Dolphin Samadhi tm 


Are you ready to choose love?


Crystal dolphin tugtupite samadhi.

It balance your emotions, harmony, happiness, kidneys, adrenals, heart and 3rd eye to receive wisdom from dolphins.



Use it for groundind, emf balancing and protection.


The Reality of Focusing not being in the past or future. It means that in contemplation, there is an opening for what you’re seeking is the source of all power. The power of bring present, then the light of the soul is manifested.


Dolphin samadhi being 


The power of fluidity 

Fluidity makes life, as makes love, as makes creation, as makes playing, as makes miracles.


Dolphin samadhi fluidity


To unlock and release your life force.

The Importance of Energy in the Body

One of the secrets of it, is that they begin to train that the iron on your body that is holding your energy has to be purified. And that iron, that gives to your body that makes your blood to be red is because of the iron. It is not from earth; it is from heavens to be found on earth.

It is a very holy metal, I put that metal within the body to be purified, by all these practices that metal to be purified. That metal contains and carries the energy, that when you begin to develop yourself and you have purified your blood, purify yourself, bring good characteristics, you begin to keep the dress and the light of the energy.

If your iron is not corrected and not cleaned and you’re not using from your soul, this energy dresses goes.

Soul is the container of light. bring that light, it begins to magnetize the iron within your body. And once you magnetize the iron, it becomes excessive positive. When it becomes excessive positive, the emanation and the energy that is emanating from you becomes magnetic- means it is able to attract other people. The energy that they’re similar and complementary, the energy that their souls are, they feel attracted to a particular individual. 

It is very important to have the inner self and the outer self in harmony. A person’s outgoing behavior must match their inner reality. In this case, they will continue to struggle. When someone tries to disguise the disparity between their inner and outer realities, they make their outer self-demeanor appear noble to others.