This is a "must to do" workshop, to swift your entire vibration

“May be purity upon earth”

This unicorn with winds represents the new era of Pegasus, where actually we are. There is a lot of saying about Aquarius era, but we are in a period of change that still remains about 800 hundred years which is the Pegasus era.

It is a transitional era to swift our planet earth into higher vibrational awareness. Here we have changes in our perception of reality, kundalini spontaneous raising, emotional releases of the old believe system. There are coming new dimensions of love connection in time and space and much more.

The thought patterns and memories, that are part of the human psyche or consciousness that eventually manifest into the physical realms are going to change quickly by the blue unicorn or winged unicorn. Spontaneous awakening or illumination experiences are going to happen in humanity.

Meditation may be an imperative nowadays to make

everything connected in perfect harmony, within and without.

Is a restoration of memory concerning who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

It is a new consciousness born of the electromagnetic fields of

Blue unicorn in the sky, and the hippocampus of the brain

which is blue unicorn  in the human body.

We should find our connection through the blue unicorn

in the brain which is the hippocampus.

That we may be in harmony as an angle of light which will

cause an arc in brain receptors to prepare us for this new time.

The Arc Angle is yours. This is the swift from human consciousness to spiritual one like angels.

The hippocampus forms part of the cerebral cortex and is found in all vertebrates. This structure has a long evolutionary history, over which some features have been conserved, such as its connection to other areas in the brain, while others have diverged such as the variation in cellular composition found across different groups of vertebrates, for example. The hippocampus plays an important role in spatial memory and navigation.