Khodam is an Arabic word meaning assistant or guard. They are seen as angelic beings created specifically to help and protect human beings, and help fulfil their prayers. In the Kejawen tradition of Java, they are perceived as “Perayangan”, creatures that provide strength and supernatural power and infuse miraculous help to human beings.

The consecration of khodams is an ancient secret of Ilmu Al Hikmat, this is a very high spiritual being, which once bonded to you, will overshadow you, constantly watching over, protecting and guiding you. It is much higher than a genie, jin.


The khodam Asmak. It will be sent in water, which you drink and repeat some simple mantras so that it bonds to your auric field.


Once bonded with you, the khodam will provide the following virtues:

1.     Invulnerability against energy vampires.

2.     Invulnerability against chemical toxics.

3.     Invulnerability against any kind of black magick

4.     Problems in your life start to solve themselves.

5.     Guidance, your decisions will be wiser.

6.     Mental, physical and spiritual strength.

7.     Your psychic and intuitive feelings will be enhanced.

8.     Ability to heal

9.     Ability to wake up unconscious people.

10. Ability to protect other people or places.




Amyail kodham


This is a high level khodam of an angel of one of the names of god. Its name means “The purity of God”. It will enable you to call Amyail for all kinds of blessings or intervention.


khodam dragon king


This is a high level khodam of a dragon of one of the names of the cosmos and earth. Its name means “wisdom, and miracle”. It will enable you to call it for all kinds of blessings or intervention.


Leadership, courage, support, prosperity, power of healing, harmony, creativity, wards of evil spirits, attract love, attract power, finding soulmate.


Khodam Empowerments

You will experience the Khodam empowerment in many ways. First, your whole-body buzzes with spiritual energy. You feel generally happier and more positive, more energetic, and health can improve dramatically. You find your mind clearer, so intelligence increases and you make wiser choices. Dreams become clearer, and often provide guidance. As clairvoyance develops, you may begin to be aware of the Khodam communicating with you. Alongside all this, you will find your luck improving, more positive chances looming your way, and problems being resolved. Of course, really difficult problems may take more time to resolve, and it is then helpful to repeat the mantras more intensely until the problem is over.

If you do tend to have huge problems to overcome, you can always have more than one Khodam. You could have a general Khodam helper as well as a high level angelic Khodam. For extra power, you could have an angelic-dragon Khodam King. If you are willing to do the spiritual disciplines, the sky is the unbound.