You can start the practice with,

The Dolphin rainbow Breathing .


Releasing the blockages of love

Clearing your aura and emotional body, subconscious mind

Connection to every part of yourself and other sentient beings

Cutting the etheric cords

Sexual and loving connection strengthens

And much more


Maha rainbow dolphin kala chakra wheel of life wheel of love

Focus your attention in your navel-hara area to increase the flow of energy in your body, clearing and cleansing your emotional and physical body. This energy transcends time and space and connects with eternal flow of live and love.

“Be like water, the waters of life”

Maha rainbow dolphin tantric kala chakra

And let the energy flow

“Be the waters of ecstasy love”

Increases your soulmate connection


Up and down, high and below spirals of life, Electromagnetic balance with the loops of life.

 Empowerment to yellow platinum ray is To fully integrate physical plane this energy of light. Meditate on this too to develop your self identity with this light, and dolphin yellow pearl to

activate and balance your energy channels like meridians and chakras in you solar plexus as one.

 This new energy coming from earth and cosmos integrate the light into one. Male-female. And radiates the energy in a dynamic balance.

´The dolphin pearl´ fully align male and female energy, giving us the potential to ground within us, Divine power and spirituality of the highest order.


Let the fluidity of the energy to loosen your ego drive action and orientation.


“diamond dolphin pearl” is coming into you


All rights reserved.


Ramón Martínez López.2014


$ 350



by Ramon Martinez Lopez



Platinum contains the energies of illumination; it is penetrating and focused,pristine and light. It will reflect negative energies back to their source. It exposes the hidden and untrue, so it is a good ‘witness’ energy to use indowsing and kinesiology.


It is good to use in times of stress and stressful situations. It has also been used to bring alignment to the chakra system and facilitate Divine alignment. Its energy is incorruptible, which is why it has terrific potential forcleansing and protecting not only the human energy field but also theenvironment.


Platinum works on the endocrine system. Platinum supports the life force withinall the bodies, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. and thesurrounding auric field, allowing for a greater abundance of vital energy. Itgives a feeling of total well-being.


Platinum is used in the treatment of cancer and as a base in some of thechemotherapeutic treatments in conventional hospitals, although not in theproper (natural) form.


Platinum may be effective in killing disease- causing bacteria, fungus,viruses, and help boost the immune system.


About the crystal lotus:

Balances the physical body

Enhances your spiritual growth

Realign energy centers

Opens the heart

Emotional-mental disorders reliever

Grounding and properties of the earthcrystals

Platinum lotus crystal enhances the properties of the crystals and the light and has a high loving energy frequencydo to the dolphins.


You will receive the manual by Author and Founder Ramon Martinez Lopez, the distant attunement and a certificate


Diamond dolphin pearl empowerment, activation, templates, symbols and attunements

It activates and balance your energy channels like meridians and chakras.

It integrate the ying-yang energy into one.

The doplhin pearl are located in the back of your head, above the mouth of god chakra.


It improves your channeling skills


This new energy coming from earth and cosmos integrate the light into one. Male-female. It is an illuminated ray direct from your higher self. It unites, matter and spirit and love are one.

Experience by your self is unique in anyone and can´t be repeated by others, it depends on your spiritual development and practice.


You are attuned and empowered to be a pratyekabuddha here.

You are your own master of light. This is one of the most ancient and most illuminated energies. All the pratyekabuddhas from the past and coming in the future are here to empower you.

Diamond here means the eternity of your being

The pearl means the essence of life, love, wisdom, divine power like energy being one. It has a tantric meaning do to its integration between matter and spirit and it heals the emotional body, subconscious mind of unloving patterns of the past.

Dolphins bring us this unique ray of white platinum ray to the earth for the next coming years for a new earth of love and compassion and illumination. This is for attunements, templates, to develop your divine skills and empowerments for the rest of your present life and the coming lives.

Also dolphins brings us joy and happiness in our live, to overcome the limitations of rational survival mind to be focus in our heart energy; soul connection with unconditional love.


The 'Diamond Light of white platinum ray' takes you on a relaxing guided journey, into the heart of the Diamond, and even as you rest there, the beautiful, channeled, healing  energy wash over and through your being.

´The dolphin pearl´ fully align male and female energy, giving us the potential to ground within us, Divine power and spirituality of the highest order.

It also activates the new Diamond Light energy within us, connecting us to our Essence and flooding us with Light from the Source. The crystal energy of the diamond acts as a 'transmitter' of Divine Light, amplifying the healing power of DOLPHINS.

It is one of the strongest pranic (life force) energies available nowadays


You can use this energy for healing-protection yourself and others like reiki, but there are no masters levels. You are your own master. Though, You WILL share your experience with others.

All rights reserved.

Ramón Martínez López.2014


$ 350

Inia araguaiaensis empowerments Araguaian river dolphin by Ramon Healing Emotional Issues, Astral Body, Nerve System, Releases Past Memories, More


Inia araguaiaensis empowerments


Araguaian river dolphin

Founder: Ramon Martinez Lopez

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.


Inia spp. ranges. I. araguaiaensis is in blue at right; I. geoffrensis and I. boliviensis are light green and purple, respectively.

The Araguaian river dolphin or Araguaian boto (Inia araguaiaensis) is a South American river dolphin population whose identitification as a species was announced in 2014. It is native to the Araguaia-Tocantins basin of Brazil.



The recognition of I. araguaiaensis as a separate species was announced on January 22, 2014. It was distinguished from other members of Inia on the basis of nuclear microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA data as well as differences in skull morphology (they generally have wider skulls). It also differs from the Amazon and Bolivian river dolphins in the number of teeth per hemimandible (24–28 versus 25–29 and 31–35, respectively). It is the first new river dolphin species to be described since 1918.


Members of the genus are blue-gray to pink in color and have a body length range from 1.53 to 2.6 m (5.0 to 8.5 ft). They have a dorsal ridge rather than a fin. Their neck vertebrae are UN fused, allowing them to turn their heads sharply. Like other river dolphins, I. araguaiaensis has a prominent forehead and a much longer snout than those of most marine dolphins, as well as smaller eyes than marine dolphins. Because their aquatic environment is often turbid, their vision is not as well developed. River dolphins tend to be less active than marine dolphins. They feed mainly on fish, aided by echolocation.


This energy awakens the love from inside of yourself to expand outwards. It Helps in self-consciousness’. It helps in Knowing yourself, who you are.

Good for healing emotional issues, astral body and nerve system in general.

You can use this energy to charge water just simply by using the mantra on it.

You can use this mantra like flower therapy and charge the bottle of treatment.

This boto dolphin brings us the platinum-blue-pink frequencies of love to restore the emotional body and release of past memories of humanity and planet earth.