You may experience deep peace or irritation when you first hear this mantra. If you experience extreme irritation, as if you want to jump off your skin; Do not worry. You can stop listening to it at any time. But if you can avoid it, wait and be patient, finish reciting it at least 3 times.

The mantra involves the invocation of various protectors, the pearl of the rainbow dimensional dragon, several Buddhas, and then the pacification, subduction of various spiritual entities. I hope you like it.


This mantra is brief and can easily be adopted as a pearl practice (constant recitation).


You receive all these qualities and benefits just by remembering this mantra once, without the need to make withdrawal.

A spirit that already has a harmonious relationship with the Higher Self   knows very well that the Higher Self has nothing to do with worldly material interest. Only with God's blessing can a spirit meet its Higher Self. It means that he/she knows the reality of life. His soul is already awakened and he has reached a state of higher consciousness.


 In this case, we must practice eliminating karma, hatred, desire, and erroneous views within ourselves. That means that the "evil" we wish to subjugate is actually within ourselves. In our minds.


When I practice this mantra, I will remember it and mentally recite it in my mind when I feel evil thoughts overwhelm me. Thoughts of anger, desire, laziness, greed, etc. It acts as a reminder to be better and to feel ecstasy and joy as part of life.


Therefore, when I feel anger against someone, I recite this mantra to stop my angry thoughts. The fault is mine for generating anger from attachment to an illusory self.


This mantra is not meant to be recited as a curse or curse on imaginary people or enemies.


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