The mantras used in this system carry the essence of Javanese Shamanism and Tantric Shamanism, and are useful for personal use, remote healing other people, personal protection.



“Mantras are sounds that comes from the divine and a way to integrate our divine power back again”




·        Psychic Protection

·        Black Magic Protection

·        Purifies Your Aura

·        Purifies Your Intentions In Order To Gain Clarity

·        Clearing Of Your Higher Heart Chakra To Purify Your Soul

·        Golden Light In Fire Purifies Everything; Places, Objects, Mental Body, Emotional, Physical Body

·        Use Of Your Internal Force, Inner Power Plus Universal Power Of Light. You Can Dissolve Obstacles, Emotional Blockages, Freedom Of Illusory Limitations Do To False Believing

·        Fiendish Forces Extinguish

·        Wealth

·        This Light Push You Forward In Your Life Path.