The Practice of Maghrobi


This is a practice to empower your tasbih (rosary) in order to provide you with true power that can truly be felt by whoever is practicing it. This practice is said to contain various supernatural power.

Method of Applications

    1. For invulnerability of sharp weapons

        a. Recite reading 3 or 4 for 100x after every morning prayer, if not; at least once every week

    2. For good public relations and to be respected by society

        a. You are automatically respected by engaging in this practice.

    3. To obtain favor or love from a person

        a. Recite reading 1 for 300x while closing your eyes thinking of your target’s face. If God wills it, you will see a change of attitude of the person towards you.

    4. For good business

        a. Hang or put your tasbih in your shop.

    5. For obtaining supernatural power

        a. Recite reading 5 every night for 300x while closing your eyes.

        b. Then recite reading 3 without using the tasbih.

        c. Put your tasbih in front of you while asking God’s permission for supernatural power for whatever you wish.

    6. For influencing others

        a. You will possess such ability automatically.

    7. For peace of mind

        a. Recite reading 1-5 continuously.

    8. For attracting money...

And much more.