For serious practitioners only

It is an awareness holder of light

Expansion of the consciousness in your central nerve system

It is the strongest energy of light available now a days

It unblocks the energy system and goes up to new levels of spiritual and physical changes.

Here you let the energy to be empowered and integrated in your energy field properly with no

It encompasses all dimensions, all planes of being. Here you receive the white spiritual light and gamma light to integrate your spiritual evolvement smoothly.

Gamma affects the full spectrum of light.

Gamma makes brightness and middle-tones of light shining in a higher level of consciousness.

Gamma is essential to be included in any energy system first to manage more energy light in your etheric and other bodies.


Gamma light can release more energy in seconds than the Sun will emit in its entire year lifetime, it appears that all of the Gamma light we have on earth have come from outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

Here the electromagnetic field of your heart boost to new levels of vibration and surround your entire body and the earth spiritual body.

You can repair your aura and others by using this attunement.


You can use this system for healing yourself and others like reiki but if you try to attune to anyone the energy will dismiss. There is no master levels and

there won´t.

If you teach this system the energy will dismiss

Keep this system secret to maintain the essence and purity of the teachings.

This system is a very powerful protection also.


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Ramón Martínez López