Psilocybin molecule picture


It enhances mystical experiences were marked by a sense of profound connectedness, along with feelings of joy, reverence and peace. Good for depression.


Psilocybin allows to transcend your ways of thinking about the world, creativity and intellectual activity is increased.


Psilocybin acts in the parietal brain and makes mystic experiences.


This empowerment function on your etheric body and has no chemical side effects.


Psilocybin affects the central nervous system by normal interaction of nerve cells and the functioning of the neurotransmitter serotonin, to which it is structurally similar. The effects are produced by etheric psilocybin and psilocin.


Physical effects may or may not include:


Muscle relaxation.

Increased heart rate.

Sweating followed by chills and shivering.

Feelings of physical heaviness or lightness and feelings of floating.

Electric currents.

Ecstasies by touch.


Psychological effects include:


Heightened sensory experiences and perceptual, brighter colors, sharper visual definition, increased hearing acuity, more distinguished taste

Auditory, tactile, and visual acuity

Difficulty focusing, maintaining attention, concentrating, and thinking

Non-judgmental and loosen preoccupation

Sense of detachment from body and surroundings and loss of boundaries between the two

Enhance perception of space and time

No past no future experiences just with present experience

Feelings of unity with the environment

Feelings of involvement with intense spiritual experiences.