We only see matter, and matter is energy that vibrates under.

The harder the material, the lower it vibrates.

This gives us the sensation of separation,

One of the others,

While the studies (and my professional experience) say,

That everything is connected by a network.

Everything is knowledge, everything is consciousness.

The problem is that on this plane we are dual:

Cold / hot, empty / full, cute / ugly,

We are always judging and in this way,

We do not perceive the particle of consciousness of which we are part.

We judge ourselves so much that we cannot see the essence that inhabits us,

And the one we really are: we are consciousness, we are energy ...

And energy is transformed ...

If we could try, even if we do not come to understand it with our rational mind,

But if we dare to inquire into ourselves,

We could understand it from our part that does not need to use the reason.

Go beyond the quantum field

You can use this system for healing yourself and others like reiki but if you try to attune to anyone the energy will dismiss. There are no master levels

and there won´t by anyone else in the planet.