NEW HIGHER LEVEL INTUITION & ENORASIS EMPOWERMENT LEVEL TWO - Open, Clear, Balance 3rd eye, Boost Psychic Power, More



'Enorasis' means 'Clairvoyance'

This Sacred Empowerment of Divine Light and Divine Love will

boost your psychic and spiritual power,

your inner channeling wisdom, your highest healing wisdom

and the inner ancient ~ primordial wisdom.

It will open, clear & balance the third eye, the divine eye of spirit

elevating awareness and consciousness to new levels.

This will bring clarity and simplicity in communicating

with the Angels / Archangels / Higher Self / the Spirit / the Mahatma / the Ascended

Masters & All Beings of Light

Many advantages, abilities, benefits and gifts of all kinds follow!

LOVE to ALL!!!


Geom!* - Founder


Confluence with your Galactic Self - deep connection with Sananda and City of Light - Shamballa - Gain knowledge and understanding of the ancient city


Confluence with your Galactic Self

The Translation of the Confluence with your Galactic Self manual is a translated document so some parts might seem a little confusing but overall the document is understandable.

The energies of the Confluence with your Galactic Self are designed to bring you a deep and more meaningful connection with the energies of Lord Sananda and the City of Light - Shamballa. During your meditations you will gain the knowledge and understanding of this ancient city were you will witness the beauty and serenity of the lanscapes and crystal temples/palaces.

White Brotherhood Attunement, founded by Fay Luana Marquez- Align body to prepare for Ascension


From the Founder, Fay Luana Marquez:  I have received this initiation from the Great White Brotherhood. For me it was incredibly intense and very spiritual experience. When I opened the channel of the GreatWhite Brotherhood, the Masters have doubled the frequency of my vibration andgave me the knowledge I have never considered possible. This is a wonderful energy andI am honored to share it with you.

This energy isused to align your body, to prepare for the Ascension, this high-frequency energy is a gift for you from the spiritual world, and you’re growing every day with it. Your vibration will rise at a rate suitable for you.

The energy of this system is composed of many of the Ascended Masters Energies. Among them are: Sanat Kumara, Matreya, Sananda, Kuthumi, El Morya, Concusious, Rowena, Serapis Bey, Hiliaron, Lady Nada, St. Germain, Maha Cohan.

Inlcudes manual, attunement, and lineage and or certificate upon request.


 50% OFF Top Level Light by Angela Grotsch

This offer may not be combined with any other offer and is not eligible for buy and get free offers.

Reg price 149.99


Quote from the Founder, Angela Grotsch

This energy was given to me in December 2005 and it is a form of energy based on the New Age energy that is according to our current state of knowledge at the highest levels.


Top Level Light includes the energies of all Archangels and Ascended Masters in the New energy. This form of energy can only be experienced if you are already begun to open to the New Age Energy, are familiar with it or are open to new.


The Archangels and Ascended Masters will assist you in "everything" what you are and choose. E.g.: if you choose to sorrow, they will support you in your suffering, if you choose cheerfulness they will  support you in this intention. Top Level Light allows you to move powerful energies, to send healing, as well as experience your fullness.


I was also told that this form of energy is applicable for people next to us, animals, Mother Earth, dimensional levels and much more.


You will receive the manual and attunement by chi ball call in method.

Certificate and lineage available upon request.



Spirit Guide Journey Activation Program - 7 Activations - Protection, Third Eye, Grounding, Energy Bodies Clearing, Meditation, Spirit Guides/Higher B


The Spirit Guide Journey Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communication with your Spirit Guides. They are the psychic protection activation, grounding activation, third eye activation, energy bodies clearing activation, meditation activation, Spirit Guide and Higher Beings Activation and the Dream Activation.


The Spirit Guide Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communication with your Spirit Guides. They are the psychic protection activation, grounding activation, third eye activation, energy bodies clearing activation, meditation activation, Spirit Guide and Higher Beings Activation and the Dream Activation. These activations can be activated any time by intention only as there are no symbols that you must use. This makes this system really easy to use! Anyone can use this system. You can attune others to this system so it is a Master Level Program. You can activate the energies for self or others.


Psychic Protection Activation

This activation is activates a shield of psychic protection which acts as an energy that envelopes us and blocks out intrusive vibrations or malicious, negative, lower vibrations from other sources. As you begin practicing connecting with your Spirit Guides your awareness of energies will greatly increase and with sensitivity comes exposure to distractions. Thus, astral energies can be attracted to your increased energy and or activities in engaging with your Spirit Guides. It is not that these personalities or entities wish you harm but just in case this psychic protection activation will shield you from any unwanted interference or distraction of any lower nature.

Grounding Activation

The grounding activation will keep you in your body, conscious of your surroundings and present and available for whatever happens and create an energy connection as spirit from your body into physical reality. It will serve to keep the body and energy system safe when you are meditating and making conscious contact with your Spirit Guides. It will also bring power to your process of Guide communication because it will align you as spirit with your physical body so that you can be present and attend to what needs to be done. It will also increase your spiritual and energetic awareness, release unwanted or excess energy, help you direct your energy, enhance your meditations, assist you to be more aware of your path and enable you to have an even greater capacity for experiencing the wonders of the Spirit World.

Third Eye Activation

This activation will aid you in meditation giving you heightened awareness and focus, the ability to concentrate. This will also help you in your daily life by aiding you in keeping focused at work or in your daily routine. It will bring heightened awareness so that you are more aware and see things more clearly and sharply. This allows you to bypass the ?ordinary? mind if you will and access a higher state of consciousness. It will lift your senses ? not just vision but what you hear, sense, touch, smell and just know intuitively. It can aid you in seeing Auras, Guides, Angels, Higher Beings, etc. It will bring a higher state of purpose, unfold your power of clairvoyance, bring you greater abilities to focus and concentrate, sharpen intuitive abilities and help you to listen to and recognize your inner voice.

Energy Bodies Clearing Activation

This activation will restore balance and harmony to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It will work to clear any blockages or barriers you have to Spirit Guide Communication. This clearing will remove limiting and false beliefs about communication with your Spirit Guides. This activation will break down barriers to Guide Contact and Communication such as skeptical dispositions, lack of understanding and any inability to accept higher possibilities. This will allow you to be open so that you find it easier and more natural to recognize, accept and acknowledge Spirit Guide communication, bring you a greater scope of understanding and help you leave the lower mind more open to the possibilities of a reality that involves faith and trust rather than one that is more tangible and scientifically proven if you will. This clearing will remove any lack of belief in self, in your ability to establish Guide contact.

Meditation Activation

This activation will help you to discipline yourself to begin and maintain a meditation routine inclusive of establishing Guide contact and communication. It will help you to quiet the mind and to hear and listen to the still small voice within you. It will raise your vibrations and energies so that you attract higher vibrations such as Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings of Light.

Spirit Guides and Higher Beings Activation

This activation will help you to establish a deeper connection with each type of Higher Being whom works with you. These include your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Animal Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangel Team, Ascended Masters team and any other Higher Beings of Light that work with you in any capacity. This activation embodies several activations.

Dream Activation

This activation will assist you in remembering dreams and visits from Spirit Guides and or Angels or other Higher Beings in your dreams. It enhances your ability to interpret your dreams so that you can retrieve the important Spiritual Messages that are conveyed to you in your dream state.

The manual will provide information about the various types of Spirit Guides encountered, how to communicate with Spirit Guides, keys to successful Guide contact and meditation, ways Guides communicate and more.


Orange Grid Light Attunement by Manuela Marx


Quotes from Founder, Manuela Marx

What is a grid?

The energies (= information) of grids bring us in contact with the unity of BEING, with whatever you

might call God or unconditional love that flows through everything and connects everything. Many

different grids exist and they are all interconnected. It is the “fabric” connecting everything and

through this fabric, everything is manifested. Some scientists call this fabric the zero point field or

the divine matrix.


Healing color orange:

* to strengthen the power of the soul

* to develop a feeling of self-worth

* to strengthen the capacity of reaction

* for more liveliness

* to assist the desire to learn

* dissolves gases and flatulence

* harmonizes stomach function

* eases cramps and spasms

* eases shock and grief

* balances the sacral chakra

Overabundance of orange (can be harmonized with this energy as well – calling in a complementary blue):

* overreaching desire for food and sexual activity

* possible confusion and aimlessness

* overreaching desires for possessions

Physical use:

Muscles, eliminatory systems, psychosomatic disease patterns. Orange influences the spleen chakra.

It is the color of joy, wisdom and creativity, stimulates feelings of social connectedness and

influences our emotional health. Too much orange can overly aggravate our nervous system and

should be balanced with hues of blue or green. Therapeutically, this color can be used for problems

in the areas of spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines, adrenal glands, food intake and depression.

This color is very good for people who feel emotionally paralyzed. The colors peach and apricot

strengthen the aura and act as an additional emotional cushion during the recovery process. Like all

other orange hues, it can be used to invigorate the body. After recovery from an illness, it affects the

eliminatory organs positively in toning them.

Orange can give support in these areas:

Allergies, asthma, low blood pressure, intestines, kidneys, pain (muscles), strengthening the immune system.


The initiation into the

10 light - balls by the priests and priestesses of the Melchizedek - Order




 1. Level

I ask the priest / inside the pink balls to make divine unity flow through me.

I ask the priest / inside the pink balls to help me to accept my Christ Self. I ask the priest / inside the pink balls to pour divine love through my body. Let me flow through the love of Christ, the unity of the Divine Spirit may work through me. I am one with the Christ consciousness.  I am one with the source.


I call the priest / inside the golden balls to make divine wisdom flow into my consciousness. I ask the priest / inside the golden balls, my weights and measures, the balance

and the to reveal proportions of the universe. I ask the priest / inside the golden balls to enlighten my mind, so it goes and finds peace.

May I, in my actions, balanced in my feelings and peacefully in my mind to be.

I ask the priest / inside the turquoise Balls of light, me through the ocean of divine Awareness to lead.

I ask the turquoise orbs to connect with all my incarnations.

I ask the turquoise spheres, with all my to connect manifestations.

I am one with the higher consciousness. I am divine connection.

We dive into the light and laughter.



I call the priest / inside the indigo light balls to bring my third and fourth eye and strengthen, because I want to see now.

I ask the priest / inside the star sapphire - balls to awaken the star of the memory of my  "I Am's" carries.

I ask the priest / inside the Indigo - balls, to activate the recorder cell so that I remember and understand.


I ask the priest / inside of the white balls of light,  the fully crystalline light source through every part of my Being caused to flow to.

I ask the priest / inside of the white light - balls to activate the crystalline templates.

I ask of the abundance to be aligned white balls, so that I

Find fulfillment.

I call the priest / inside the white balls, me to meet with the light of God


2. Level


I ask the priest / inside the emerald Balls of light,

To have wealth flowing through my body.

I ask the priest / inside the emerald green balls, to connect with the divine flow.   As above, so below.

I ask the green balls to open my heart completely. I ask the green light balls, to assist me in creating wealth.

As above, so below.


All is Love, and everything is flow.

I ask the priest / inside the ruby balls of light to pour its light through my body.

I ask the priest / inside the ruby balls to have the power of the source flow through every cell of my body and my

To newly created body in the light.

May the ruby light cure all cell damage, dissolve stress and pain and fear all  take of change. My body is healing in the light. My nature is calm in the light. I have the strength of the source.



I ask the priest / inside the sapphire blue balls of light to pour the light of the Holy Ascension through my body.

I ask the priest / inside the sapphire - balls, to have divine truth flowing through my body, that I the truth of my

"I Am's" may speak.

I ask the sapphire blue balls, me in conveying love and

To help conversion of light.

I ask the priest / inside the sapphire blue balls to help me that my voice sounds lovely, so that all will hear the truth of God.

I ask the priest / inside the purple balls of light divine transmutation through everything, what I'm about to let it flow.

I ask the priest / inside the Amethyst - balls, my every cell and every atom of my body transform into higher light.

I ask the violet flame to burn in my soul, and all the veils that separate me from the spiritual resolve.

I ask the violet flame to burn my illusions and my anxiety in

Love to transform.


I ask the priest / inside the copper-colored balls of light to show me the divine blueprint of life.

I call the priest / inside the copper-colored balls, show me the pattern of my life.

I ask the copper-colored balls all fundamental beams in

to connect and strengthen my body.

I ask the priest / inside the copper-colored balls, to lead me to dance in the spiral, so that I can move up to light.

Inauguration = match in the 10 balls of light by the priests / in the  Melchizedek Order.

Come to rest and depending on your preference you can lie down or sit. Please put your arms and legs not crossed. If you like, while listening to soft music. Ignite you a few candles or incense. Please post from your clip and your phone.

Visit your "higher self", say a little prayer.

I (name and surname)  here and now, God (The universe, Jesus Christ, Buddha, depending on faith)  the initiation into the 10 balls of light by the priest / inside of the Melchizedek Order .


Call now for the "Higher Self" your client and please now (first and last name, time, location) that the initiation is completed. The teacher is always behind the pupil. Start with your ritual to proceed with the inauguration ...


After the inauguration ask you to thank for the

Priest / inside of the Order

The consecration may take up to 60 minutes.


The initiation 999 has a very high  Vibration and strength.


In some initiations you will feel more able to see more such. As the colors of the chakras and aura. In others, it is a very fine soft energy. Sometimes they can be felt only as a hint.

It should degrees from the Usui Master / Teacher - Reiki or other system inaugurated at this stage, because it may only pass a teacher.

Cosmic Stargate Attunement


Cosmic Stargate

This system is a fixed fee.

The Sacred Lotus Flower - The sacred lotus flower or the flower of life is currently opening to create a portal back to the cosmic consciousness. Back to divine.

Within your spherical energy field a sacred geometric pattern will be formed which consists ofthe highest vibrational frequency which is available to us at this present time. It is now of great importance that you have the highest frequency of peace and unconditional love within yourself. You are a divine being and you must live your life in truth and with the highest integrity. You must speak your truth and live yor life as truth.

You will receive the manual and attunement by chi ball call in method.

Certificate and lineage available upon request.



Attraction Magnetic Field Reiki Attunement by Argandini Titisari - magnify magnetic field projection to attract hearts desires, abundance and more!

The purpose of Attraction Magnetic Field Reiki Attunement  is to magnify magnetic field projection to attract hearts desires, abundance and more

Attraction Magnetic Field channeled directly from the Source as a higher frequency of the Life Force. The energy of Attraction Magnetic Field work to increasing the body’s vibration, which fine tunes and magnifies your magnetic field projection.

The main method of the Attraction Magnetic Field called "Universal Attraction Field", Once this field is activated you will attract the desires of your heart and the truth held within your subconscious.

Attraction Magnetic Field also has physical benefits, it is a powerful energy offering the strongest antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral. The energy creates a protective shield. Attraction Magnetic Field strengthens the immune system.

Expect to become fine-tuned in all aspects of your life. Attraction Magnetic Field will eliminate the irritating disturbances that have taken root throughout all body systems.


You will receive the manual, distant attunement and certificate.



Jinlap Maitri Reiki Attunement - Master Level Course - Tibetan Course working with Medicine Buddha for compassion, potential, wisdom & skillfulness.

JINLAP MAITRI REIKI Workshop and Attunement

The Reg price 299.99 Jinlap Maitri is a powerful healing system that is Tibetan and works with The Medicine Buddha. You are connected to these powerful energies and given mantras and meditations for activating the energies. You will work with sound, light, and intellect energies to achieve compassion, emptiness (potential), wisdom, and skillfulness. The Jinlap Maitri is a modern version of a Sacred Tibetan Healing System that includes tantric energies, and The Medicine Buddha to give you powerful healing techniques. The manual covers the 9 Breaths, the 5 elements, and much more.

Jinlap Maitri is "The Way of Loving Kindness and Healing". It was originally founded by Lama Gompo Testen. This system is to Master level and you will be able to pass it on to others.

Prerequisite : Reiki Master



Naga Bajra by Hari Winarso - Protection Against Slander, Theft, Black Magic, Psychic Attack, Implants, Builds Charisma, Commanding Presence and more

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso

This system may be your main choice for buy one get one free sales but it may not be your free choice.

This system may not be sold for less than set fee of $80USD and can never be used on free attunement sites or swap sites, or given for free, or gifted, or exchanged or traded.

Naga Bajra

Naga : Dragon

Bajra : Thunder

Naga Bagra protects us against slander and thefts. It also protects us from black magic, psychic attacks and negative implants.

The Magickal power of Naga Bagra establishes domestic harmony, it can improve sales/trade/business negotiationis. The energy builds up charisma and a commanding presence. It brings the power of punch, your enemy would fall unconscious instantly.

With your purchase you will receive the manual, mp3, distant attunement and a certificate.


Lama-Fera is the union of two words. Both the words have their own identity and importance. Lama means follower, who follows the philosophy of Buddha, making it part of his life from the core of his heart; and Fera means the two and half times of circumvention.It has 12 symbols to practice. Though its method of treatment or healing is quite different from what we practice in Reiki and other healing therapies but its symbols have abundance power to treat highest level of negative energies.



A practitioner can sense the vibrations and feel change in his energy levels

Helps clear negative energy or problems in business, property, health etc.

Promotes chemical processing of body, muscles, bones, digestive disorders and give strength and radiant energy.

Balancing of physical and spiritual problems

Direct healing and effect on the root cause of diseases

Attainment and development of awareness, enlightenment and knowledge

Makes active, alert and self-confident


Lama Fera is taught in Two Levels:1) Master Healer Level

Introduction and History of Lama Fera

Study of Chakras

Explanation and Use of Healing Kit

Healing Method for self and others

6 powerful symbols & their use

Soul Meditation

Level I attunement

Healing of the Earth

2) Master Teacher Level

6 more powerful symbols and their use

Lama Fera Attunement process for Level I, II and III

Attunement of Level II and Level III




Magenta High Force by Hari Andri Winarso - dissolve mental blocks, narrow mindedness, and thought constricting patterns.

Magenta High Force is used to help us dissolve mental blocks, narrow mindedness, and thought constricting patterns. I feel it helps us to get through the “I can do it “ stage of getting our ideas out into the open very quickly. Sometimes we are stuck in self defeating patterns and need that extra boost to make us realize that we really can do what we set our mind on. Magenta High Force work to get us through us difficult times by reminding us that we are important and having negative thoughts about ourselves is not the way to a full and happy life.


Magenta High Force has very high vibration. It is about healing on all levels. I feel that this energy allows us to mentally grasp our heart based issues and then being to heal them. Use this energy as a bridge to allow personal growth to happen in your life. It is very calming, but at the same time it gives us the courage needed to expand our ideas and awareness.


receive manual, attunement chi ball ,certificate & lineage


Inner Child Healing Reiki - Rosemary Noel and Linda Kaye Inner Child Healing Reiki - New From Rosemary & Linda This system comes forth as a result our own freedom and liberation from healing the wounded child within. It is our desire for you to heal your inner child so you can bring what is within you into the world so miracles can happen in your life. This is your divine right. . When your inner child is healed you can move forward in your life with a sense of empowerment and freedom. It is only then you can begin to live your authentic life. . You will receive attunement direct from founder, pdf manual & certificate sent by email $35.99


Iron Body Protection by Hari - Protective - Sends ill will or evil intent back to the sender thrice fold, discordant situations, lack of control, more

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Iron Body Protection is a powerful energy for protection and some other forms of benefits. This is a modality that will help one to develop in all areas relative to service, as well, it brings the value pf assistance to the forefront of the conscious mind. It is quite helpful in gaining certainty in our decisions and with taking control of our actions.

The Iron Body Protection is thought to be protective ; Is not only to be protective, but to send the ill-will or evil intent back to the sender thrice-fold !

It also brings with it an air of grounding to the students and to boost self-esteem. Iron Body Protection is thought especially helpful in discordant situations where the students feels they lack control and/or lose their center in the given situation. Iron Body Protection bring the body into perfect pH balance, which is helpful in many an ailment.





ISHANA VAJRA NATH by Hari Andri Winarso - Be a True Co-Creator who Manifests All that you Think of - Activate the Co-Creator within!

Ishana Vajra Nath is not eligible for any buy and get free offers and is not offered in any packages.

Everyone has the power within them to be a true co-creator who manifests all that they think of. This attunement process makes that happen! To that end, it is a great tool for spiritual growth as it will teach you to discipline your thoughts like nothing else. You have heard it said that you should be careful what you wish for? Well, Ishana will make those wishes come true, and often almost immediately.  Ishana Vajra Nath™ means Rays of God that govern the universe. The universe refers to the world of human beings (Micro-Cosmic)-human life. Ishana Vajra Nath™ is energy which is centered in the Anahata Chakra. This energy is able to restore or activate the actual and natural ability of human as a Co-Creator; it restores and activates the natural ability of humans to create and to manifest all of the things they have in mind.  After obtaining the activation, Ishana Vajra Nath™ will work automatically and continuously in the practitioners body as a protector, and working in all the things done by practitioners in daily life such as healing, business, career, love and other relationships. In Ishana Vajra Nath™ there is no special training required, after receiving the activation, the Ishana Vajra Nath energy will flow and work constantly, especially working at the time when needed.  Ishana Vajra Nath™ has four main groups, That is :


There are six levels in Ishana, at each level of energy in the Anahata Chakra at an Ishana will be activated and become stronger at every level. Ishana activation is performed by level with an interval of seven days for each level. Alternatively it could be done in a single level of activation for 1st level to 3rd level of Ishana and then seven days later for 4th - 6th level of Ishana, It depends on the policy of the Ishana Vajra or Ishana Vajra Rudra or Ishana Vajra Shiva who gave the activation. These six attunements, and all of the other Ishana attunements take a great amount of time, attention and prayer to set up properly, and so the cost is higher than that of other attunements. And, the rewards of receiving the attunements are also much greater as well.

You will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate.



Buwana Kasih System by Hari Winarso - Attracts opposite sex, soul mate, new clients/customers, protection against all sorts of danger. World Of Love!

Created by Hari Andri Winarso

There is one level with Buwana Kasih

Buwana Kasih has a meaning of 'The World of Love', the magickal power of it helps to attract the opposite sex, soul mate, and customers/clients. Helps to maintain healthy person and social relationships. It is also protection against all sorts of danger. The Buwana Kasih System may reflect some of the religious beliefs systems of Indonesia as shared by the Master, Hari Andre Winarso.

You will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate with your purchase.



Nur Kamulyan by Hari Winarso - Manifest Your Desire to Be Successful with your job, advance your career, prestige, promote your business, gain wealth

Founder Hari Andri Winarso

Nur Kamulyan

Once you receive initiation and apply this the power will exert the best effort 24 hours a day in helping you to manifest your desire to be successful with your job, advance your career, attain prestige, or promote your business to gain wealth and acquire riches. This power is only for those who desire to be successful and wealthy in a relatively short period of time. This power has been sought for by many business people!

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement, certificate and mp3 of the mantra.




Pecut Sayuto by Hari Winarso - Protection Against Black Magick/Entities, Invulnerability to Harm when Fighting, Increase Physical Strength/Charisma

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso

Pre-Requisite : Must be a Reiki Master.

This is a Master Teacher System.


Sayuto= A Million

Pecut Sayuto is a great, rare, Magickal Energy to strengthen the physical body, it produces physical invulnerability to punches, blows, sharp weapons, while in fight. It increases physical strength and charisma, it helps us to acquire respect from friends and enemies.

The Power of Pecut Sayuto is also protects us from negative entities and black magic.

Please note that this is a Javanese Magickal System and may reflect some of the religious belief systems of Indonesia as shared by Master Teacher Hari Andri Winarso.

With your purchase you will receive the manual, mp3 with Indonesian Mantra, the distant attunement and a Master Level Certificate.



Pengasihan Jala Jagad System by Hari Winarso - Enhances Aura to become more MAGNETIC person and ATTRACT the Opposite Sex!

Pengasihan Jala Jagad is founded by Master Hari Andri Winarso. There is a pre-requisite for this course. One must be a Usui Reiki  Master to receive. There is one level.

Pengasihan Jala Jagad has an incredible magickal power, by this power you will instantly having a unique and powerful attractiveness. Your charms will make anyone fascinated. You will become a magnetic person. It is very helpful to attract others, especially the opposite sex.

With your purchase you will receive an MP3 Indonesian Mantra sent as an email attachment. You will also receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Please note: This is a Javanese Magickal System and may reflect some of the religious belief systems of Indonesia as shared by Master Hari Andri WInarso.




50% OFF Avalon Soul Healing by By Gabriele Solina

regular price 245.00


A High-Energy Magic system of the Golden Age

Avalon is one of the most important time periods, which has influenced us in our very

humanity. Avalon was an era of love and struggle.

Many of us worked as a magician in this mystical dimension of time, Avalon.

In this high energy magic system you will be invited by Merlin the Magician to jump

into the time dimension Avalon.

Merlin will guide you, when you're ready, through the gate of the dimensions, to

Avalon. You will immerse yourself in the highest Diamond-Magic to heal and make a

journey to your soul.

Sparkling gold light blue Diamond-Light Magic of the highest areas, will gently

envelop you and touch your soul deeply and you'll accomplish your soul's journey

with Merlin, in immeasurable love.

◊ Dimension jump into the time dimension Avalon with Merlin

◊ Cleaning all your body systems with Diamond-Magic

◊ Aura cleaning, Aura healing and Aura strengthening

◊ Merlin perform soul reterieval for you

◊ Soul journey into the deepest depths of your self with Merlin

◊ Soul Healing by Merlin and 7 Diamond Dragons

◊ Your personal celebration - your dance: Soul Healing

◊ Stabilization and Grounding of the energies within you

In this initiation the highest Diamond Magic flows to you!

You will receive the manual, distant attunement and certificate with lineage information.


Invitation Into The White Priesthood

The White Priesthood is the priesthood of the New Age, of freedom. Jesus Christ himself was a white priest, having received his initiation from Mother Mary who was a priestess in Avalon. Human beings who accompanied him on his way received too an initiation into the White priesthood.


During the initiation Jesus will kindle the fire field of the White priesthood in you.  Through these energies you will feel what it means to be a white priestess, a white priest.


The gentler White priesthood helps to dissolve the hard vows and patterns of previous incarnations that still affect you today, but are no longer helpful to you in this incarnation. The priest power of Jesus Christ protects you so that you will experience more freedom in your work and fulfilling your task.

Certificate and lineage available upon request.







First Light is a very powerful system that works with Kundalini energies in a more advanced way. It is a very transformational energy that can help you achieve clearing, healing, and spiritual ascension. There is nothing to fear with this system. I find it to be very beneficial in many ways. There are several attunements with this system but they are all given at once, in a way that automatically comes in a gentle, yet powerful way, once the attunement begins. It would be beneficial for you to have been attuned to Kundalini before receiving it, thought it is not necessary.

First Light is said to use energies, called Drisana, that are of a Tibetan origin. First Light allows a person to receive powerful energies that shift the perceptions of their being - spiritual, physical, and emotional.

First Light does not use symbols, energy levels can be set, becomes more effective and powerful with usage, works independently of any religion or belief system, increases the effectiveness of meditation and helps clear your system.

"First Light" is an initiation where you receive powerful energies that you can then access at any time for yourself or others by mentally directing the flows, which mean no visualization, complex symbols, mantras, etc.

Once you are attuned to the energies, you only need to think the 'key' word or phrase to run the energy on yourself or others. The more you activate the attunements, the stronger they will flow within your system.

You will receive the following energies:


























You will receive 24 attunements, manuals, certificate and lineage.




50% off The Avalonian Alignment Program 12 Attunements and Empowerments by Rev. Ana May


Regular price $120.00. On Sale for limited time. The AAP consists of a series of 12 attunements/empowerments to the energies of Light Beings directly linked to and working through the ancient and mystical area of Glastonbury in Somerset , England ; also known as the Isle of Avalon.

The empowerments are passed on in the spirit of pure love and divine light and so that the sacred nature of the magical Avalonian energies may be brought to earth plane and expressed in your life and work.

The AAP empowerments work firstly in the following way: The associated energy centre of the recipient is cleansed of any stagnant or negative energies that may be causing imbalance or impeding the energy flow. Imbalance at the level of the energy body may manifest with emotional, mental or physical symptoms. When the energy system is in perfect balance, the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of the individual is at its optimal level; this doesn?t mean the individual will not experience illness or disease but it does mean that their energy body is in the best shape to facilitate recovery or to enable them to manage their symptoms and so on. For this reason, the attunements of the AAP may be said to have a healing effect.

The second purpose of an AAP empowerment/attunement is to energise the particular centre that the empowerment relates to. This means the natural flow of life-force energy to that particular centre increases.

The third component of each empowerment is alignment. During the empowerment, the energy centre that is being attuned is cleared/healed, empowered and aligned to the higher frequency energies of Avalon through the connection with the Avalonian Light beings that oversee the process. Alignment to these higher frequencies mean over time and by working with the techniques of each empowerment, the natural vibration of the body is raised and higher spiritual energies are able to be grounded and expressed more fully through the physical.

The purpose of the AAP empowerments is to facilitate a deeper experience of these higher frequency energies by raising the vibration of your energy field so that you resonate more strongly with Avalonian current.

The union of powerful Ley Lines (energy channels in the earth) at the Tor is expressed in the unique energy of the place. The Avalonian Light Beings work through the energies of the Tor and assist those who visit now as they always have in the past. A visit to the Tor always seems to initiates a change within visitors; wisdom and insight are gained; perspective is altered; understanding that eluded one in the past is suddenly revealed. This is the journey of individuation; the reconciliation of opposites within in order to become whole and complete; to fulfil one's potential on all levels including the spiritual, which is so often neglected.

There are 9 empowerments to Practitioner level

These are:

The Earth Star Empowerment

The Star of Origin Empowerment

The Star of the Waters Empowerment

The Star of the Sacred Flame Empowerment

The Star of the Heart Empowerment

The Star of the Winds Empowerment

The Star of Perception Empowerment

The Star of the Mountain Empowerment

The Soul Star Empowerment

A detailed manual is supplied at each of the 9 practitioner levels. The first manual includes information about folklore and mythology surrounding the Isle of Avalon including the Fairies associated with the region, the myths of the Wild Hunt and Gwyn ap Nydd , Glastonbury Tor, the Chakra System and Energy Body, the Labyrinth, Ley Lines and information about psychopompic figures and of course, the Avalonian Light Beings.

You are also advised on how to prepare for your Empowerment, what you should do following your Empowerment, how to work with the specific meditation and healing techniques and the symbols appropriate to each empowerment.

A single manual is supplied at Facilitator Level. The Facilitator Level includes the following three empowerments and is for those who wish to pass the AAP empowerments on to others.

The Star of the Higher Light Empowerment

The Star of the Source Empowerment

The Star of Avalonia Empowerment

These three empowerments include additional symbols and the manual supplied for these levels includes details of how to facilitate the empowerment of others in the AAP system. This level is only applicable to those who wish to go on to teach the AAP and the empowerments conferred are: the Star of the Higher Light Empowerment, Star of the Source Empowerment and Star of Avalonia Empowerment.

Course includes:

12 distant attunements

9 Manuals

Certificate with Lineage





Tibetan Soul Star Reiki Master Attunements

Tibetan Soul Star Reiki

From the ancient Reiki Mystery School of Tibet come many master symbols which were passed down to initiates on the Path of Realization or Enlightenment and to skilled healers. These are now being rediscovered to assist people in their own healing and ascension. Tibetan Soul Star Reiki is an energy system for Reiki Masters which will teach you symbols that help activate, clear and align the Higher Chakras and connect one to their Divine Higher Self and are designed to assist in the ascension process.

These symbols have been channeled by Joni Brestler and her Ascended Tibetan spirit guides with the assistance of Quan Yin. There are three powerful major symbols and two minor symbols including the symbol for healing with joy. The symbols are keys which unlock consciousness and are to be used for healing and passing healing attunements.

Level 1 Master

Chakras & Meditation with the Higher Self and Soul Star Chakra

The Ascension Process

Master Symbol for Higher Self "Soul Star"

Higher Self Meditation, Esoteric Interpretation, Four Colour Meditation

Reverse Higher Self Symbol

Minor Symbol for Healing with Joy

Meditation on the Soul Star" Chakra, & Practice.

Level 2 Master

Master Symbol for Tao Chakra? Becoming One", Interpretation and Use

Symbol for Purifying Kundalini Energy, Practice

Master Symbol for Cosmic Consciousness Chakra

Serpent of Fire Symbol/Palm Symbol

Level 3 Master

" Oneness", Master Symbol for Embodiment of Cosmic Chakra (also for

Channelling, Manifestation and Protection)

OM Symbol for Embodiment of Oneness

Meditation with the OM symbol

Modified OM Symbol

Healing Attunement

Water Ceremony

Working with Guides & Angels

Levels of Self with Meditation with Selves & Symbols

Master Attunements

Includes manual, distant attunements, and certificate with lineage.



Shaman Force

This system has a fixed fee of $55

There are two levels to this system

You will be attuned to the 8 Sacred Symbols:

Sun Symbol - increases solar healing energy

Pranic Rice Symbol- to manifest special needs

Chi Fields Symbol - helps to manifest prosperity

Equilibrium Symbol - emotional balance and works on all chakras

Sky/Cloud/Rain Symbol - to bring balance in your life

Consciousness Expansion Symbol - support spirit to adept to higher concepts

Highest Meditation Symbol - support to your higher self to unite with the divine vibrations

Purity Pass Symbol - aligns aura for energy to flow more harmoniously

Protection Symbol - for emotional protection

A combination of symbols will bring a third energy producing - an infinite system. The energies of Shamanic will give you answers to hidden mysteries.

You will receive 2 manuals sent pdf, remote attunements and certificate of completion.



Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy Levels 1-3, by Daniela Dahl - Attain Divine and Perfect Health, to express Self without Boundaries, Expand Your Light

Founder: Daniela Dahl

With your purchase you will receive three distant attunements, the manual and a certificate.

Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy is not available in any package and is not eligible for any buy one get one free offers.

The Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy is the ethereal form of the Aura-Soma system that was developed by Vicky Wall in 1983.

The Aura-Soma products developed by her contain energetic information of three natural realms: The realm of plants, the realm of minerals and the realm of light and color.

Every one of the 11 color rays contains specific messages for body, mind and soul. They balance out disharmonies in these areas, fill ethereal holes, give impulses and support overall growth and wellbeing.

Every emotional, mental and physical state expresses itself as a vibration. Within the Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy, plant essences, herbal essences and mineral essences vibrate and manifest in the form of colors. Color makes the fields of vibration visible.

Through Color Therapy, we can recognize our potentials that we need to look at right NOW. What are our stumbling blocks keeping us from tapping our full potential? Where do we have deficient energy resulting in lack of wellbeing, crisis, blockages and even illness showing in the physical, emotional and mental areas.

The Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy is a mediator of subtle energies and messengers.

The Equilibrium oils, Quintessences and Pomanders help you and your whole being to attain divine and perfect health, to express yourself without boundaries and to expand your light in accordance with the divine consciousness.


Level 1: Equilibrium oils

Equilibrium means balance. This Aura-Soma emulsion consists of 50% spring water and 50% essential oils which are being used on the body. Up until now, 110 Equilibrium oils exist and the quantity will increase as the Earth and the resulting consciousness process of human beings further raise their vibration. The Equilibrium oils mainly balance out the disharmonies on the physical and soul levels.

Level 2: Pomander

The Aura-Soma Pomander mainly support the protection of the aura, close existing energy leaks and act on physical symptoms or states depending on their color. The color ray answers to the message coming from the soul or the inner conflict which needs to be solved. We are much better able to respond to life’s challenges with an intact aura, are protected against negative outside influences and the chakras can work perfectly according to their color and give us a sufficient amount of energy. They take care of an intact spiritual immune system.

Level 3: Quintessences

The Aura-Soma Qunintessences, also called Master Essences, mainly support meditation, prayer and reflection. They strengthen our Intuition and our perceptibility of inner guidance. Every Quintessence carries the energy of a so-called Master who gives us spiritual impulses for our growth, health and happiness in life.

The energy of the Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy automatically responds to the needs of the recipient on the physical, mental and soul level and answers with the suiting energy mix of Equilibrium oils, Pomander and Quintessences in order to re-establish balance on these levels.

In order to support your wellbeing on the physical/material level, I recommend to keep on using your Aura-Soma products as usual.

The Holistic Ethereal Color Therapy understands itself as a wonderful addition to the existing Aura-Soma Products.



Synergy Johrei Mastership

Synergy Johrei Mastership


Johrei is a Japanese therapy that was developed in the early twentieth century by Mokichi Okada, founder of the Church of Messianity.

It is a system of spiritual healing that eliminates toxins from the body with the use of Divine energy. The treatment lasts about thirty to forty five minutes. It is conducted with the client seated. The therapist will ask some questions about physical and mental health and then hold their right hand over the body to channel healing energy. The areas of toxic build up are found and removed with the Light. The toxins are channeled through the kidneys which flushes out the toxins.

Practitioners claim that Johrei boosts the body's immune system by eliminating toxins which encourages the body to heal itself. The treatment is also used to treat stress related conditions, allergies and any type of chronic pain.

The Course includes:

What Is johrei

The Principles of the System

The Process of Giving Synergy Johrei

General Hand Positions

Prayers for General Use

Amatsu Norito (The Prayer of Heaven)

Zengen Sanji (Auspicious Prayer of Praise)

K? haijuka (Poems on Receiving the Light)

Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Happiness

Attunement Methods

Synergy Reiki Method

J?rei Reiju Method

J?rei (According to Iris Ishikuro)

Dai K?my??An Okada and Usui Symbol

Background Information

On the Church of World Messianity and Mahikari

Johrei, the Medical Art of Japan

(According to the Johrei Fellowship)

In Meishu-sama?s Own Words

What Is Johrei?

J?rei, the Medical Art of Japan

(According to MOA International)

Kotodama and Mantra in Reiki


Kotodama and Mantra in Reiki Practice

Johrei and Spirituality

Special Appendix for Khonsu / Khalid

?Searching for the Roots of Reiki?

The Original Article, in Japanese

Photos of Usui?s Gravesite


You will receive manual, Mastership attunement and a certificate with lineage information.



Kyron Essences by Melanie Shivanie Pfetzinger

Quote from the Founder, Melanie Shivanie Pfetzinger

In September 2005 Melanie Shivanie Pfetzinger who has been standing in connection with Kryon since  May 2005, channeled from him three essences and a few days later another four essences.

These essences and this energy form are suitable only for people who have removed the old energy. No basic experience in working with any other energy system is required to receivethese energies. The Kryonessences are independent form of energy.

This particular form of energy is intended for people who are stepping into the 5th dimension. This new energy will integrate in your light body,adapting to your current state of being and as this is right for you.

Since the Kryon energy is a very strong energy it adapts to your vibrations and  gradually rise them, align you , and thus increase your light body.

The Kryon essences have nothing to do with Reiki or other healing energy systems.

The essences are passed in two levels, with a space of 2 weeks.

You will receive the manual and attunements by chi ball call in method.

Lineage and Certificate available upon request.



Kormanu Master - A Revealed Art for Transformation


reg price 150.00

Founders: Elissa Gae Giles & Jane Santarsiere

KorManu is a Revealed Art for Transformation and contains two levels.

Manual and certificate will be mailed to you via the old fashioned way-snail mail.

Postage is included in price listed below.

Level One In Level One, the First Facet, it is the transcendent Man/Woman.

In this stage you will receive an attunement and a personal symbol that will represent the 'core' (an original frequency that is your very own).

A detoxificaiton and cleansing period of 30 days will then begin to clease the student's physical and energetic bodies.

In Level Two, students learn about the Master Healer and Light Bearing Receptable. Students will then learn how to pass on attunements to others in this system.



From the Founders: “ Today you step through a gateway of your own choice. Not many individuals have moved through this sacred gateway of self-knowledge and under standing. This sacred passage is causal and will be a catalyst for your highest attainment as well as for the healing of others. Simply by your desire to accept this attunement you are assuming the highest vibration available to this planet at this time. The assimilation of this vibration will accelerate the healing of yourself, others and the earth herself .You who are few in your dedication to the healing mechanisms and to your highest expression of Light, we bow to you and acknowledge you as our peers. By accepting this energy you vow to use all knowledge forthcoming in only Love. If anyone should attempt to use this forthcoming knowledge for ill gain or harm to others, this vibration shall turn on the beholder with swift certainty and cause manifold karmic retribution. Blessed be all beings who have learned this modality new to this planet. Know that this method is from the stars and is used extensively throughout the various evolved civilizations throughout the cosmos. Future times will bring different and more powerful energies and symbols. However, know that at this time, those energies can not be used in the present earth energy. They would cause wide disruption of all energetic fields”.

You will receive the manual and Master certificate and a distant attunement to this energy system.



Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System


Founded By Shanti Johnson

The Dolphins wove their energies with those of the crystals and colors. This gift, called Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System, is a powerful but gentle healing system. This warm sparkling energy will cleanse and energize your energy centers (charkas), fill your life with the love and joy of the dolphins, and you will become more vibrant, and add more color in your life. It is a system filled with light, color, working with the chakras, healing, meditations, and working with the dolphins and their energy. It is a very special system.

The attunements will balance, align, cleanse, and re-attune your chakras so you will hold a higher vibration and release any blockages in the chakra system.

This course takes 7 weeks to finish with two attunements for each energy center (chakra). The first is for self-healing, the second for world healing. This is a beautifully written and illustrated manual with wonderful pictures and meditations and information. A system you can refer back to and use many times. Truly amazing system!

The manual explains:

What are chakras?

The 7 major Chakras

What is chanting?

What is an attunement?

How to use attunements?

Tools to use during the attunements

Trans Rainbow Fusion

Dolphin Sea Breath

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Grids


Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Symbol

Maintenance on Chakras

Using Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing

Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Tune-Up

Global Healing


You will receive amanual, one distance attunement, lineage and a certificate.



Atlantis Crystal Elexier by Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer - Seraphis Bay, Chohan of the 4th Ray - Wake up Sleep of Duality- Know the 1 truth of Light

From the founder, Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.


The dimensions are shifting more and more, the ascension of planet Earth in the 5th Level of the Light is imminent. Therefore, it is of such great importance for the human race to increase and align their frequencies.

I invite you now to travel with me to ATLANTIS, a journey into reality. There you will, if you are willing, in a large solemn ceremony, drink from the holy chalice, the Crystal Elexier of Reality. The Crystal Elexier of Reality is from the highest levels of light. It allows you to wake up from the sleep of duality and to know the one truth of light.

So it is.

SERAPHIS BAY, also called the Egyptian

Seraphis Bay is also a Member of the Great White Brotherhood.

He is Chohan of the 4th Ray, the white Ray.

Ray of Purity, Discipline and Ascension.

Connection between the pure divine plan and matter.

Associated Gemstone: Diamond


Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis - A high energy activation system for the modern worker by solina grill mitterhofer

A high-energy light activation system for the modern worker

Founder : Solina Grill Mitterhofer

The Mahatma Energy - the Avatar of Synthesis is the grid of SOURCE . BEING all of you is the link between you and the Source. Only the Mahatma Energy - the Avatar of Synthesis, acts directly in your soul.

Now that the planet Earth in the matching energy is fundamental, it is possible that high energy in the vibration of the modern age, to receive in full measure.

Due to their high frequency, it helps you, your own frequency on the source of all being aligned, what your personal ascension process support.

In this high-energy activation, also decodes are in your completed light body and connect to your manufactured Mahatma champion, and it is suitable for you.



Mahatma Gods Grid by Solina Grill Mitterhofer - This High Energy Activation connects You to the Grid of God


Pre-requisite: Mahatma- Avatar of Synthesis   Mahatma's field is the highest frequency of the modern era, included are aspects of the Divine Thought Field. In this high-energy activation you will be connected to the Grid of God. Highest frequencies are infused in your soul, and it is suitable for you. All your energy bodies will be realigned to the Divine Thought Field and your cellular memories that no longer serve you will be removed. You will know who you really are and what your earth mission truly is.


Raku Kei Master Attunement

Raku Kei Master

Raku Kei

The words Rei-Kei originated from the words Raku Kei.

The Raku is the vertical energy flow within the body, whilst the Kei energy flows in a horizontal manner. The two cross at the "Hara" center at the solar plexus center. It is this center which was cut out during the ritual Samurai " Hara" Kiri. In this manner the Samurai would cut out the " center of his being by the implemenation of three sacred cuts in the form of a triangle ( the symbol of manifestation).

The cross formed by the Raku and Kei energy is the cross which represents the four cardinal points and four elements. This pagan form was used by the christians after the death of Christ, and to this day 4 crossing oneself is regarded as a devotional act for Christians.

Raku Kei is the ancient science of Self-Development and Self-improvement. It is believed that the origins of Raku Kei come from Tibet . The Tibetan Lamas used Calligraphs to encapsulate the energy of a healing concept, recognising that all symbols, when drawn produce low frequency waves that can be detected by the human body. These Calligraphy symbols would normally be painted in large form upon wall hangings in the monasteries where monks would meditate. Such images would add a focus to the mantric work that would resonate with the symbol.

It is thought that all participants in these meditations would upon a four legged stool placed in the center of a large oval shaped earthenware container, representing the etheric egg, or Akasha, was filled with several inches of water. The water represented the emotions.

The stool itself represents the four cardinal points or elements, the person sitting on made the fifth, that of Ether, or Spirit. The stool was made of wood with a silver inlay going in a channel up the four legs to the center. This linked to an inlaid Master Frequency symbol upon the seat.

The walls of the meditation chamber were of highly Polished copper buffed to a very high reflective sheen. A sloped wall was used to hang the symbol so that it could be reflected upon the wall. This was to the rear of the meditator who was able to see the reflection enhanced by the copper on the wall. The concept of this procedure was to ensure that the symbols were deeply embedded into the mind by concentration and repetitive mantra. At the same time the body was being purified by exposure to the Master energy symbol on the seat. The energy from the symbol would be directed up the spine to the higher chakras. It was only relatively recently that Rolf Jensen discovered the cubicle silver inlay design which was used in the manufacture of the stool.

It is though that this technique was an exact esoteric science that was passed down to initiates by verbal tradition. In this way it eventually disappeared until the Sanskrit text identifying these techniques was discovered by Usui in the 1800's.


* History of Raku Kei Reiki

* The Sacred Secrets Of Reiki

* Kidney Breathing

* The Breath of the Fire Dragon

* Raku Kei Symbols

* Raku Kei Diagram

* The Seven Layer Auric Body System

* Chart Of The Seven Chakras

* HA-AHI-WAI- The Water Ceremony

* The Raku Kei Affirmation

You will receive the manual, one distance attunement and a certificate with lineage.




dragon Warrior by Gaby Solina Grill Mitterhofer connects you with the dragon, the slumbering heritage from ancient times is activated.

The Dragon Warrior empowerment connects you with the dragon, the slumbering heritage from ancient times is activated.

All your senses are sharpened, your self-confidence and unconditional love, above all, to you yourself, will be strengthened. All the skills that you as a divine person in you are wearing, then - as it is meant for you - wake up.

You will immediately tuned into the frequency of the New Age.

SY `GRON says in channeling:

"You human beings, if you read this, you feel addressed in your heart, I say SY `GRON thee to do thy inheritance, I SY `GRON me rejoice in the Dragon Warrior authorization inaugurate. The time is approaching, the New Earth will reality. "

Condition is the initiation into the light dragon .


Includes attunement, manual, and lineage and certificate upon request




Dragon Light by Gaby Solina Grill Mitterhofer A Highly Energetic Dragon Energy System of the New Age

A highly energetic dragon energy system of the New Age

Solina and Ellen Dana `S Stamer


With this agreement is not a healing system but a system that self-development, the discovery of hidden talents and the extension of the previously used possible.

The power of SY `GRON, the golden dragon sparkles in the colors of the rainbow.  Extract from the channeling of 28.11.2006 with SY `GRON:

"Greetings to you my love, I'm SY` GRON, a golden dragon, my homeland is the planet Eris. I was called here to assist you, as always, the energies are higher and brighter as it nears its end with the duality and the rise of the planet Earth into the fifth dimension is imminent.

My joy is great to be with you. Many children, the Rainbow Crystals and Crystal children can see, I already physically. And some that are on our side the light warriors are called, have already changed her mind as far as we can see dragons. Many of us are with you now on earth.

The hour when all the veils of illusion is falling, now even close. I will support you in your final steps into reality and give you some wonderful things to show when it goes on a journey with me.

These wonderful things are for you in the New Era will be commonplace .......

This agreement gives you strength, courage, confidence, confidence in all the things to come now. It enables you quickly get out of the duality, you also are more lucid dreams, your consciousness that you help out the 5th Dimension change.

We dragons have a great task in the NOW time. We assist with the Rainbow Crystal and Crystal children, the energies of your planet to hold to the rise of the planet earth to accelerate. "




OM TAT SAT by Solina - A high-energy matching system for all avatars in the light frequency of 999

A high-energy matching system for all avatars in the light

frequency of 999 Solina

If you choose this dedication for you, then also belong to the 144,000 high lights you who were once willing declared to save the planet Earth.

OM TAT SAT, it's your energy - the energy of 144 000 high lights.

Is not deep since the beginning of time for you, in your soul, your greatest desire, your desire, the planet Earth and back home with him to ascend into the light?

144 000 high lights are just like you, they like you, with their pure love, cast the light of God and still do, they wear the same yearning and desire to be the same as you - this way you will enjoy today INGROSS connect with them.

The energy OM TAT SAT - the energy of the avatars of the light, the energy of the 144,000 high lights - your energy, it is also you serving to the side, on your way home to the Light.

The Energy of Light flooded with your four-body system like a giant golden tsunami: Powerful high-energy magnetic love energy from the United Divine Thought Field flowing to you.

A wonderful power filled you - feel your power, OM TAT SAT.

Expect nothing - just be ready for the unbelievable!






Melek Metatron Corona by Solina Grill Mitterhofer


By SOLINA LYRIA Grill-Mitterhofer

The CORONA activation is one miracle that takes place on you.

Melek Metatron, the Lord of hosts, God's eye takes place, these high-energy activation at you personally.

By CORONA-activation, it is just possible that you dissolve all borders inside you. You are taking a quantum leap in your spiritual development.

Because you can find by direct access only to the divine energies and the Christ self in you.

The CORONA crystal you will of Melek Metatron, 7 energy points anchored all of your body.

In this way you connect again with your I AM Presence.




Melek Metatron Magnetic by Gaby Solina GrillMitterhofer

Melek Metatron Magnetic by Gaby Solina GrillMitterhofer


Pre-requisite: To receive this initiation you must have theattunement Ascendency Energy 999.

From the manual.... Energy Angel  Metatron - Magnetism works on the frequencies of Alpha Crystal which is now coming to Earth. This initiation into magnetic energy is done by the angel Metatron and Kryon. If this high vibrational energy flows through your body, it starts a change in your DNA in the way of becoming a Divine person. This initiation is preparation for the planetary Ascension which may take place without prior announcement.

Kryon said: “Pay attention to the signs of this time, as they point you the way. And the signs are on the rise. It’s time to wake up. Many people are awaking in the moment, their consciousness is changing. Everything that is not created out of love will not exist in the 5-th dimension”.

Includes manual and  attunement. Certificate and lineage avail upon request.



Anilos 999 by Solina- decodes dna in its original divine form, activates light body and God cell completely


reg price 140.00

A high activation energy of the New Age

by Solina


On 11/11/2009 I got this high-energy activation of Melek Metatron passed my higher self to the people to increase their light, and 5 in the Lead level of light.


Anilos 999 - one of the highest frequencies of light, which now flows on the planet Earth. She opens the portal to the divine in you thought field, therefore it is highly valuable and that you are awakened to carry aimless love and peace within you.


Anilos 999 decodes your DNA / DNA in its original divine form. Your light body and your God-cell is activated completely. You begin to unfold in your energy field and your access to the divine thought field is created.

Healing happens when your soul will allow.


There is a cleaning and clearing on all your levels and systems, your endocrine system and your chakras are balanced and your created unified chakra. In your seven major chakras and in your light body anchoring a  rise of crystal  occurred.


So you get a light-filled energy boost, through his strength and power. Two magnetic Neuzeitchakren for the increased uptake of m Agnete energy for your accelerated transformation and activate transmutation. The pattern of energy 999 is to set your light body and anchored.


So you will, when the planetary ascension takes place with Lady Gaia cross over into the 5th Level of light.


You will receive manual, attunement by chi ball. Lineage and certificate upon request.




Luranis by Solina Grill Mitterhofer


A high-energy modern authorization system Solina


This authorization is, by ADAMA chief high priest of the City of Light TELOS, to you personally performed. He takes you, after you have been prepared by me, on a journey into the City of Light TELOS, there is then in a solemn ceremony, completed your authorization.

The symbol of salvation LURANIS carries the pure rainbow energy in itself, its origin is from the areas of El Shaddai. It brings healing to all of your levels, if you allow it. Your DNA is opening up to the fifth Dimension - the transformation of your entire body begins.

Also, do you wear to the authorization granted by LURANIS, a symbol of salvation in you. You can do it by thought command to send any sick animals and healing happens as it is appropriate.

Use this in wisdom and unconditional love.


ADAMA is the supreme high priest, the spiritual leader of the sacred Lemurian city of Telos beneath Mount Light Mount Shasta in California. He is the leader of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. He also is an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our star brothers and sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the planet Earth. ADAMA, together with the Lemurian team besides dealing with questions of creation and maintenance of a highly important crystalline grid around the planet. He is working on this important project along with many galactic and interplanetary beings. ADAMA is "Ascended Masters of the blue beam" on a universal level, a master of love and compassion, and he assisted the humanity and the planet during the ascent project. TELOS has been on planet earth now a headquarters for the rise and Adama is one of the main leaders, along with the planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, and many others.

Adama embodies the "Heart of Lemuria" which means nothing less than the heart of love and compassion, the heart of the Divine Mother, the return of Christ consciousness on this planet in all its magnificent grandeur. ADAMAS time has now come to the surface that he is known inhabitants of this planet. His spiritual presence among us - as well as the spiritual presence of our former Lemurian family - is a great blessing for us all and for this planet. Let us open our hearts to Adama and the members of our Lemurian family who stand by us on our evolutionary path and wait for the coming period and to come back physically with us.

This authorization makes use of ADAMA, chief high priest of the City of Light TELOS, carried out personally to you. He takes you, after you have been prepared by me, on a journey into the City of Light TELOS, there is then in a solemn ceremony, completed your authorization.

The symbol of salvation LURANIS carries the pure rainbow energy in itself, it has its origin in the highest areas of light. It brings healing on all your levels, if you allow it. Your DNA is opening up to the fifth Dimension, the transformation of your entire body begins.  You are by this authority in a position other divine beings in the frequency of the 5th Dimension to anchor immediately. You are entitled to pass on this authority to others. Use of this unconditional love and in wisdom.



Magic Of Merlin Founded by SoLina Gaby Grill-Mitterhofer - connect to energy and magic of Merlin



Founded by SoLina Gaby Grill-Mitterhofer

This attunement will connect you to the energy and magic of Merlin. This opening gives you Protection, Craft and Love for all to you. It activates magic within you, which you very a long ago trusted, even though you have forgotten, it was always present within you. Merlin passed connection to the 5 elements and the 5 symbols are included in the manual.

Merlin, the magician, the greatest light of the avatars of magic.

He carries the power of omnipotence in itself and brings to you now, The Merlin Energy - The energy of Merlin.

This is his energy, one of the deepest and most powerful forms of energy on planet earth. It allows you to deeply immerse yourself in all your systems to initiate major changes.

Open your hearts to the power of the Merlin and let miracles happen!


• removal of energetic blockages and correction

• Large heart opening takes place

• Self-confidence, strength, power, courage and calmness

• Opening your full potential - to live it


Includes Attunement, Manual and Lineage and Certificate Upon Request.



Light Particular Assimilation Attunement by Gabi Solina & Ellen Dana Stamer

regular price 200.00

From the Manual: You - Light of Light, and you

go into this experience with Light. The photon energy is what moves our earth

forward, the most dynamic source of light.

This is nothing like the power of the Creator God, source of all ages. This idea, which

you can use to see the light at different levels for the expansion of consciousness.

Therefore you acknowledge experience as a non-physical, and the experience of

physical vibration.

In your piece, which is not physical, ie in which light particles (this is a wonderful

cell energy photons, which is the embodiment of the divine), you will find

experience that leads you to an unlimited world.

In the day that you do not aspire more to being better than another

person, per day, in which you seek to become better collectively, you starts to go

along with all the expensive light, you know the harmony and peace, and your

the significance of what actually is said to be a man.

You'll see why you are so wonderfully loved the spiritual world of the source of all

that IS. Then you will see clearly what you can not imagine that the peace and

your life will never end, you're not limited, but it's only human experience. AND

You acknowledge that we are all united in our solar system, and then we use this time

together with our highest potential. You no longer live in fear because you

know only peace and love.

You know the promise of the Creator, the source of all that is





Mar'Kai 1-3 Attunements by Gaby Solina with Adama

reg price 250.00

Channeling by Gaby Solina with Adamа

Greetings, my lovely soul! I'm Adama, the High Priest of Light city TELOS. Some time ago I promised you to initiate you in one of the most high frequency healing system. Now it is time to give this system to people with higher consciousness. This system is called Mar’Kai which means "elemental force of the universe". Colors of this energy are the colors of the rainbow, so in Lemuria this system was also called Rainbow Energy. It is one of the most respected and protected systems from the time of Lemuria. For people of the third dimension it will be a new energy, although it is an ancient system, which is passed now from our light empires to you.

As Mar’Kai is a system based on "Technology" of modern times, it does not need any complex symbols. Simplicity, your intention and your divine power within you are enough to work with it after your initiation into the three degrees of MAR KAI – system.

I am Adama, the highest priest of the light city TELOS.

Includes manual, attunement to levels 1, 2 and 3, lineage and certificate upon request.








Inner Warrior Attunement - Connects You to Your Inner Warrior by Solina Grill Mitterhofer


A soul in many people share rather suppresses, as is lived consciously, is the

Inner Warrior. Emotions such as anger, resentment, disappointment or feeling to

be unfairly treated are well known to us. If there is no connection to the Inner

Warrior, one tends to express hasty reactions to emotional outbursts or oppression

in the society. The ego reacts to external circumstances and acts being directed by

limited consciousness.

Many people find it too difficult to express their opinion openly and without

guilt, to represent their views or to prevail. If someone believes himself not to be

able to accomplish something because of a lack of courage, this is a sign of a

weak connection to his Inner Warrior.





Invitation into the Lightship Initiation high freq energy - remove fears, all bodies cleared, blockages released, all bodies strengthened to allow sou

reg price 100.00

Invitation into the Lightship Initiation - BRAND NEWThe Invitation into the Lightship is a brand new channelled system by Reiki Master Gaby Solina Mitterhofer and was until recently only available with a german manual. I am proud to announce that I now have the first english translated manual for this system which I am now offering through my website.

The energies of this system are designed to bring you to a state of consciousness where you will go with Ashtar Sheran, if you're ready, to his Lightship. This will either be achieved through your initiation attunement or it will happen when you are meditating on Ashtar and his Lightships. Through this connection Gaby states that you will be guided around the lightships and Ashtar will be there to help answer any questions that you have.

You will have a wonderful, almost indescribable experience on the huge light ship, where colors are beyond that of which anyone has experienced on the earth plane. This is due to the high frequency energy which you will be connected to, all your bodies will be cleared and all blockages will be released. Fears are removed and all your levels of our being are strengthened to allow the soul healing to occur.

The Translation of the Invitation into the Lightship Initiation manual is a translated document using Google. Some parts might seem a little confusing but overall the document is understandable.






The Light Dragon by Solina

The Light Dragon

You will receive the manual and attunement by chi ball call in method.

Lineage and or certificate available upon request.

The Light Dragon is a system that has been given to humanity to aid in allowing a consecration to take place which will give you an increase in personal strength, courage, confidence and confidence in all things around you. The new Light Dragon energies are also here to help you through the process of awakening your consciousness for the 5th dimensional changes that are going to be occuring on earth.



Dragon Transformational Vortex by Solina Grill Mitterhofer

Dragon Transformational Vortex

Notice: The translation of this manual does not consist of the best form of English but it is understandable.

The Cosmic Stargate attunement isalso a fixed fee system. TheDragon Transformational Vortex is a system which contains a very high vibrational frequency. Within this system you are attuned to a symbol which iscalled 'ANTANA RAH' which is used to raise the dragon energies to create what the founder calls a 'Spiritual Vortex'. Through the use of this vortex you will gain an increasing feeling of harmony, joy, strength and love. The Dragon Transformational Vortex energies are also used to help you to move into the 5thdimensional frequencies.




Usui Teate Reiki Master Course Attunements Levels 1-3



Usui Teate

The original Japanese form of Reiki is markedly different from the manner in which it has ended up being practised in the West. Originally known as Usui Teate, it was considered a spiritual path to enlightenment, based around meditation, self-healing and regular spiritual empowerments. Considerable emphasis was also placed on the importance of living and practising the Reiki precepts.

Usui's system was deeply rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism, with Tendai Buddhism providing the spiritual teachings and Shintoism contributing methods of controlling and working with the energies.

This integrated Reiki course takes Western-style Reiki back to its traditional Japanese roots and reveals the original practices and techniques established by Mikao Usui in the 1920s. Remarkably, about a dozen of his students are still alive, the youngest of whom is 107 years old. They will only speak with one or two people in the West, and much of the information contained within this course has been shared with Chris Marsh, a Reiki Master and high-level Japanese martial arts practitioner from the North East of England.

The remainder of the information has been uncovered by Frank Arjava Petter (a Reiki Master living in Japan ) and Hiroshi Doi (a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai). However, the most reliable and exciting material comes from Usui's surviving students.

Shoden (First Degree)

The First Degree or Shoden level covers the accurate history of the origins of Reiki, and the differences between Japanese and Western Reiki . Daily energy exercises to help strengthen and purify the Reiki channel known as Hatsurei Ho will be learnt, as well as Usui's original self-treatment approaches (including a powerful self-treatment meditation).

You will receive 3 Reiju empowerments (using Usui's original method) to connect you to the Reiki energy.

The following topics, and much more, will be covered in the course:

- What is Reiki?

- The history of Reiki.

- The Usui Memorial.

- The Reiki Principles.

- Poems of the Meiji Emperor.

- The original Japanese form of Reiki.

- What you will feel when treating others.

- What people feel when they are being treated.

- The effects of Reiki attunements.

- The effects of Reiki on patients.

- Using Reiki with other therapies.

- Hatsurei Ho.

- Self-treatments.

- Giving Reiki treatments.

- Distant healing.

- Treating plants and animals.

Okuden Level II

At this level you will learn the original Usui Japanese energy exercises to further develop your intuition, along with Western techniques to assist your own personal growth and healing. The 3 Reiju empowerments given in this course will enable you to 'hold' and channel more energy than before. These empowerments also serve to connect you strongly to aspects of the energy, which are represented by the Reiki symbols.

Methods for using the 3 Reiki symbols and mantras will be covered, including their use as a basis for self-treatment, as a means of making treatments stronger and more effective, plus some other simple approaches from Japan .

The following is a selection of the material covered:

- The Reiki kotodama: an original method of connecting to the Second Degree energies.

- Original methods for using the symbols, including a symbol meditation.

- Methods for increasing the flow of energy.

- Usui's scanning and intuitive techniques, known as Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho (which allow the Reiki energy to guide the hands, instead of rigidly following the set hand positions).

- Reiki treatments.

- Specific treatment techniques.

- Distant healing.

- Intuition and intent.

- Healing with the eyes and breath (Gyoshi Ho and Koki Ho).

- Grounding and protection.

Shinpiden (Master Level)

The Shinpiden course concentrates on three main areas: the use of Reiju empowerments, the use of kotodama at Master level, and ways of empowering yourself.

As this is an integrated course, you will learn the Western-style attunement methods in addition to the original Japanese Reiju empowerments. Reiju was the means by which Usui connected his students to Reiki, and by repeating them at regular intervals, both spiritual development and sensitivity to the energy can be enhanced and the intuition strengthened. The use of kotodama (sacred sounds) in healing and attuning will also be explored - these are wonderful Shinto mantras, which predate the use of the Reiki symbols.

You will experience a considerable increase in the flow of healing energy at this level, as the Master empowerments and attunements fully open your energy system to Reiki, and this will also increase the effectiveness of your treatments. This course includes many additional techniques, which will enable you to treat others more effectively and you will receive indepth instructions for passing the Reiki ability to others.

The following is a partial list of subjects covered at this level:

- Detailed history and background of Reiki.

- Overview of Usui's system.

- Energy exercises.

- The role of 'mindfulness' in Usui's system.

- The Reiki Kotodama.

- Working with intuition.

- Usui's crystal healing method.

-'Gakkai' Reiki Techniques (see Masters Update course for full list).

- Reiju empowerments.

- Reiju variations.

- Western attunement procedures.

- Lotus Repentence Meditation.

You will receive manual, distance attunements, lineage and a certificate.



REIKI GRAND MASTER DEGREES Levels 5 to 18 - 12 Separate Systems and Manuals Bargain Price - Ltd. time

There are nine Grandmaster Degree manuals, attunements and certificates with lineage information.

Information Regarding Reiki 5-18:

Reiki Levels 5 to 18 are not part of the traditional Usui Reiki system, or the teaching of Reiki founder, Mikao Usui, however these wonderful attunements have very profound and powerful energies. I highly recommend them. I loved receiving these attunements and I know that you will too!

These Reiki Grand Master Reiki Degrees are referred to as the ? secret degrees ? and or the ? higher master degrees ?. These energies are absolutely amazing to work with and very easy to use.

These powerful attunements include symbols that are 'channeled symbols' handed down by Spirit for the betterment of Humankind.

There is a Prerequisite for these Degrees. You must be a Reiki Master in order to receive The Reiki Grand Master Level Attunements.

Reiki Grand Master Levels 5 and 6

The 5th degree is referred to as ? the large harmony ? and the 6th degree ? l arge dividing ?.

This course includes attunement to the 5 th and 6 th highest degree. As well - it provides wonderful visualization techniques for the 5 th and 6 th degrees and channeled distant healing using the symbols.

It also includes the heighten the Frequency technique . There is information included regarding Reiki Healing for groups.

Reiki Grand Master Levels 7 and 8

In the 7th and 8th degree levels, you will be attuned to energies that help you to break away from dependence on anything that does not serve your Highest and Best Good, whether it be situations, items or persons. You will also be attuned to the Great Peace Symbol that brings peace and serenity into your life.

In addition, you will be attuned to the Anthahkarana symbol.

Lovely meditations are given for all symbols.

Reiki Grand Master Level 9

During Level 9, you will be attuned to the Great Happiness symbol which enables you to find true and lasting happiness on your life path.

Reiki Grand Master Level 10

During the 10th degree Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which means GREAT HOPE . The Great Hope Symbol will bring strength and courage to any situation you are struggling with on your life path.

Reiki Grand Master Level 11

During your 11th Degree Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which means GREAT FORCE which will bring great force into your life and into your healing sessions with clients.

Reiki Grand Master Level 12

During your 12th Degree Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which means GREAT LOVE which will bring an abundance and overflow of Universal Love into your life and into your healing sessions with clients.

Reiki Grand Master Level 13

During your 13th degree Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which means GREAT TEACHER which will bring powerful universal energies into your spiritual life to aid you in teaching your students.

Reiki Grand Master Level 14

During your Level 14 Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which in English means the I and the SELF , taking you on an internal journey to rediscover yourself through the use of the meditations and self healing.

Reiki Grand Master Level 15

During your Level 15 Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which in English means MY WAY TO A JOYFUL LIFE , bringing luck, satisfaction and Love into your life.

Reiki Grand Master Level 16

During your Level 16 Attunement you will be attuned to a Symbol which helps you to see what will happen and what is to come within your life. This understanding is gained through meditating with the level 16 symbol.

Reiki Grand Master Level 17

During your Level 17 Attunement you will be attuned to a symbol which helps with the divine temple that is yet to come. This divine temple is the temple with you and the temple that is pure consciousness. This understanding and connection to the divine temple is gained through meditating with the level 17 symbol.

Reiki Grand Master Level 18

During your Level 18 Attunement you will be attuned to a symbol which in English means Inner based maturity and spiritual wisdom. It will help you to gain divine wisdom through meditation and connections with the level 18 symbol.




Tridaya Master Attunements

Founder: Master Luykman Surjana

From the Founder


The meaning of Tridaya: Tri = Three, Daya = Force , so Tridaya Inner Power is a triple force of inner power -- the energy already in existence from birth. What will be trained and taught is how those three outstanding forces be can be awakened and used to neutralize an opponent without touching the persons concerned, as well as for HEALTH , for RECOVERY and GOOD FORTUNE.

Tridaya Inner Power proved to be the core of the inner power science which I have learned so far. So, for that purpose, the training is divided into three stages. These three forces correspond with three very important aspects of each human being, namely Mind, Body and Spirit.

Somehow, when I started to research this inner power science, I was led to analyze the inner power mysteries one by one, with the result that I finally found out that these three powers constitute the core of inner power strength. Although these powers apparently are independent from each other, they form a kind of synergy which mutually supports and fills in the gaps when this Tridaya Inner Power is needed.

Tridaya Inner Power does not require a long training period -- not three years, two years or even one year, but in one to two weeks with one to two hours of training every day, you can master the material and prove your skills concretely against materials as well as animals. The duration of training for each person is different. It depends on each individual, but there are people capable of demonstrating it in three days. Clearly, if you practice exactly in accordance with instructions, there will be no time of trial and error present in the training and proof. Some days, you may need longer training sessions than another person. Why is it be like that? Each person has different potential capacity. Just as with a knife, there are some that still needed to be sharpened for a while before it becomes sharp. There are some in need of more time for that purpose.

Even with that, you should also bear in mind that the Master shall also participate and awaken, activate and carry out synchronization of your inner power potential which has never been trained. Therefore, you don't have to take a long period of time to master this science.

These activations make each student able to utilize inner power instantly without having to train for years. This matter differentiates it from other self defense science .

Everybody has different inner power potential. Some have it in big, some in small size. Some also have large inner power potential, but unfortunately, it can not be dispersed outside since there are a lot of obstacles within his body. This energy handicap should be cleaned out beforehand. So, the process of each student's activation becomes unique and personal. This activation process is different with attunement at Reiki , but for those who ever received Reiki attunement or Yoga initiation etc., this inner power activation process would work together with the process which you have received. You will enjoy multiple advantages and added value.

Knowledge is the foundation on which you build your authentication and confidence. The more knowledgeable you are, the easier it is to do authentication and confidence is the result. You will learn all aspects related to inner power science as well as application in daily life for self-defense, health, recovery and fortune.

This course will help you understand the advantage of inner power and clarify why your opponent can be defeated without touching him and how to practice a blow from long distance. A lot of secrets will be revealed in this course , with the result that you don't need to have same experience as I had for years looking for the metaphysical mysteries that cover it. You just have to follow guidance step by step and prove it to your friends and family.

The Tridaya Inner Power self-defense art training can be learned by any man or woman, or by any religious group or race in this world, without differentiation . What is being taught is universal, unique, quick and easy.

The student in this course will be given the secret about inner power, training program, authentication and the method of maintaining increasing the power easily and quickly without wasting time (more or less only 15 minutes) .

After that, the student is invited to put forward questions, such as something that is not understandable or how to face a particular problem that actually occurred -- for example, how to overcome or avoid people who frequently disturb you on the road etc.

You will be attuned to all three levels. You will be issued a Mastership Certificate, Lineage, Activations (attunements) and manuals.



G-Tummo MAO-SHAN MASTER by Yuluis Eka Agung Septura




gTumo means sacred fire (Tejas) consists of isoteric, exoteric and mystic originated from Llamas in Tibet. Ever since and up to the late twentieth century, gTumo is highly classified lesson and strictly kept from beyond circumference of Llamas in Tibet.

gTumo is originated from the bibles of China called Mao Shan originally of Shang Jing ideology (1766-1154 B.C) which is initially for health-keeping purpose. At those particular moments, Llamas in Tibet often invaded with black magic and wrapped up in extreme cold weather of Tibet. Therefore, they tried to develop and embrace the bibles into knowledge or ideology to prevent the invasion of black magic within religious thoughts. In Han Dynasty (58 M) where Buddhism is imported from China, Buddhism was conceived by the Prince of Indian called Gautama (558-478 B.C) of which Llamas in Tibet practicing the beliefs as the highest level in achieving perfection or enlightenment. So called gTumo is the pioneer of gTumo today developed by practitioners of Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Buddha in America, India and Tibet.

gTumo goes along with Kundalini in regards to Heat Energy of which Nath tradition called Rajas or Surya while in Buddhism known as Red Bodhicitta or Candali in India. Sanskrit Tibetan called as gTumo which means "woman with explosive anger and barely controllable." gTumo and Kundalini is separated energy even though they remain in regarding manner. In digest manner, gTumo shall be incorporated with Kundalini in practice and involves incorporation method as in Kundalini and gTumo Stir.

The Practitioners dividing gTumo in 3 different manners as follow:

1. Gtumo Exoteric

Mastering exoteric gTumo is mostly beneficial in terms physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Applying exoteric gTumo is very simple since it does not require any concentration matter as the healing process will occur simultaneously in holistic manner. There are 16 (sixteen) symbols of energy in practice (in Level 2 upwards) which require visualization or depiction in supporting the healing process.

2. Gtumo Isoteric

Isoteric gTumo in intermediate level (second level upwards) applies16 energy patterns (non-symbols) and instead for healing process concentrated, it is effective in non-healing process as well such as spiritual consciousness encouragement, materialization and so forth. Practicing isoteric gTumo would enable the person to survive in extremely cold weather even without any clothes attached like in Lachi Kang, near Everest peak at Himalaya.

3. Gtumo Mystic

Mystic gTumo uses distinctive spell-cast in practice for all occasions within its main purpose to enhance spiritual conscious comprehension. Practicing

mystic gTumo will bringing up tremendous soul satisfaction.

For the record, the number of symbols to acquire should not consider as definite standard because some other gTumo stated there are 24 symbols. More importantly, derive what essentials to be in bibles.

Advanced gTumo taught various application of heat-cooling energy with varied positions of Mudra to empower energy towards unlimited manner.

The author got the Initiations and Methods in gTumo from:

1. Institute Lhama Tzong Khapa from Vajramaster Kuil whom doesn?t want his name to be published (Initial CF tel. 05x/xxxxx4 fax. 05x/xxxx8) lineage Khyungchen Aro Lingma Khandro.

2. A Friend from Surabaya, disciple of a Mix-Clothed Mao Shan Priest (Brother Lim), from his guru, the author got the physic initiation, sign and Vajramaster Hu (amulet) which author presented in this manual.

3. Murray Right (Lhama Zopa Rinpoche?s disciple) lineages Black Garuda FMPT

4. Articles donation from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok.

Beside, author also got the initiation metaphysically (Lama Thubten Yesce Meditation, Cosmic Awareness), gTumo friends, Shri Babaji Nagaraj Meditation for gTumo Exoteric and gTumo Esoteric from Vajramaster Ferizal Syukur, from his master, disciple of Lhama Thubten Yesce. You will receive four Angkurs (attunements), manual, certificate and lineage.

Levels: 4

Symbols: 16

Prerequisite: None



50% Off Tibetan Gtummo by Yulis Eka Agung Septura

reg price 160 Tibetan gTummo

This is an Exoteric form of gTummo that is usually taken in the four separate levels in most forms of gTummo, but which can be done all at once in an emergency. It includes meditations for the four levels, and mudras that can be used for various health related conditions. The manual has full color examples of the mudras, and gives their uses for healing various physical complaints including such things as severe heart attacks, urinary tract problems, eyesight, colds, and incurable infections, just to name a few.

It also includes the words and symbols of power. Each level's Angkur (initiation) is sent one week apart.

You will receive the manual and attunements by chi ball call in method.

Lineage and or certificate provided upon request.


Shakti Tumo Reiki, Founder Sastra Vardhana


Shakti means power or power of energy. In the Hindu concept, Shakti is the manifestation of God in the feminine aspect, sometimes is also called "Mother Divine".


Shakti follows the nature of what is active, the dynamic principle of force. Shakti is the source of energy, infinite power at the base of creation.


Tumo Shakti Reiki is a variant of Reiki combining the power of Shakti, theburning fire gTummo, Kundalini Reiki and traditional make a great system.


Shakti represents the mastery of all aspects pleasant and burning energy, and the harmonious organization of the universal energy that is constantly in action since the Creation of the Universe. All realities, all combined plans were created by Shakti, energy source Unitarian.


The unification of these three systems has led SHAKTI TUMO Reiki, which is a type of Reiki is extremely powerful ability to treat many health roblems, whether physical or psychological.


Tumo Shakti Reiki has no symbol, but it is possible to use those traditional Reiki or gTummo.


This type of Reiki is very active in cleaning Chakri and nadis, it strengthens the body's physical endurance and the various subtle bodies.




Shakti Tumo Reiki is

Activation Strength of Universe Shakti and Shakti in body

Activation Strength Fire of Tumo coming from three dot energy namely bottom tantien, middle and top until level 2

Activation Strength of Kundalini

Activation Strength of System Yin Yang of body so happened stability Yin energy and yang in our body

Activation Source of Energy Reiki

Activation of pineal and pitulitary gland to increase strength of concentration

Open and Activate 7 especial disc, 358 especial disc, and 72000 nadi in body

You will receive original manual from the founder, Sastra Vardhana, attunement to all four levels, master level certificate and short lineage.





Sathya Tummo

Founder : Dhyarmasatya


Sarvayudhavisadara Sathya Tummo is using Mystic and Esoteric approach in the practice so taht it is more to the use of energy pattern, mantra, mudra, and visualizaqtion instead of symbols. Sathya tummo has five levels, in which the third level or Master level and thereafter will be considered carefully for some reasons. Level One: In this level Candali (tummo) sacred fire which is fire element inside human body will be activated from lower tantien. Energy path, especially Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala will be opened so that sathya tummo energy will flow through all major energy paths. This level consists of 9 energy paths.


Level 2: In this level, Candali sacred fire will be activated from middle tandien so it will be stronger - 108 times stronger. Water element will also be activated. This level consists of 5 standard energy patterns, 2 additional energy patterns to strengthen intuition and to form protection shield, and mantras.


Level 3 Master Level - In this level the sacred fire will be activated from upper tandien so that it will be 1000 times stronger. Wind element will also be activated. This level consists of 3 additional energy patterns to cleanse neg. energy patterns in body layers, diseases because of karma, trauma, etc., to solve problems and etheric weapon to destroy negative energy, disease and negative entities. Because it also includes mantras which can be neg. mantras if they are used for neg. purposes this level will be given selectively.


Level Vajra Master - In this level the sacred fire will be activated from lower, middle, and upper tandien concurrently so it will be 10000 times stronger. Ether element is added. This level consists of 6 negativity energy patterns and 2 energy patterns to overcome neg. energy patterns and to protect. In this level you have the authority to give angkur (attunement) to others.




You will receive 4 manuals, 4 attunements, lineage and certificate upon request.



An Introduction to Sekhem Heka

Storm Constantine's new system, Sekhem Heka, is published in book form through Megalithica Books, and imprint of Immanion Press, in May 2008. Here is an overview of some of the system's components. 

In Ancient Egypt, sekhem literally meant ‘power’ or ‘might’. The term applied to gods and goddesses and was often part of the titles of pharaohs and queens. The sekhem sceptre carried by rulers and important officials was a physical representation of their earthly power. In recent years, the word sekhem has been reinterpreted to mean the energy of a healing system named after it, but that meaning is of modern not ancient origin. Sekhem, in its modern sense, is a form of healing that derives from a system called Seichim, which itself is partly a derivative of Reiki. Originally, the word heka meant ‘magic’ or ‘magical power’, and it was also the name of a god who presided over magic.

This system of healing and self-development derives from Storm's experience in the healing systems Reiki and Seichim and also in magical practices inspired by Ancient Egypt. Sekhem Heka is a system that incorporates energy healing as well as a structured series of rituals and path workings, focusing upon the energy centers of the body and associated Egyptian god forms. Storm formulated the system for a number of reasons. Primarily, she has a great interest in the goddess Sekhmet as do I and other Egyptian god forms, and have worked with their energy for many years. Once Storm became a Reiki Teacher, and discovered Seichim/Sekhem, she was pleased to discover that some Teachers had combined energy healing with Egyptian symbolism, and was keen to go down that path herself. Secondly, as Reiki initiation paves the way for self-development,storm wanted to provide a system for her students whereby they could combine their studies.

You do not have to be attuned to Reiki or Seichim to be able to use most of the Sekhem Heka system but for those unfamiliar with the term, an attunement is a short procedure, performed by a Teacher who has taken the highest, often called Master, degree of an energy healing system. Attunements are the core of the majority of healing models based on Reiki and its derivatives, during which a person becomes enabled to channel universal life energy (chi or ki) through their body. Thus, the energy they utilize is not their own; it is universal energy channeled through them. It neither exhausts nor depletes you as you work with it. Anybody, whether they’ve been attuned to an energy healing system or not, can perform the meditations and rituals of this system and acquire the benefits from them.

The Origins of Seichim/Sekhem

In the early 1980's an american gentleman named Patrick Zeigler underwent a spontaneous attunement while in Egypt which occured within the great pyramid of Giza. It was an experience similar to that of Master Mikao Usui when he first acquired the ability to channel Reiki. Eventuall, and some time later after having taken his Reiki training, Patrick formulated a method in which he was able to pass on the same energies that he himself had received.

Over the years, as Reiki initiates learned how to work with Seichim, the two systems became fused, and now there are many crossovers between them, not least that Seichim attunement involves the use of Reiki symbols. (This is presumably because Patrick Zeigler used adapted Reiki attunements when formulating his initial Seichim system). Although Seichim and Reiki are mostly regarded as separate systems, channelling different energy ‘rays’, storm does not think the two can be separated, for the simple reason of the shared symbols. If Seichim attunements were performed without any recourse to Reiki methods, then that might not be the case, but they are, and this cannot be overlooked.

As with Reiki, many different branches of Seichim sprang up, and one of these was Sekhem. Although this was a term originally used by Patrick Zeigler, who has experimented with various different names for his system, it has been adopted by other Teachers, some of whom have greatly added to or changed the system. Sekhem, typically, incorporates the Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet, who was a ferocious lioness deity in ancient times, but who also had a healing aspect. Sekhmet’s priests were also physicians, so it’s easy to see how this goddess fits neatly into the Sekhem healing system. It is Storm's strong belief that any experienced practitioner can connect to Sekhem Heka, through regular meditation and openness to its manifestation.

If you already regularly meditate or perform spiritual rituals, it should come easily. If you have taken Teacher degree Reiki or Seichim, the practices will undoubtedly feel more familiar to you, but to get positive results you simply need to want to experience them.

Shef - The Energy System of the Body

As with most other energy healing systems, Sekhem Heka works with the seven energy centres within the body, which in this system are referred to as the shef – the whole system – or shefats, the individual centres. These words derive from an Ancient Egyptian term that means power, energy, or vigour.

The energy centres are commonly known in most systems as the chakras, the idea of which derives from Ancient India. The centres are visualised as spheres or lotuses of coloured light, ranging through the spectrum from violet to red. The Correspondences of the Shefats There are seven degrees in Sekhem Heka, and at each degree you will work with one of the seven shefats, beginning with Sen-t, the base shefat, which can be regarded as the seat of the animal self, survival fears, the fight or flee response. Qemhu, the crown shefat, is regarded as the ‘highest’, being connected with the higher self, spirituality and higher consciousness. Here is a brief overview of the shef.

The Base Shefat

Sen-t (ground, basis, foundation) (sen-tay)

This shefat is fiery red in colour and is situated at the base of the spine. Its element is earth and it is associated with the sense of smell. It also relates to the inner adrenal system that controls the ‘fight or flight’ response. Sen-t concerns survival fears, basic instincts, the animal self, personal stability, matters of security.

The Lower Stomach or Sacral Shefat

Khept-ti (male and female genital organs) (kep-tee)

Khep-ti is situated above Sen-t, below the navel and relates to the sexual organs. Its colour is a radiant orange, its element is water and it corresponds to the sense of taste. This centre is concerned with sexuality, sexual energy, desire, feelings, creativity, pleasure, self confidence, and general well-being.

The Solar Plexus Shefat

Hati (will, disposition) (haa-tee)

Hati is located below the rib cage and relates to the digestive system and the pancreas. It is the shefat of the sun, and it is thought that the body absorbs solar light through it. Therefore, it can be seen as your personal sun, the seat of your personal power. In colour it is a vibrant golden yellow, and its element is fire. It corresponds to the sense of sight and relates to will power, personal power, complex emotions, perseverance and determination. Here is born the ability to project the personality and affect your reality.

The Heart Shefat

Ab (heart)

Ab is the centre of the body; three above, three below. It is located in the chest and relates to the thymus gland, which regulates the lymphatic system. Its colour is green, the colour of healing, and it relates to the element of air and the sense of touch.

The Throat Shefat

Ashash-t (throat, gullet) (aah-shash-tay)

Ashash-t is situated in the throat and relates to the thyroid gland and metabolism. Its colour is blue and its element is ether. It relates to the sense of hearing.

The Third Eye Shefat

Aar-t (a goddess of the uraeus) (aah-tay)

Aar-t and Qemhu (the Crown) form the two highest centres of the energy body. Both can be said to be the seat of the ‘third eye’, but it is probably best to imagine them as a whole with regards to this function. Aar-t is situated in the middle of the forehead, above and between the eyes. It relates to the pituitary gland and extra-sensory perception. Its colour is indigo.

The Crown Shefat

Qemhu (crown of the head) (Kem-oo)

Qemhu is located in the centre of the head, although the shefat is often visualised as existing just above the crown, outside the body. Its colour is generally seen as violet, although it is also pure white light, the entire spectrum. It corresponds to the pineal gland. This centre relates to the seat of your consciousness, the higher self. It is the shefat of empathy and true bliss through understanding. In Qemhu all the aspects of the lower shefats are united. It is their source of energy.


The Tiers of Sekhem Heka

All of the names for the degrees are taken or adapted from Ancient Egyptian words of appropriate meaning. For example Ha-a means ‘first part’, while Sen-nu means ‘second time.’

Ha-a: the first degree


There are two neteru associated with this degree. The first is the lioness-headed neter Sekhmet, and the second is the neter of magic, Heka. The symbols introduced at this stage include Heka and Tcheru (cheh-roo), the infinity symbol. The Heka symbol equates to the Cho Ku Rei, or power symbol of Reiki that is learned at first degree. This is the glyph of the neter’s name, as well as being part of the name of this system. The shefat associated with this degree is Sen-t, situated at the base of the spine.

Sen-nu: the second degree


The neter of this degree is Isis. It involves the second shefat, Khep-ti, which is situated in the belly and associated with sexuality, desire, passion and creativity. The symbol for this degree is Tchem-Aset (chem-az-ett), the ‘wings of Isis’, which is representative of both creativity and protection.

Khemt-tu: the third degree


The neter connected with this degree is Ra, the sun god. The third shefat, Hati, lies at the solar plexus, and is associated with will power and how we project our personality to the world. Khemt-tu also includes the five Sekhem Heka principles, which complement the Reiki Principles devised by Mikao Usui. Each principle involves a meditation, during which you examine aspects of your conditioning, the things that make you the person you are. The symbol for Khemt-tu is Aaten, the ancient symbol of the solar disk.

Ftu-Nu: the fourth degree


The fourth degree centres upon Ab, the heart shefat, connected with matters of emotion, unconditional/universal love and emotional expression. The neter for it is the cat-headed goddess, Bast, in her aspect of a goddess of love. The symbol is Per-Ahu (pair-a-hoo), which means ‘the house of the heart’.

Tu Nut: the fifth degree


Maat, the neter associated with this degree, is the goddess of cosmic truth. The shefat of Tu-Nut is Ashash-t, the throat, which is connected with communication. The melding of Maat and Ashash-t promotes honest communication, with oneself and others. The symbol for Tu-Nut is Tchet-it (chet-it) meaning ‘the spoken word’.

Sas Nu: the sixth degree


The neter of Sas-Nu is Wadjet, the cobra goddess. Her symbol, the uraeus, is the serpent found on the crowns of Egyptian kings and queens. Wadjet as a serpent represents the third eye, the seat of intuition, clear sight and self awareness. The shefat Aar-t (aah-tay), found within the ‘third eye’ is connected with these qualities. The symbol for Sas-Nu is Ma-her (ma-hur), which represents a flash of light emanating from the Eye of Horus. This is because Wadjet, known also as Uatchit, is closely associated with the Eye, itself representative of inner sight.

Sefekh Nu: the seventh degree


Nuit (noo-it), the neter of sky and stars, is representative of the path of magical seeking, as well as the higher self and knowledge. Sefekh-Nu is the ‘Master Degree’ of Sekhem Heka. Its shefat is Qemhu, the crown, which is connected with the idea of the higher, spiritual self. The master symbols of this degree are Tcher-Sekhem (chair-sek-em) and Aakhu (aah-koo), which are used for the passing on of attunement to this level.

You will receive

~ The original Sekhem Heka PDF manuals and Journal papers for your chosen degree which will be sent to you via Email. Alternatively you can purchase the Sekhem Heka book through all well known online book suppliers

~ Final exam paper (Only for students of Sefekh Nu) 

~ Your Sekhem Heka attunements will be sent to you after you have read through each of the manuals and have completed the end of course journal entries. This will take between 2-3 weeks to complete for each degree. You might feel that you need to take longer between each level and this is perfectly ok.

Please Note: The Sekhem Heka course will take a minimum of 7 weeks to complete and no less.

~ Each of your attunements to Sekhem Heka will be sent to you using the chi ball (call in) method.

~ You will receive an emailed certificate which will be sent to you on completion of each of your attunements or if all 7 degree's are purchased at the same time you will only receive 1 certificate stating that you have reached the level of Master/Teacher (Shesa t - Female Teacher or Tchaasu - Male Teacher).

Sekhem Heka 1st - 7th Degree –


Sekhem Seichim Reiki Master Attunements


The energy system known as Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, or SSR, combines Egyptian living light energy with Reiki, Japanese lifeforce energy, considered by many to be Tibetan in origin and rediscovered by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui.

The words Sekhem and Seichim are Egyptian terms meaning living light energy.

Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki is a healing matrix of universal lifeforce energy that works at the heart center and emotional body to open individuals up to greater LOVE and connection with Source. Often, people experience profound shifts in themselves after working with SSR energy, and especially after receiving the SSR empowerments (attunements).

SSR helps individuals move through patterns of self-limitation by opening the heart to LOVE and possibility. Experiences vary, but SSR energy typically moves individuals into a deeper relationship with themselves and with everything around them, helping bring clarity to the areas of one's life that need to be changed for maximal growth.

(Excerpted from ALL LOVE: A Guidebook for Healing with Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM by Diane Ruth Shewmaker, ©1999, Diane Ruth Shewmaker, All Rights Reserved.)

Q. What is SSR and what are its benefits?

Sekhem (pronounced "Say-kem") is an Egyptian word meaning power or might. Sekhem is also the Egyptian equivalent of the Indian term prana and the words chi and ki as used in the Orient to denote the all-encompassing essential force that binds the universe together and is present in all life. Sekhem is both all around us and in us. Seichim (pronounced "Say-keem") is living light energy as well as an ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom. Reiki (pronounced "Ray-key") is a Japanese word meaning universal life force. Reiki and Seichim are standalone healing systems that until recently have been taught and applied separately.

SSR is a healing matrix that is a unique integration of these three related, yet distinct, multidimensional energies. Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki work together as a unified trinity of sacred healing energies to completely balance and harmonize a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This expands the individual's capacity to carry more light and love and anchors and grounds the essential life force within his or her energy system.

SSR complements and enhances traditional medical interventions. The high-frequency, vibratory light and sound energies of SSR help to activate a person's innate healing resources to support healing of acute and chronic disease as well as anxiety, fatigue, depression, stress and other symptoms that are produced by unbalanced thoughts, feelings and emotions.

SSR encompasses the understanding that conditions and symptoms found in one level of a person's energy field usually have corresponding components in one or more of the other levels. For example, a physical symptom may have matching emotional, mental and spiritual components. As the subtle aspects of cause are addressed at these multiple levels, deeply held energetic blocks and constrictions are released, bringing the opportunity for improved health, more joy and love of living, higher levels of energy and vitality, greater creativity, increased mental clarity and focus, and improved relationships.

As the healing process advances over time, it is also common for the recipient of SSR to have the experience of a new beginning and rebirth of life together with a greater sense of meaning and purpose and an expanded awareness of self in relation to the universal whole. Other reported benefits of SSR include deep relaxation, stress reduction, clearing of addictive patterns, emotional stability and greater self-esteem. SSR can also assist a person in finding his or her soul purpose, and in enhancing communication with his or her spirit guides, angels, the ascended masters and the Source of ALL LOVE. The positive effects of SSR are cumulative and will carry forward from session to session, building momentum as an individual moves through the healing process.

SSR is an energy system that encompasses the full spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies available from the Source of ALL LOVE. Each of its three components plays a specific role that when combined with the others creates a unique synergy. Reiki anchors and grounds the healing vortex of the universal life force in the physical and subtle bodies and into the Earth. Reiki also assists in the early stages of opening the doorway or portal to accessing the many levels of one's higher nature. Where Reiki leaves off in this latter function, the multidimensional living light energy of Seichim takes over. Seichim dissolves barriers to the higher self, activates and strengthens the light body and opens and enhances one's connection to his or her angelic guides, the ascended masters and the Source of ALL LOVE.

As the energies of Heaven and Earth come together to spiral, dance and become One within the heart, Sekhem balances and merges the physical and subtle bodies, unifying all polarities including masculine and feminine. The lotus blossom of the unified heart chakra bursts open and unfolds, bringing forth the eternal golden blue-white flame of what some call the indwelling Christ Consciousness and the I Am Presence. Thus, SSR is a trinity, defined by J.C. Cooper in An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols as a unity; a three-in-one and a one-in-three that creates unity in diversity, with the third (Sekhem) uniting the opposites (Reiki and Seichim).

At the expansive level of the Source of ALL LOVE, all that exists is fully united in the One, including each of the components of SSR. In this realm of being, there is no duality or separation from the Creator -- no Heaven and Earth, masculine and feminine, dark and light, or love and fear. This is the true nature of the Sekhem energy ? total oneness, harmony, peace and unification. It is this enlightened state of consciousness, health and well being in which we are seeking to live.

At this stage of humanity's evolution, most people are not clear enough to handle this high level of energy without causing major distress in the circuitry of the human energy system. For this reason, the electromagnetic frequencies of Sekhem adjust themselves by stepping down their "voltage" to meet us where we are, which for the time being includes duality consciousness. Thus, the vibrational frequencies of Reiki meet us at the foundational level of our physical or Earth existence, then flow into Seichim, which helps us open to and connect with our divine or Heavenly nature and the infinite multidimensional frequencies available from the Source of ALL LOVE.

Under the guidance of the recipient's higher self, just the right amount of pure Sekhem energy then flows into the "high octane" blend of SSR, facilitating the growth, integration, elevation and balancing of all levels of the individual's being. Another key component of this process is the building and widening of the central light column, which is a person's direct line to the Source of ALL LOVE as well as the mechanism for grounding the SSR energy stream into the cellular memory of the physical body and the Earth.

As the physical and subtle bodies of the human auric field begin to merge, a force field is created around the person that gradually allows the acceptance of greater and greater amounts of universal light frequencies without overwhelming the person's energy structure. This process in turn prepares the way for the oversoul to descend and live in the physical body. The oversoul is that already-perfected part of a person's consciousness that exists on the plane of universal love and wisdom. In this way, the SSR healing matrix assists the entire energy structure in becoming centered in and attuned to the unified heart chakra.

You will receive manual, certificate, lineage, attunement and powerful Egyptian Energies to work with in your practice!




Tenaga Dalam Ilahi Attunements

Tenaga Dalam Ilahi

Tenaga Dalam (Inner Power) can be raised by breathing practice, either by holding breath in the abdomen, chest or below the navel combined with concentration at a certain point. This kind of inner power can accumulate into a supernatural power that is filtered from Daya Hayat (life power)/ Daya Prana (Prana power)/ Magnetis (magnetic power) that exist naturally and within us. However, if these powers are not routinely used or practiced, they will disappear automatically.

This Tenaga Dalam Ilahi (Celestial Prana) has a specifically different method from other prana. This celestial prana sources at our faith to God the Almighty combined with full concentration. This prana will function forever and will automatically recharge itself after being used. The initiation process can be done directly or long distance. For long distance initiation by chi ball call in method or a real time appointment. Celestial Prana consists of Mental Prana and Physical Prana, the combination of both will prevent the practitioner from being exhausted after practicing it. Most other Pranas only has one aspect that is the physical prana causing the practitioner to feel terribly fatigue after practice. Celestial Prana combines both Pranas to automatically recharge itself after being used. In addition, the breathing techniques given in this manual will fasten the process.

The benefits after the initiation:

* To have self protection against any physical or metaphysical attack

* To have the protection against injury from sharp tools (when being attacked by an enemy)

* To cure any physical or metaphysical diseases

* To cure impotency

* To increase charisma and attraction

* To improve career and business

* To have the ability to communicate and control khodam (occult guide) if you want to

* To be able to push away enemies before they even touch you

* To borrow other people?s supernatural power

* To be able to lock other people?s power or attack

* To create protection for self, other people, house/company and wealth

* The real key to make heirloom (to fill keris, machete, knife, samurai, jewel, oil for attraction and water)

* There is no prohibition, side effect nor contradictive to other white esoteric knowledge. It will even unite. Only those supernatural powers coming from God will unite. Any other knowledge?s coming from things or other beings will disappear.

* And many other benefits

Celestial Prana (TDI) comes from faith of clean and pure heart. It will eventually lead you to faith to God the Almighty. This knowledge will function forever and will never vanish. It is non contradictive to other pranas.


· Phase 1: Attunement and of Empowerment Energy Sensitivity during 7 day, its target to open and improve sensitivity feel and occult radar in participant body, So that can feel and detect energy.

* Phase 2: Evocation and of Empowerment Mystical Power during 7 day, after awakened hence needed by training of breath to strengthen mystical power which have been awakened. Mystical Power Science of Ghaib Real Light consist of two shares namely Mystical Power Mind and Mystical Power Physical. Practice Exhalation is to strengthen Mystical Power Physical, which if have perfected will felt like electrics sting, feel heat or warmness and sensitivity will mount drastically. Mystical Power Mind by itself will be empowered every day.

You will be attuned to the Practitioner Level, receive the certificate, lineage and manual.



SHAMBALLA REIKI first to third level and

Master level $150. 

It contributes a western metaphysics to the Reiki traditional.  It introduces to St.  Germain and to the teachers elevated as the creators of Reiki in Lemuria and Atlantis. Is a creative  Reiki.  Shambhala is based on the belief that all the beings have been initiated in Reiki in past lives and now is awaking again for the benefit of the humanity and for the world.  Shamballa acts in a plan of greater vibration and thus can transfer energy with more rapidity and intensity.

CHEYENNE REIKI, MAHEOO, Reiki of the American natives.  Before the patriarchy we were more link to the land and the nature, discover your power animals. Cheyenne Reiki contributes the integration of the elements that form the life along with the universal spirit and the purpose of your life.  First level, second level and master level.$60


 Ama Deus Master Attunement - Powerful Shamanic Healing System that uses God's love, ancient symbols, healing for self, others, emergencies, animals

Ama Deus


From the manual:


Ama Deus is a powerful, energy-based shamanic healing system that uses God's love and a series of  ancient symbols (without names or colors), as vehicles for the energy transmission. The symbols are  multidimensional, and therefore both specific in their application as well as wide-ranging in their scope.

Although the system is similar in some ways to Reiki as it seeks to balance the energy centers within  the body, the Ama Deus symbols are designed for more specialized actions than those used in Reiki.

As with Reiki and other energy healing modalities, Ama Deus can be sent over long distances, and it  can also be used in conjunction with other methods of healing. The practitioner is simply a channel for  God's love, which is why Ama Deus is known as a heart-based energy system. The healing energy is  projected through intent and attunement with the energies of God and the symbols.

Ama Deus can be employed in a multitude of situations, including the following:

Healing for oneself and others



Distance healing



Healing for emergency situations



Healing for animals, birds and plants



Helping those near death or dying to choose whether to live any longer or not - from a spiritual



perspective, any ending is really a new beginning



Helping departed souls in their transition to the spirit world



Purification of food, water, medicines etc.



Physical and emotional healing of the heart



Helping babies make a smooth transition into the world and ground into their physical body



Receiving a spiritual gift on your birthday



Receiving spiritual information during your dreams



Recollection of past lives/journeying in the Akashic Records



Supporting world leaders in making decisions that could affect the entire Earth



Healing the Earth





This includes a 36 page manual and certificate with lineage sent and two distant attunements.

With this system you will learn:



dispersing negative energy

helping souls cross over

healing plants and animals

purifying food and water

improving mental clarity


developing insight



tuning in to nature

and much more!

With this course you will receive:

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing System Attunement (there are 2)

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing System Manual with attunement process,

symbols and exercises.









Karuna Ki Master Course -Compassion in Action, 3 Levels, Strengthens ones ability to heal on all levels

Karuna Ki is an advanced healing energy system that takes the Usui system to

another level. Karuna Ki includes 3 levels of instruction: First Degree, Second

Degree and Third Mastery Degree. It is available only to those who have attained

Usui Reiki Master level.


Karuna Ki is wonderful at strengthening ones ability to heal on all levels,

physical, emotional and spiritual. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means

"compassion in action".


The word Karuna is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. Karuna is the motivating

quality of all enlightened beings who are working to end suffering on Earth. It is

understood that Karuna is not only extended to others out of love, but also

because it is an entirely logical thing to do. In the same way that you would want

to heal your own wounds, you would also want the wounds of others to heal. It is

stated in Buddhist literature that Karuna must be accompanied by "prajana", or

wisdom to have the right effect.


The three levels of Karuna Ki are outlined below, feel free to email me with any



Karuna Ki  I - In this level you will receive and learn how to use the first 4

symbols of Karuna Reiki and be attuned to their energy. You will then practice

using these symbols and treatments. Working with chanting, toning and healing

our shadow self.


Karuna Ki II - In this level you will receive and learn how to use the second 4

symbols of Karuna Reiki and be attuned to their energy. You will then practice

using these symbols and learn how to infuse these with your regular Reiki

symbols and treatments.


Karuna Ki III - Master Teacher - In this level you will learn how to teach the

symbols of Karuna Reiki and be attuned to Master Energy. You will then practice

using these symbols and learn how to attune others to Karuna Reiki.


Karuna Ki is an advanced form of Reiki developed by Vincent Amador.


Karuna Ki uses the same symbols as Karuna Reiki® and Tera Mai™

Reiki, but it has different attunements, exercises, and new ideas in general.


Karuna Ki is in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki® which is trademarked

by William Rand.


Karuna Ki is Compassionate Energy and Healing. It is connecting to the

"Heart" of Reiki for the healing of the entire universe.


With this you will receive:


3 Karuna Ki Reiki Attunement

Karuna Ki  Certificate

Karuna Ki Manual





Initiations and attunements can be presential, or remote, a manual of each workshop will be delivered. 


Assistance will be given during and after each workshop. 


Please write me with any comment.

other Form of payment:

western union

Ramón Martínez López

San Jose, Costa Rica 


If you request a distant treatment with one of the healing systems above just send me and e-mail with your full address and the day to be received.