 30. The initial phase commenced at age 13 through age 18. It was segmented into elementary school at ages 13 and 14; middle elementary school at age 15; higher elementary school at age 16 and 17; and monastic education at age 18. The second phase began at age 24 and ended at age 27, the graduation age in respect of general academia.  At age 28 commenced priestly education, which ended at age 30, when the highest grade was attained. What exactly did the Essenes teach in their exclusive academies in the Judean wilderness?

Evidently, the subjects must have included mathematics, numerology, astrology, astronomy, philosophy, Gnosticism, spirituality and natural as well as spiritual healing. We know the Essenes studied the stars and the planets because the signs of the Zodiac constitute part and parcel of the Dead Sea texts. 


Everything the Essenes did had to conform to mathematical propriety, ranging from the numerical equivalent of their titles to the distances between their settlements to the architecture of their Qumran temple. According to Flavius Josephus, the first century’s prima donna historian, Essenes were advocates of the famous Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (we all know what Pythagoras Theorem is, don’t we?). The Essenes were especially interested in the mathematics which governed the order of the cosmos.


Their culture was to a large extent dominated by Pythagorean thought, the influence by and large of the Magi of West Manasseh and the Egyptian Therapeutae. Josephus also records that the Essenes were practiced in the art of healing and received their therapeutic knowledge of roots and stones from the ancients. Certainly, the term Essene, an English rendering, must refer to this expertise as the Aramaic word Assaya meant physician and corresponded to the Greek word Essenoi.

In light of the above information, we now can understand why Jesus was so intellectually arresting and why he was a renowned healer and seer. This was nothing supernatural: it was not the result of his being a God-Man. It was all a learnt

endowment, acquired through a rigorous educational process. Jesus was not only a spiritual/natural healer but was an herbalist and even threw bones! If he lived in our time, we would not only call him an itinerant preacher but a fortune teller and sangoma rolled into one.


The Essenes were attuned to the angels. They developed the field of Angelology. They developed a sort of tree of life that represented fourteen positive angelic forces. They were expert Kabbalists.

Seven of the angels were of a heavenly nature: 

Heavenly Father 

Angel of Eternal Life 

Angel of Peace 

Angel of Love 

Angel of Wisdom 

Angel of Power 

Angels of Creative Work

Seven of an earthlier nature: 

Earthly Mother 

Angel of Earth 

Angel of Life 

Angel of Joy 

Angel of Sun 

Angel of Life 

Angel of Air



The Melchizedekian Grids