Raku Kei Ultra Shamballa



Throughout history, different cultures, believing in its existence, have called it by different names. This is the land without time, where the will of God is known. Here is the gateway between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Raku Kei 

The breath of the Fire Dragon is obtained by first developing the breath from the kidney area, circulating it in the body through the Hui Yin process, adding the symbols and then blowing the energy into the student through the crown chakra . In this way the Master is always using the maximum energy through which he properly projects the Raku Kei.

The Hui Yin point is located between the genitals and the anus. This position consists of closing this energetic door in order to cause an ascent of the energy through the spinal column. To perform the closure, we will lightly squeeze the anal sphincters and also the genital muscles. It balances the ying-yang energy.

To activate say mentally or aloud:


You can use this system for healing yourself and others like reiki but if you try to attune to anyone the energy will dismiss. There is no master levels and there won´t.

Keep this system secret to maintain the essence and purity of the teachings.

This system is a very powerful protection also.

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Ramón Martínez López