inten ora bisa dibentuknath shiva


is energy which is centered in the Anahata Chakra. This energy is able  to restore or activate the actual and natural ability of human as a Co-Creator; it’s restores  and activates natural ability of humans to create and manifesting all the things they have in  their soul.  After obtaining the activation, inten ora bisa dibentuknath shiva will work automatically and  continuously in the practitioners’ body as a protector, and working in all the things done by  practitioners in daily life. Such as healing, business, career, love and other relationships.  


Inten, diamond, ora bisa dibentuknath, indestructible, shiva activation will be activated and drop the energy from Anahata Chakra to the Soul. Thus, the  capacity of inten ora bisa dibentuknath shiva  in manifesting all of the things are very strong and very fast. In the extreme way inten ora bisa dibentuk shiva has the ability to  manifest without any restriction, even limit of time and space constraints. And it is certain back to be a human nature as Co-Creator (at least for them self), physically,  as well as they mind and consciousness.  


It is a rainbow gold diamond energy, updated to the crystalline energy network, which is currently flowing from source, to acelerate soul connection. This energy is for advance cocreators with the light.