As the Rays are anchored in and through the Earth, they are reflected into and through the Great Central Sun at the central core of the Earth, and therefore affect every particle of life in and on the Earth. They flow in a pattern or lattice that we recognize as the sign of infinity or through magnetic polarity between Great Central Sun and our Galactic Sun.


Each of our cells has the capacity to reflect these Rays of consciousness, as a prism of crystal refracts the Light of God, or what some would see as the Light of the Sun, into different colors. Human anatomy, being crystalline based, has the ability to reflect and refract Light. This Light can be controlled and transformed into awareness or consciousness through the brain/mind of a Human in rainbow colors.


This ray is the origin of all the grids systems, and it is related to axiatonal lines, galactic axiatonal lines, sen lines, ley lines and more.


It is essential in any etheric grid, sacred geometry and dimensional energies.


It balances your electromagnetic field.


Goes closer to your light source origin.


It connects in a better way your soul-body-mind interaction.


Opens new quantum fields and healing touch.


It is very protective.


It can be combined with other energies or rays.