Khodam Lawe's science is one of the spiritual works I created through a set of rituals and rituals that took a long time to get good results. This science is a screening of the traditional healing sciences that I pack in such a way that it is easier to be learned and practiced by anyone.

The law of Khodam Lawe has a function for healing for those who practice it. By studying this Khodam Science, the person will be more resistant to various diseases in the surrounding environment. In addition, this science can also be used to help others.

Ilmu Lawe is a type of Javanese supernatural healing system similar to that of the Japanese Reiki. As with any other Reiki system, Ilmu Lawe can also heal over a long distance.  This type of knowledge was once mastered by traditional healers in villages and it is simple because the only required item is a half meter long rope coupled with related prayer recitations according to various traditions.

By studying the law of Lawe khodam, the healing energy that is around you will gather and form as a shield that will protect you from the various illnesses in you

To melt the mental illness caused by Stress prolonged

The positive energy that it produces in you is able to change your view in overcoming all the existing problems with a better point of view

Able to improve the spirit in doing various jobs

Your life is more meaningful

His white energy beam will absorb and break down various heart diseases that you have and others

Can guide you to a good road

Improves brain performance in order to be more competitive

Cure the mental and physical illness you have gradually in keeping with the business you are doing

By starting to diminish the negative energy in you, your life will be more beautiful, calm without being covered with fear.

His spiritual energy will go into the core of the cause of the physical illness you have and bind his negative energy gradually according to the beliefs you have

Cure your physical illness that you have gradually in line with your desired childbirth

By starting to diminish the negative energy in you, your life will be more beautiful, calm without being covered with fear and guilt.

The positive energy outburst will help you to relieve stress that is prolonged causing you to be infected with various diseases

Drive you to always think positive in life

Slowly it will thwart your illness for years without any effeciency according to the beliefs you have about your healing.

And there are still many other benefits I cannot mention a single point after being able to master the science of Khodam Lawe. Of course, as a science, the science will become more powerful when it is often used and in teaching.


Terms and Conditions, You Must Meet as a Healer with Laws:

Encourage yourself to be a healer of anyone who asks for help without distinction.

Well-behaved, friendly, polite, and in-depth contact with clients who come to your place for help.

Avoid healing with bad intentions. For example, asking for improper rewards.

Straighten your intentions to be responsible and consistent healers.

Avoid utilizing the client or patient you are healing.

Intend from the heart to help clients who come to you, without thinking about their rewards. Even though you have installed pre-healing rates.

Obey your clients with your willingness and seek always the healing energy of God.

Help people who just want to be cured. Not those who just want to try. If possible, inquire about the firmness of the client that you will heal. If still in doubt, do not heal, and ask for another healer. But if you have, please help them.

Focus on your healing. Avoid first thoughts that are still in your life. This causes less energy transfer to the client.

Try to keep in touch with the patient (client) as soon as possible to cure. Except in urgent circumstances.

Help your clients wholeheartedly. Avoid helping with half. Because the result is not maximal.

Remember!! Always transfer protection energy before you quit healing.

These are some of the conditions and goals that you must hold in practicing Lawe Science as the oldest healing science among other healing sciences.


If there is still a doubt in you,


I recommend not to be forced to learn the Lawe's Law for healing.


and unique empowerment to:


the 5 uncontrollable spirits are a group of spirits of untimely death.


Traditionally, a person should be given permission by his/her master if he/she wishes to obtain these 5 uncontrollable spirits. But now-a-day, people would just simply call upon these spirits at will.


The 5 uncontrollable spirits are said to be the most powerful spirit helpers out there and they can do many things other deities cannot do.