Essential to any healer

Maha meridian-Photon meridian©


An ultimate healing system with new energies

These energies work very well to balance ying-yang energies in your body, mind, spirit and soul.

To balance excess or deplete of energy in your etheric web, organs or biological systems and the connection to spirit and soul.

Use then all the attunements or separate and use your palms or fore finger and index finger of your right hand. The intention is what makes it works.


Example of use:

Dragon meridians


Photon platinum


This can clean and cleans your meridians and chakras.

Reinforce the Platinum-Aurum-Palladium in your physical, emotional, mental planes with your soul and glands

Expands the unconditional love, of your cells, earth and cosmic full spectrum of consciousness.

Makes the consciousness of all creation in your cells and the cells of the cosmos like one. It works in diamond frequency, the newest frequencies that are affecting the earth from cosmic fire rays, it also cleans your DNA.


It is very powerful and shields your aura and incarnations energies.


More than 10 attunements.