techniques, meditation and inner procedures learnt and practiced in this workshop are steps in the inner alchemy procedures.

These inner Alchemy practices are known in Tibet as Tsa-Lung-Tigle meaning Channels-Wind-Essences. This workshop pertains especially to the practice of Tigle or Essence.
We have two main alchemical Essences in our subtle body: The Water Essence and the Fire Essence.
First the practitioner learn the Water procedure.

How to work with the Fire essence is taught second and is the scope of this workshop.

Great Bliss is a procedure that use and stimulate the innate warmth of the human body into an inner sensation of pleasure coming from the lower abdomen spreading through the whole body.  Found in ancient Indian, Egypt, and Java and especially tibetan Vajrayana tantric inner alchemy, this technique opens our system up and its specialty is the release and transformation of negative emotions such as anger, resentment ad craving-desire into a deep blazing, compassionate, non-conceptual meditative state.
 8 remarkable empowerments.