TO ATTAIN YOUR DESTINY EMPOWERMENTS by Ramon Martinez Lopez - Attain achievements, clean negativity, defeat opponents/black magic/obstacles and more


To attain your destiny empowerments™ by Ramon Martinez Lopez

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Wyrd is a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly corresponding to fate or personal destiny.

The cognate term in Old Norse is urr, with a similar meaning, but also personalized as one of the Norns, Urr (anglicized as Urd) and appearing in the name of the holy well Urarbrunnr in Norse mythology.

Old English wyrd is a verbal noun formed from the verb weoran, meaning "to come to pass, to become".   Or "having the power to control fate"


In Norse mythology, Mjölnir (MYOL-n(ee)r; also Mjolnir) is the hammer of Thor, a major Norse god associated with thunder. Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains

the name to Russian (molniya) and the Welsh word mellt, both words are taken as meaning "lightning". This would make Mjölnir the weapon of the storm god identified with lightning, as in the lightning-bolt or vajra in Buddhism.

In the Old Norse texts, Mjölnir is identified as hamarr "a hammer", a word that in Old Norse could mean "hammer" as well as "stone, rock, cliff", ultimately derived from an Indo-European word for "stone, stone tool", as such it is cognate with Sanskrit asman, meaning "stone, rock, stone tool; hammer" as well as "thunderbolt"

Ukonvasara, or Ukonkirves, is the symbol and magical weapon of the Finnish thunder god Ukko, similar to Thor's Mjolnir. Ukonvasara means hammer of Ukko; similarly, Ukonkirves means axe of Ukko. It was said that Ukko created lightning with Ukonvasara. Pagan Finns sometimes carry hammer or axe pendants around their necks, much like Christians sometimes wear crosses.

Thunderstones (ukonvaaja in Finnish), were found in the ground, especially after drenching rains washed away dirt. They were believed to be weapons of Ukko, stone heads of the striking lightning. Shamans collected and held stone-axes because they were believed to hold the power to both heal and damage.

The Weoran of your soul is to fulfill love in your life


Like reiki

To defeat the opponents like, black magick, obstacles of any kind that oppose to your soul destiny.

To attain your achievements

To clean negativity around you

It is and indestructible armor or shield for your aura

Daily meditation on this system is very important to realize your vocation


Like reiki

Founder: Ramón Martínez López