The Maha Chohan and Holy Spirit Reconnection Empowerments

by Ramon Martinez Lopez - Develop your Soul Gifts/Healing, Heal the Flames of the HEART/DNA


The Maha Chohan


Holy Spirit reconnection empowerments™

by Ramon Martinez Lopez

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The Maha Chohan is the representative of the Holy Spirit. Which occupies this position in the hierarchy represents the Holy Spirit from the Father-Mother God, Alpha and Omega, for the evolution of this planet and the elemental kingdom. The retirement of Maha Chohan, the Temple of Consolation, is located in the etheric plane with a focus on the physical plane on the island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), which are anchored the flame of the Holy Spirit and the flame of Consolation. His twin flame is Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth.

Maha Chohan means "Great Lord" and the Maha Chohan is the Great Lord of the seven Chohans, director of the seven Chohans of the rays. Among the requirements for this position in the hierarchy is to be an adept in each of the seven rays, which are merged into the pure white light of the Holy Spirit. With the seven Chohans, he begins our souls in preparation for the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12: 4-11.

Since the Spirit of God infuses nature and man as the essence that gives life the sacred fire, the representative of the Holy Spirit must be qualified to interpenetrate all the substance through the dissemination of his conscience and to produce the flame that sustains life in man and nature through the focus of your consciousness.

He is assisted in this service, legions of angels in white fire that minister in the pure white flame of the Holy Spirit of Alpha and Omega anchored in the magnificent altar of the sacred fire in his etheric retreat on the island of Sri Lanka. These angels extract the essence of the sacred flame to keep the pranic force along the four lower bodies of the planet fire.

Also, serving the Holy Comforter are the angels of fire pink serving the focus of the flame of consolation in the central altar of retirement.

In an adjoining room is anchored a white flame, tinged with pink, a crystal chalice glass rimmed with pigeons with a gold base, emitting a powerful glow of divine love. These angels lead fumes from these flames to the four corners of the earth, to the hearts of all who crave comfort and purity of the Father-Mother.

Twin flames of the Holy Spirit manifested as cloven tongues at Pentecost when the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was baptized, "I saw the Spirit of God that decency as a dove, and lighting upon him."

The dove is the physical symbol of the action of the twin flame of the Holy Spirit, which can also be viewed as a "V" with wings, a focus of the masculine and feminine polarities of Deity and a reminder that God created the flames Twin to represent his androgynous nature.

In the presence of Maha Chohan, and within the walls of his retirement, feel the rhythm of the Holy Spirit, the pulsations of the breath of God's holy fire, releasing the flow of life from the Central Sun to the hearts of all who evolve on this planet.

The Maha Chohan has referred to the Holy Spirit as the great unifier coordinator 'as a powerful old weaver, weaving a seamless garment of ascended master light and love. The driver of God's attention on man leads descendant powerful beams of light, glittering fragments of purity and happiness to the earth and into the hearts of their children, while the young man's hopes, aspirations, invocations and requests Help pursue the Deity in his powerful cosmic shelter purity ...

"As a small seed of light, the Holy Spirit enters the heart of the earth, in the density of matter, which could spread throughout the cells of form and of being, thinking and perception to a gnosis and a glow in the cup of consciousness. This Holy Grail of immortal substance cannot be recognized by many of the passengers, but for many others it is seen shining behind the veil. Projecting the light of that divine knowledge that transcends mortal conception and renewal freshness of dawn of eternity, which vitalizes every moment with the happiness of God that man comes to know through endless perceptions shaped fragments the cup of his own conscience. "

The Sending of the Holy Spirit to Earth

The Maha Chohan attends to every person on earth as we enter this world and when we left it. At the time of birth, he is there to breathe the breath of life in the body and on the threefold flame that descends into manifestation in the secret chamber of the heart.

The Maha Chohan also assists in the transition we call death, when it comes to removing the flame of life and remove the sacred breath. Divine spark or flame returns to the Holy Christ Self, and soul, dressed in the etheric body also returns to the level of the Holy Christ Self.

Similarly, he will serve them at every crossroad in life, if they stop for a moment, when making decisions, and think of the Holy Spirit, just repeat the mantra, "Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten me."

This empowerment can be used:

To develop your soul gifts and healing

To develop your physical body integration with the cosmic light

To allow the angels of pink flame heals the flames of your heart and dna

and are Good for contact with your twin flame

It renews your physical body with energy and any sentient being Due to the angels of purity

Your unlimited consciousness is of non-duality but is your spiritual nature; we never have been separated from the Holy Spirit all we have to do is to unite with this consciousness. Your source of illuminating consciousness resides in you.