Phoenix-Dragon Heart of ALSHATHI

by Ramon Martinez Lopez -

High Heart Mind Connection Empowerments - Balances Spiritual Mind/Spiritual Heart and more

Phoenix-dragon heart of ALshatHi by Ramon Martinez Lopez

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

higher heart mind connection empowerments

The highest mind is made of cosmic love

This system balances the connection between your spiritual mind and spiritual heart through cosmic love and integrates and transforms the energies in your physical, earthy, ethereal bodies.


ALshatHiah is about transfiguring

and a path

to ascension- descension. It is a new energy healing

program which was channelled for more

spiritually advanced beings to heal and reconnect

the human Body, Soul and Spirit with cosmic love.

These loving and awakened souls may,

from time to time, assist ALshatHiah initiates

during their healings.

Change your thoughts and believes system negative pattern with cosmic love and create new realities.



like reiki



You can use this manual freely. You can use the contents guided by the highest good to do your own manuals for attunements, teaching, healing, writing...

This energy is about spiritual emolument of healing it is not about business or commerce by itself. It is even Though you can charge a reasonable price for it.

The copyright material it is a formal process here, thought you can use it freely. So develop your creativity. Alshathi is about to develop the cosmic energies which are infinitively inspiring and healing for sentient beings. If service is your path this manual is for you. This is the alshathi initates into the wisdom of uncertainty.

These spiritual attunements shouldn´t be restricted by copyright or material costs of production-creation.

The success of spiritual energies can´t never be limited by your personal interests.