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Geometry means "measurement of the earth." When the Nile flooded each year in ancient Egypt, obliterating the property boundaries, priest-mathematicians used geometry to re-establish the markings for specific areas. To the Egyptians and the mystical philosophers, geometry was regarded as a magical science with the power to reveal to humans the properties of given elements (points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids) that remain invariant under specified transformations. In general, we use geometry to study spatial order through the dimensions and relationships of forms.


“You by no means change things by combating the existing reality. To transform something, construct a new representation that converts the existing form into obsolete”. 


This structure goes beyond your energy field to the omniversal forces of light creation.


KUNDALINI POLYCHORON as such as it is said to draw energy up from our base chakra and even up from the earth, from deep within the Earth Star Chakra, which is the seat of our soul. This energy moves up through our system, igniting and spinning each chakra as it goes. Activating our Kundalini energy is said to shift us forward in life and get us moving along our spiritual path - it allows us to work from our spiritual center, rather than the egoic mind.

PHANTOM POLYCHORON signify growth and rebirth. Out of limitation appears something of beauty. These amazing energies help us to see before, after, and the struggles in-between, as part of an evolutionary process. They help to instill a sense of "magic" many of us lost along the way and are excellent to use to aid spiritual growth. PHANTOM POLYCHORONS are made of universal awareness, these possess an ability to instill a sense of wonder in the world around us. Helping us see old situations with new eyes. A wonderful energy for the mystic and "seer".


This is part of POLYCHORON SERIES.