Every man may have a natural solid erection if only manages unlock your mind to your body do what it should do. But our mind is - sometimes - the biggest obstacle.

Steel having a penis or a hard penis when having sex, it's something that for many men is just a dream, a utopia and is a problem that does not discriminate or age or race, nor creed. Men in their early 20s unable to have sex because your penis does not hold "on foot", there are more than many people believe.

And this is a problem that nobody talks about grief and fear of rejection that occurs. In fact it is a problem that suffers and suffers alone.

Your penis starts at your perineum area and it contains the seven chakras, like your entire body.

Karma release

It makes your rocking penis, very hard and lasting, and cleans your electromagnetic field.

Also it is very healing for women during intercourse, like a magic wand putting light into the female body.

You can add extra hormone balance and release sexual blockages of any kind

You can channel these ecstasies to your hands for transmitting and orgasmic experience.

some of the attunements

pink yang prana


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