From ancient times mystic shamanism has been practice all around the world. Though in Java Island there were equalizing properties that makes the channeling outstanding and can be access nowadays in anywhere.

This ray goes beyond time and space and it is not influence by your thoughts, believes and electromagnetic fields or collective consciousness.


It can be used in any situations

It is very use full in black magic, psychic attacks, negative thought patterns, negative entities

Very powerful protection, fulfilling desires, it attracts the abundance of the universe.

It protects your aura and light vortex against vampire channeling of information.

It is a high love energy vibration to be use in any situation, person or place that it requires it.

It has crystalline properties for your aura earth grounding

It is a ray of bluish color

It is a ray of rhythm for your live. When you channel energies of high frequencies there is a gap between your light being and your electromagnetic body and takes time to adjust. So you can make your be present on earth with the cosmic rhythms an easy flow.

It is a ray very compassionate and makes a deniable influence in people with a lack of empathy.


It is a ray that can transform any quality of the quantum field that surrounds you.