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The Importance of the Ancestors

The ancestors were seen as having a direct link with the spiritual world and therefore in a position to bring positive benefit to the family. It was perhaps also intuitively realized how directly their energies affected the world of the living family.

Your link to your family allows you to be born into that specific line - it is a link that needs to be understood, respected and thanked. But time and time again when considering someone's destiny, I find problems patterns  that stretch back generations. Their spirit is not just an individual entity, it is also part of the family spirit that births and nurtures it.

At a spiritual level time and space impose no restrictions so, in one sense, your ancestors are living concurrently with you. The ancestors were alive and connected to you. In propitiating to release the blocked patterns positively is helping the flow of Ch'i in your live.


Ancestral patterns

We carry at a genetic level the resonant patterns of our precursors which, allows a transfer of energy or information to take place. Healing this type of situation can be develop in exactly the same way that you would apply 'distant' healing. You do not need to have a clear picture in your mind of the way that your ancestors looked for the healing to be effective.

Healing such situations must be based upon forgiveness and the acknowledgement of each other’s rights.

the transmition of your energy pattern starts at your 15th generation that mirrors your 15 sum of ancestors starting and finishing with you.

The mitochondria starts the energy transmition patterm back to 15th generation. If you have ancestral though forms in your subconscious mind to repattern your believes and behavior, means your altered conduct comes from ill patterns of your ancestors.

The transmitions of energy from the mitochondria into healthy pattern to your cell dna depends on your ancestors too. It is The dragon bloodline.

 Includes Ancestral Healing Exercise for healing you family tree and others


Sacred blood healing

sacred blood was said to be the "nectar of supreme". The ancient Greeks called it “ambrosia." Allegedly it was supercharged with transformative endocrine hormones we now know as neurotransmitters, melatonin and DMT, the “spirit molecule” that means activation of the pineal gland or third eye, conferring magical powers or Siddhis and tremendous spiritual insight.

This ambrosia is stored in your kidneys, liver and heart and comes from your 15th ancestor´s generations



Hita Nadis they are very fine in structure, finer than even the thousandth part of a hair. Through these very fines subtle nerve currents pass the serum of the essence of the human individual, the ambrosia.

These subtle nerves store the impressions of our lives and our thoughts. Every thought, every experience is stored in this the subtle body that carries our individual consciousness from one life to another. This individuality is only temporal for beneath all forms of multiplicity is the One, the eternal real soul.

Hita nadis are To clear an cleans theses channels of ancestors and obstructions of our soul being.