Some of Table of Contents and attunements

Introduction for Attune to Divinity

Chapter 1

Inner Truth Reiki

Pearlized Silver Seichim

Lavandula Officinalis

Chapter 2

Arch Angel Michael

Inter-dimensional Medical Team Highest DiVine Sacred Locations Chapter 3

Soul Care

Lunar Balance

Intelligence Awakeninq

Fluorite Cluster Empowerment

Curtains of Aurora

Barberry Deva

Chapter 4

Bio Life

Bio Life Sphere

Bio Life Fuel

Bio Life Kundalini

Leyline_ Bio Life Symmetry

Pure Perpetua] Potency

Eternally Exalted Sexuality

Sexual Imprint Flush

Angelic Elenim Empowerment

Agrimony Shakti

Chapter 6

Gratitude Wave

Hand Care

Foot Care

Wind Care

Pelvic Basket Shakti Set Angelic Ishim

Kundalini Awakening Chapter 7 Punishment Flush Resentment Flush

Blood Care

Connective Tissue Service Bone Care

Triple VVarmer Meridian Care

My Power

Spinal Care Azure

Slate Shakti Subconscious Healind Shakti

Chapter 9

Personal Imprint Remover Clarisentient Awakeninq Subte Body Care

Silicate Crystal Ocre

Tooth C are

Chapter 10

Financial Fear Flush Purchase Attraction Rays Opulent Living Empowerment Diyine Provision Reiki

Tourmaline Spectrum Ray

Calla Lily Deva

Lung Care


Drop-In Care

Iniustice Flush

Virus Inhibitor Field

Future Reality,

Background Matrix Synergy

Responsiye meridian Flush

Orchid Empowerment

Chapter 14

Full Presence

Depression Ecipse

Kidneys and Bladder Care

Angelic Elim Empowerment

Chapter 15

Barley Green Elixir

Ascension Vibration

Ekam Consciousness Awakening

Angelic Ophanim

Illusion Blister Shakti

Vaginal Care

Womb Care

Pregnancy Care

My Relaxation Chamber

Prostate Care

Virility Care

Chapter 17

Trauma Care

Etheric Hands Awakening

Virtual massage

Chapter 18

Copper Elemental Spirit Empowerment

Skin Care

Digestiye Care

Telepathy Gene Awakeninq

Yungang Grottoes Empowerment

Astral Body Radiance

Strategic SkiIIs Empowerment My Power Master

Light Root Chakra Realignment

Grossing Over Brigade initation  

Elemental Spirit whisperer

Genetic Awakeninq

Petroglyph Key

Awakeninq Angelic Elemental Templates Angelic Elemental Attunement Templates: Spiritual Course Composition Initation Circuitry Resonance