Golden uterus reconnection™

The uterus represents the esoteric feminine power.

Some of the power expressions:

The power of transformative being

The power of forgiveness

The power of surrender

The power of change and acceptance

The power of direction and purpose

The power of the order

The power of strength and willpower

The power of life and death

The power of manifestation and creation

The power of birth

The power of flowing

The uterus connects the earth frequencies of light-creation and higher realms of cosmic consciousness. It is Just to be here and now in your feminine power.

 This energy releases all the negativity in your female linage uterus organ and reconnects with the eternal flow of creation and power.

The uterus is like a matrix of life, a connection with everything in you and around. Like a matrix to connect with life, love. It creates sustainability, continuum, regeneration, transformation and creation.

It infuses the vital energy in your physical and etheric bodies.

It re-patterns the feminine structure to a new feminine being out of the conventional reality and feeling completed.

Uses like reiki

For Healing female energy and male energy


Golden uterus-ovaries reconnection

empowerment and healing™

Founded by Ramon Martinez Lopez

Be comfortable with being a woman, go in the direction you want!


With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate and or lineage upon request.

Why is it important for women to clean their uterus energetically?

It may sound strange to some that the uterus should energetically cleaned, perhaps for some clean means assuming that is dirty or unclean. But nor dirty nor impure, simply because the uterus is very important to reconnect the psyche of women, as long our uterus remained relegated to the world of suffering and pain and cleaning means leaving space free, drop off.

Is uterus more than an organ? Yes, the uterus is our sacred matrix and inhabits a huge energy potential. It is our bowl where life and pleasure born, it is a reflection of our female heart the “third heart”. The uterus is not only a place where our babies grow, is the body that receives our emotions throughout our lives as women.

In our case as women, our center of sensations there right there in our lower abdomen, everything moves into this space and it is why in this center a number of problems arise that if we cannot feel and releasing stagnate energies. This is the space of the feminine, as this is where most of the problems appear in women. Problems can be generated by specific themes or as an unfulfilled life full of difficulties, worries at work or partner, unsatisfied sex life, etc, which often ends up in symptoms, from pain to cysts, fibroids, or hormonal disorder.

The uterus receives excellence, but also has the ability to deliver, release and let go, in fact everything in nature has the ability to contract and relax, to receive and deliver, so as harmony around us.

Their vaginas should be open to allow passage of their babies, sexual intercourse and for menstruation "to release every month” but it was interrupted with pills, tampons, towels absorb the blood. In fact, the art of "free" is abused, even the "free" women dancing around a campfire or moving your pelvis.

Eventually I realized that the uterus captures the psychic energy, is the energy of life processes, Jung expressed this term and referred to that psychic energy flows through the psyche.  Psychic energy understood as the energy of life processes can be transmitted in the womb of the mother.

Therefore the female psyche (our feminine soul) lives in our womb, if the woman frees the stagnant psychic energy or blocked in her uterus heal their mind and why not, their behavior towards life.

The uterus acquires and collects memories through 4 energies:

- Through the female line. The information is passed form uterus to uterus, dual unity mother-daughter. Each child brings his mother and all the mothers that existed before her. We can register on gestational stage impressions and feelings of our mother, we also recognize among women in our female line and find many things in common, even dreams and desires, habits and character, but mostly it supplied power by our lineage is given because we were born from the womb of a woman, its parent, the place where she directs her emotions, but which also stifles his feelings thus grow in the womb of our mother we necessarily lead to understand and feel our maternal line and sometime empathize, learn and why not heal with them.

- Through energy impregnation. That is when we exchange fluids such as semen, vaginal fluid. And so the detector of physical or chemical changes that come from within the individual with whom we share our fluids is activated. When we exchange fluids we are not only absorbing the chemical information, that gives us this exchange, we are also getting cell psyche of our partners. And the bad aspects under many women tend to hold, we hold that psyche cell of sexual partner with whom we were in our womb. It is how sexual experiences are imprinted in our aura, in our subconscious mind. Each is impregnated with a different intensity. Women are very sensitive and receptors of the penetrating quality of man.

When a man enters a woman, the aura of this woman is printed for 7 years in a descending order as far away from penetration.

the uterus has a vibration and frequency so high that retains and collects information such as your brain. And directly affect our thinking and acting...

compass always exists in the uterus, to know our direction in life, but it is covered by energies that are not belong to us in our uterine psychic space, this understanding leads us to discover why we have turned away more and more from us, our innate essence of healing and direction of our feminine essence of fidelity to our soul.

- Through the Power Issue.

Which requires proximity and time; for example it has happened that when our female friends gather three or four days (but less) in the same space, would begin menstruating all together. Well that is given by the emission uterine proximity between women and assiduity. It is this female psyche that arises from the proximity of vibration between the two women. Hence in women's circles is released in all the hormone oxytocin which is activated by proximity and is demonstrated that oxytocin improves the women (men too) to trust other people, promote social activity, overcome fear, betrayal and create a circle of trust and affection. we begin to trust the other woman, whether known or unknown, then began to emanate, to recall the original UNION.

In the same way sleeping with a companion, partner, husband who is constantly angry with rage, moody, etc. (Emotions that we all go) we will feel and not only that, it go into the same frequency energy.

- We also have insights: An insight is an idea, a belief that was absorbed at a certain point in life, usually in childhood. This idea may no longer respond to the situation and present needs, but continues.

And may be time to drop them to incorporate new beliefs to suit your present and strengthen and empower you as a person, as a holy woman.

a long list of beliefs that are nested in our female mind, hence the uterus.

And what about the energy that still nests in the female unconscious collective level and that many overlook, stories of suffering, humiliation, pain that we have recorded in our bodies, in our unconscious.

"To heal our physical bodies, heal our minds and thoughts of false beliefs, liberated from this imbalance to touch our deepest essence that only reached through the emotions, the feelings. In this way, we will stop "blaming the other" to start creating our lives in that inner and true reality which is the same balance between our thoughts and our feelings. "

"To heal the feminine planetary level must begin to heal our own wounds. Each woman takes a deep wound that drags for be part of collective-unconscious from its most distant ancestors.

We have been forced to hide, suppress and, in the worst cases forget our most precious gifts: intuition, natural healing, respect for our body and its cycles, our connection with nature and the cosmos, and links our sacred spaces genitals and heart. It is still asleep in our psyche and waiting to be awakened happily. "


Constitute an immediate and direct symbol of femininity, womanhood and satisfaction as a woman. The problems in the ovaries tend to indicate a deep conflict with this aspect of the self, expression of femininity itself, with being or mother, or even a conflict in womanhood.

Themes to heal:

To have children

Accept the children we already have

Comfortable with being a woman

Punishment or abuse of the feminine aspect to us

Feel rejected by your husband or partner

Going in the direction we want to go

Included are:

Golden matrixtikum reconnection

Golden ovaries reconnection

Golden uterus-ovaries clearing, cleansing and cleaning reconnection

Clearing the psyche

Cleansing the emotions, insights…

Cleaning the physical space

Additional Uses like reiki