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(Methylene blue, rest of the text) is characteristic for its dark blue energy.

Since being used as a healing ray, spiritual in nature, a lot has happened, since light beings from ORION AND SIRIUS let the METHYLENE BLUE energy flow to the earth for healing.



Methylene blue has benefits for:


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)




Urinary tract infections

Cyanide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Against bacteria

And more.

Notice that methylene blue was seen to have antifungal and antiparasitic properties and antimicrobial. Methylene blue can improve learning, memory and be neuroprotective.

And Increases energy.

It does this by acting on the mitochondria of our cells so that it creates more ATP.

Let's remember that ATP is our body's energy money. It is found in the cells of all living things.

It is the currency that our body uses when it wants to use energy.

In other words, your body pays with ATP to make use of energy. Without ATP you have no energy.

It's like wanting to pay rent but not having the money to do it.

This ATP is responsible for all the body's energy processes, from our ability to think, act, move, or speak, to our digestion and heartbeat.

ATP is the energy that gives us life.

It is normal then that having more ATP is healthy for absolutely all the cells we have (healthy or less healthy cells).

Our mitochondria (the nuclear powerhouses of cells) create ATP from the food we eat through a process called the Electron Transport Chain.

Well, it turns out that our beloved methylene blue stimulates this process by donating electrons.

Healthier mitochondria

Which is related to the opposite. That is, a lack of ATP due to dysfunctional mitochondria, which is precisely what is in such abundance (unfortunately) today.

It really looks like the lack of mitochondrial health is where the key to everything lies.

Methylene blue then assists in correcting this mitochondrial function by going directly to the restoration of how the mitochondria replenish its energies by creating new ATP.


 Our food, our life, everything that matters to us, are electrons. We are electrical beings.


More energy is not better, so methylene blue is concentrated in the tissue that has more mitochondria.

What quantity of energy to take of methylene blue

A 10 minutes per day is enough to boost health.

It is one of the most effective photosensitizers thanks to the dark blue ray.

Well, healers combined it with other energies in good effect.

Methylene blue assists Serotonin its normal production.

Methylene blue destroys dark and dense energies that block your natural and sovereign flow of energies.


Methylene blue even restores abundance of energy and your material world for manifestation, even in financial issues.