Homepathy Ki 1-13 Attunements


Homeopathy Ki 1-13

Founded By Kirsten Reinelt

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the method of healing developed from the affinity or similarity principle. It?s name comes form the Greek words Homoios ( = similar ) and pathos (= suffering).

The science of Homeopathy was discovered by the physician, pharmacist, and chemist Dr.Samuel Hahnemann ( born 1755 in Meissen , died 1843 in Paris )

It is a therapeutic procedure, with which by exponentiation (dilution) of active vegetable, animal, or mineral substances, a healing is obtained.

The Principle of Similar s

Through many years of experimentation and accurate observation, Dr. Hahnemann discovered two facts tremendously important for healing.

1. If one introduces into healthy humans a certain natural substance in the smallest of doses on a regular basis, then they will produce symptoms that are typical for the disease that particular substance treats. In the year 1790, Dr. Hahnemann began a scientific examination through a self - administered treatment program with cincona bark, from which one derives quinine.

After ingesting the smallest of quantities of cincona bark powder he became "ill" and got malaria-like symptoms. Thereupon he formed a group of volunteers to assist him and examined their reactions to the substance. Over the ensuing years many medicinal materials were used and their resulting symptoms were documented precisely. Thus the homeopathic pharmaceutical documents with pertinent information were developed explaining the effects a certain material had on the human organism.

2. In further experiments over the years he determined the fact that only the pharmaceutical material whose medicinal responses are similar to the symptom responses experienced in sick humans, is capable of healing that illness in humans.

The task of homeopathy in active humans is to find for the patient a corresponding Simile (= something similar) or a Similimum (= the most similar). The doctor needs for the details, description of the symptoms, and indication of the patient to go into the smallest of details (if possible including all medicine encountered)

Dr. Hahnemann?s research found out in its over 50 years time that the local symptoms, which are "symptoms and indications", are not in any way the illness. But, they are only the outward view and perceptible expression. In reality there is a deep strength operating in the center of humans which when the balance of order and harmony is disturbed creates illness in humans. He called it the vitality

If disease characteristics arise somewhere, then this is an indication of the fact that the vitality is not in harmony. Only when these conditions are present can bacteria, viruses, or the like attack. The task of homeopathy in active humans thus consists only in bringing by suitable means order and harmony into the vitality.

Homeopathy Ki does not replace a physician or a healer. It serves to treat small things, like bumping the foot on something, bee stings, lamp burns, hoarseness by overexertion, etc.. Furthermore from my practice in classical Homeopathy I believe that chronic cases belong in the hands of an experienced Homeopathic, since they may require a detailed analysis.

Aside from the necessary knowledge or information, I would like to encourage you to listen to your intuition! Trust yourselves and your inner wisdom.

How do I use Homeopathy-Ki ?

The suitable means is to send the energy simply to the place in which it is needed. For example when bumping the toe, stage fright, or bee stings, send Arnica to the place in the aura and so on.

In contrast to classical Homeopathy, it is not necessary with Homeopathy?Ki to indicate the desired power. We are only concerned here with the information the individual needs. Because the energy/information does not have to be extracted from the original substance, the strength is not necessary.

The pure information that nature needs is present and it works it out directly. Frequently an energetic based gift is necessary, however it depends completely the person receiving the Homeopathy-Ki. Rely again on your internal wisdom or intuition.


* Aconitum

* Allium Cepa

* Bee Stings

* Arnica

* Arsenicum

* Belladonna

* Bellius Perennis

* Bryonia

* Calendula

* Causticum

* Chamomile

* Cocculus

* Euphrasia

You will receive either 13 distance attunements or if prefered one big attunement covering all levels and you will receive a manual and certificate and lineage. You will also receive on-going support



Homeopathy REMEDIES attunements™



You can charge water for treatments



Coriandrum sativum, allium sativum plus Zeolite

Desmodium adscendens (D. procumbens)




wu-wei-zi or Schisandra


 Mandrake- Mandragora officinarum


Heleborus purpurascens


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Health beneficts of earth shakti activations™


Health effects of Germanium

Germanium is to improve the immune system, boost the body's oxygen supply, make a person feel more alive and destroy damaging free radicals. In addition was said to protect the user against radiation. Stabilizes the dna it has an rejuvenating effect.

Environmental effects of tantalum

Tantalum is to prevent environmental pollution.


It is to stimulate metabolism. Good for losing weight.


It activates the energy in your physical body to strengthen your heart. It helps in Physical beauty.


Activates the energy in your heart

To manifest love, increases love frequencies.


It makes your energy brighter and can have a better connection with star light. Stagnant areas of your body are cleansed. You can be more attractive to the opposite sex. It increases your Prosperity.


It activates your spiritual connection with your body.

You can prepare homeopathic remedies or in your aura to be activate just by intention.


Homeopathy REMEDIES poison attunements™



It activates the Homeopathy REMEDY properties with dna attunements


You can charge water for treatments



Centruroides sculpturatus

Conus textile

Stichodactyla helianthus

Dendroaspis angusticeps

Dendroaspis polylepis

Heloderma suspectum



Do not underestimate theses remedies; they are very effective and powerful.


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